Get Your Files Back From A Corrupted Or Damaged SD Card

Get Your Files Back From A Corrupted Or Damaged SD Card

Get Your Files Back From A Corrupted Or Damaged SD Card

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My SD Card Is Damaged

SD card is closely related to this digital technology era, bringing much convenience to mankind in data storage and transmission. However, during the usage of SD card, various kinds of issues appears, such as SD card not recognized, blank SD card, etc. And today what we are going trough is probably what you are searching for: how to get your files back from a corrupted or damaged SD card. A true example is shown here:

“My phone gave me the following message: ‘Damaged SD Card Try and Reformat it’. I took out my SD card and place it back in. It worked fine but after about 30 minutes I got the same message again. Has anyone had this problem? Should I reformat my SD card or will I keep on having the same issue?”

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We believe a large proportion of Android users are familiar with this error, and they are desired to find effective solutions to fix corrupted SD card instead of formatting the card directly. Next we will introduce two ways to recover SD card.

Two Ways to Fix Damaged SD Card Error without Formatting

When your SD card is damaged or corrupted due to some reasons, your data will usually become inaccessible. At this time, if you try to open it on your computer, Windows will prompt that the card is not accessible because “file or directory is corrupted and unreadable“. At this moment, there are two solutions for SD card recovery.


Before carrying out the rescue, one thing you should keep in mind is that you should stop making any change to the damaged SD card until you get back the data fully, or you will suffer data loss.

First Way: Use chkdsk to fix damaged SD card without data loss

“Chkdsk” command is always the first solution that comes to mind when a drive is corrupted. As it requires no format, and will fix errors on the drive. Take a look at how it works.

Step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Connect damaged SD card to computer with a card reader.

Step 2: Run command prompt as administrator from Start menu, and input “cmd” to get the command window.

Step 3: Type “chkdsk n: /f” (n: is the drive letter of sd card) and press Enter. For example, type “chkdsk h: /f”.

After these steps, Windows will automatically check and fix the file system of the damaged SD card. This usually takes several minutes and you need to wait patiently. Finally, if you see “Windows has made corrections to the file system“, then the damaged SD card has been successfully fixed and you can access data in that SD card with ease. If not, then you should turn to a third-party SD data recovery software to fix the corrupted SD card by getting your data back at first and then formatting the SD card.

Second Way: Use SD Card Data Recovery Tool to Rescue Damaged SD Card

When it comes to damaged SD card recovery, users can try to freely download MiniTool Power Data Recovery. It can recover deleted, formatted or inaccessible data in all storage media like SD cards, CF cards, and computer hard drives, portable devices, CDs/DVDs and more. It is a good choice to recover your data from damaged SD card.


Try the Free Edition first to scan SD card and check what files it can recover before purchasing the full version. If you get nothing, you have nothing lost. But if it works, you have find the way to rescue your important data. After SD card recovery, you can format it to fix the Damaged SD card error.

Step-by-step Tutorial:

Step 1: Choose Damaged Partition Recovery

Launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery and select “Damaged Partition Recovery” module as the SD card is already damaged.

Damaged SD Card, Corrupted SD Card, SD Card Recovery

Step 2: Scan SD Card

In this window, you can find the partition that represents our SD card by file system, partition type, and partition capacity. Then press “Full Scan” to search the data in SD card.

Damaged SD Card, Corrupted SD Card, SD Card Recovery

Step 3: Check Data in SD Card

In this step, Power Data Recovery will help you to check the data that you want. You can also use “Filter” button to quickly find a specific type of file.

Damaged SD Card, Corrupted SD Card, SD Card Recovery

Step 4: Save Data

Now it comes to press “Save” and select a safe location to store all data you ticked just now to finish damaged SD card recovery. Then you can open the detonation path to meet these data.

Damaged SD Card, Corrupted SD Card, SD Card Recovery


That’s all I want to share with you. In my opinion, “chkdsk” command is much more complex. Users need to have some knowledge about computer, even Command Prompt. However, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is easy to operation. The whole proceed is very clear and users can follow the guide to recover files from damaged SD card. Hope this guide can help you.

About Author: This is Anna, an editor running a blog on MiniTool Solution. She usually writes articles about Technology, Software, Computer, Hardware and so on. She is willing to help users to fix problem on Quora. She also runs a page on Know her more information on Twitter, Google+, Scoop, Quora.

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