TextEdit Added To iOS 10

While the WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC) gains the attention of millions each year as people eagerly await what Apple has in store for consumers on the software side, following the opening day’s keynote address by Apple, interest wanes rapidly and it’s in the days following that we learn more about what Apple has planned and it’s now being rumored that a mobile version of TextEdit may make it to iPhones and iPads.

TextEdit Added To iOS 10

TextEdit, smaller is better?

TextEdit would be a welcome addition for many on iOS 10, something the company has never offered in the past. There is something to be said, for a bare bones read-only document viewer for compatible files that allow the simple viewing of documents that needn’t necessarily demand that something more robust is opened to view them. Additionally, TextEdit offers very limited “word processing” for new documents.  We learned last week about a potential view-friendly “dark mode” for iOS 10 once developers got their hands on the iOS 10 beta and got into the code behind it, with the sessions and the seminars put on at the WWDC, we generally learn a few things as well.

A few developers that attended the “What’s New in Metal, Part 1” session, which showed off new features for the Metal gaming framework, a few noticed that their was a visible TextEdit icon present on the iPad being used to show Metal’s new features suggesting that TextEdit may come bundled with iOS 10. If it’s a good idea and will be released, keep it. If you have no use for it, throw it in the trash. For the first time Apple is allowing users to rid themselves of stock apps with iOS 10 so if you don’t like Stocks or Weather (and who does really?) you will finally be allowed to simply jettison them. For my money, I would keep TextEdit as it’s quite small and useful.

This surely doesn’t mean that TextEdit will make an appearance with iOS 10 as screenshots of iOS 8 showed a TextEdit icon on the home screen but never made it into the operating system when it was released.

Again, it means very little. For example the same iPad used in the Metal Session showed the Game Center which Apple made clear would not be part of iOS 10, so your guess is as good as mine.