What Is The Best Perk Facebook Inc (FB) Offers?

What Is The Best Perk Facebook Inc (FB) Offers?

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is one of the best places to work, and it only hires the best and the brightest. To keep them around, the social media giant needs to keep them loving their jobs, so it offers many perks that other companies do not. Of all the perks Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) offers, the best one is something every company can offer, says from Business Insider.

Facebook (FB) turns a regular job into something special

In a careers post, Andrea A., who is one of the Client Solutions Managers at Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) in Mexico City, describes her job and what she likes the most about it. The post was meant to get people to apply for a job at Facebook. Andrea’s favorite perk is not the free candy shop, free food, or healthcare service but rather, the freedom to do her job well.

Andrea described her job as having something to do with supporting the sales team for companies that work in specific industries. For instance, she works with companies in entertainment, retail and finance, media, and a broad span of other industries.

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The main point is that it is not a high-profile kind of job at Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and certainly not the kind of job in which a developer builds a feature that will be used by millions. Nor is she an engineer working on some of Facebook’s moonshot projects, like Internet.org or its solar-powered drone.

Employee empowerment and job satisfaction

Andrea says that at the social media giant, they believe that nothing “is somebody else’s problem’ – it’s yours.” She writes in the career post that she is tasked with finding creative, innovative and realistic solutions for her clients, “even if it has never been done before.” In other words, she gets a sense of empowerment by working at the tech giant.

There is a strong correlation between employee empowerment and job satisfaction, according to several academic studies. Employees who are given freedom by their company to find solutions to the problems in their own creative and innovative ways usually like their companies and jobs better.

Thus, Andrea’s post indicates that of all Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s fancy perks – laundry services, catered free gourmet lunches, bus ride commutes, concierge services, etc. – one of the best perks is something any company can offer.

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