Alleged UFO Spaceship Spotted In Karachi, Pakistan [PHOTOS]

Alleged UFO Spaceship Spotted In Karachi, Pakistan [PHOTOS]
SyedWasiqShah / Pixabay

A UFO was reportedly seen in the Gulistan-e-Jahaur area of Karachi, Pakistan on Monday. Images of the UFO have gone viral on social media. The photos seem to show what looks like a spaceship-type object just above the rooftops. Witnesses in the area say they saw the object for approximately 5 minutes before it disappeared. Local news channels have started airing the viral photos of the alleged UFO. However, it’s always possible that these images were photoshopped.

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One of the witnesses posted the details of their sighting at UFOStalker:

I was in my gallery when I saw this machine in air. I thought my eyes had a problem but no it was real. Later on Facebook someone shared the photo as well of it. It is true. I am not lying about it. It was huge. And maybe something translucent was flying with it too. It looked like an alien to me.

This is not the first time that a UFO has been spotted over Pakistan. In