Apple iPhone 8 Will Boast Amazing Glass Screen

Apple iPhone 8 Will Boast Amazing Glass Screen
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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) normally gets a lot of the tech world’s attention around this time of the year. For Apple product fans, the arrival of Fall signifies the start of the tech company’s new release season. Expected this September is the iPhone 7 as well as the next edition Apple Watch. However, expert sources and comments from the iPhone-maker’s supply chain suggest a very mild upgrade will come along this year. Apple Inc. is reported to be saving a revolutionary upgrade for its 2017 iPhone.

Those who are keen on getting their hands on the upcoming iPhone 7 have less than 2 months to wait. Rumors and expert reports on the gadget tell iPhone users to expect an unimpressive upgrade though. This, in part, has diverted a lot of attention to next year’s i-device. Right now, the iPhone 8 promises to be a lot more appealing than it 2016 sibling.

Cat is out of the back for Apple

Apple is notoriously secretive when it comes to its product launches. The U.S. tech giant is yet to say anything official about its 2016 iPhone. This hasn’t stopped the internet from sourcing rumors, renderings and alleged leaks of the product though. There is, however, a significant number of sites depicting the iPhone 8 as well. This greater device is set to be launch in September 2017.

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The year 2017 will mark a decade since Apple launched its first iPhone. As such, only a revolutionary product can pose as the company’s 10th anniversary smartphone. The iPhone 8 will harbor a powerful A11 processor, according to sources. It will likely run on next year’s “iOS 11” platform as well. Most impressive, though, is the products screen technology, which will allow it have a few exciting functions beyond mere display.

Sources like iPhone8look depict the iPhone 8 as accurately as they can considering what is believed to be known about it. Apple fans are led to believe that the 2017 handset will gain a drastic screen change. Macrumors that the screen will run edge-to-edge as seen on some of Samsung’s leading handsets. The site also has its own rendering of the iPhone 8, suggesting it will have a “glass body” with a front-facing camera and “integrated Touch ID fingerprint sensor”.

Amazing screen tech on iPhone 8

Apple will be switching to OLED next year. Reports from the company’s supply chain say it has reduced its LCD orders by a huge amount. If Tim Cook and co. still plan on using conventional LCD screens, it will likely be for next’s year’s edition of the iPhone SE. The device was launch in March this year along with the much larger and more powerful iPad Pro. However, online talks suggest that Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL)new mid-range product will be a lot different from it’s first generation as well.

OLED would add a whole new dimension to the durability of Apple products. For years, the company’s fans base has complained about the fragility of their much-loved iPhone. Reviewers often state that the poor durability of the device does not march its price tag. Apple seems to be addressing that with OLED screen tech. Known for is superior flexibility, it is a lot less likely to scratch or crack.

Enhanced durability will be instilled in this year’s iPhone 7 too. Online news outlets suggest that the product will get an extra dose of waterproofing.

OLED also offers better color contrast for a more vivid display. This surprisingly does not mean that the the screen consumers more power either. OLED is actually less demanding of the battery due to how it relays its pixels. Beyond all this, it even lets user get faster screen responses.

Other than the above, the iPhone 8 is expected to come with wireless charging and a rumored iris scanner. If the rumors are anything to go by, Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) Will produce a mind-boggling smartphone next year.

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