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Twitter Working On Two New Customer Service Features

Twitter is testing a new feature to help users get faster customer support from businesses they follow on the platform. The micro-blogging firm is now displaying the feature on select profiles when those accounts are most responsive. Users can see what the feature looks like on Medium’s profile page.

Twitter’s new feature similar to Facebook

Twitter’s new feature is similar to one that Facebook rolled out for Pages. In August 2015, the social networking giant started displaying a badge that reads “very responsive messages” on Pages with a response rate of 90% and a response time of 15 minutes.

Also the micro-blogging firm is testing a new “Featured Tweets” tab that appears to display tweets curated by the account owner. This feature can be seen on IFTTT’s profile. Both features can be viewed on Twitter’s mobile app and on the Web.

If these features are made available more widely, they will likely build on the features the micro-blogging site introduced in February for brands. The previous features managed customer services on the platform, including a call-to-action button which users could use to quickly start a direct message conversation and survey questions with standardized score responses.

 Twitter working hard to add users

Since Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey returned as chief executive in October, he has been working hard to introduce new features to attract more users. Most recently, the micro-blogging giant revealed one called Stickers. The company is planning to add more stickers in the future but has declined to answer where they will come from or when they will arrive.

In October, it introduced the Moments feature, which curates tweets and videos from breaking newsworthy events. Also the U.S.-based company added a tab called “Connect,” which suggests who to follow. Further, it addressed complaints and queries by improving ways to report harassment.

However, these efforts have failed to attract more users or advertisers, so Twitter is hoping the two new customer service features attract more users. But it is not certain whether these features will become available to all users or if users will have any control over them.

Nevertheless, it should make it easier for users to figure out when they can expect to hear back from brands and businesses once they have posted a complaint or question. Also there are chances that this feature never reaches users, like other features we have seen on select profiles and have not still been rolled out more widely.