You Can Now Order From Pizza Hut via Twitter, Facebook

You Can Now Order From Pizza Hut via Twitter, Facebook

Twitter will now help you order pizza. Pizza Hut, in partnership with chatbot startup Conversable, has announced a new delivery service through Facebook and Twitter. The chatbot startup also includes Whole Foods Market and fast casual food chain Wingstop in its list of clients.

Pizza Hut on Twitter, Facebook

Pizza Hut is the latest major brand to enlist a chabot for a social ordering platform for deliveries of pizzas and other items. Further, Pizza Hut will enable its customers to place orders via their Twitter and Facebook Messenger accounts.

The pizza chain will make the social ordering platform available starting in August, and soon thereafter, customers will be able to reorder using their saved orders from any of the U.S. locations by getting in touch directly with the Pizza Hut accounts via Twitter or Facebook. Orders made through the chabot don’t cost extra, and customers can get answers to frequently asked questions from them as well. In addition, they can access info on recent Pizza Hut promotions.

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In a statement, Baron Connor, chief digital officer of Pizza Hut, said the new feature is just another way of making it easy for customers to order their favorite items.

“We are constantly pursuing ways to simplify our ordering experience. This platform allows our consumers to quickly order or get information where they are already spending a great deal of their time,” Connor said. “This launch reinforces our goals of being the most user centered pizza company with an emphasis the simplification and personalization of our digital experience.”

Rivals already on social platforms

Along with joining Wingstop and the Whole Foods chain on the social ordering platform, Pizza Hut will be competing for social media users with Taco Bell’s TacoBot. Burger King launched a bot recently as well allowing customers to order through Facebook Messenger.

Domino’s, Pizza Hut’s major rival, has been leading in the areas of mobile and social media ordering. Domino’s introduced an ordering system on Twitter more than a year ago. Earlier this year, Domino’s also became the first pizza chain to release an Apple Watch app to allow customers to order pies from their wrists.

In the future, we will likely see more brands on Twitter and Facebook, especially on the latter. Last year, the social networking giant opened its Messenger chat app to businesses, and then earlier this year, it started allowing companies to build bots for the service.

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