Smart Boy Turns Android Phones Into GameBoys


It could certainly be argued that both the iPhone and Android smartphones are plenty capable of playing games considerably more advanced than anything that was every launched on the Nintendo GameBoy. All that said, there is a nostalgia factor that saw the company Hyperkin unveil a case that essentially turns an Android smartphone into the iconic Gameboy.

Smart Boy – Hoax to market for Smart Phone

On April Fool’s Day 2015, following the lead of ThinkGeek, which had twice suggested a device that would turn an iPhone into a Gameboy only to throw up a “Gotcha” when users those visiting the site tried to put it in their cart, Hyperkin did the same in a “gotcha” moment of its own.

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Thing is, the demand was so great, that it appears to have prompted the company to go ahead and build a case that turns your Android phone into a Gameboy and even includes a slot for the game cartridges that many likely still have lying around the house from a decade(?) ago. The case, itself, is called the Smart Boy.

While the company didn’t give a price or a release date, it would certainly be on the market ahead of the holiday season for the nostalgic gamer to provide themselves with an excuse to purchase out-dated technology. Because of Apple’s policy of locking its iOS, the plastic sheath will house Android phones as the system is open and will allow color gaming for those that buy it with plastic buttons nearly identical to the Gameboy’s.

There are a number of Gameboy emulators in the Google Play store, but the same thing can not be said for the App Store. It’s somewhat surprising that the case still has a cartridge slot which would mean you need games (cartridges), even though many play Gameboy title’s simply by downloading them and using an emulator. Whether that is still there at release is the question and it’s quite possible it’s just there to make it look like the real GameBoy and will simply use downloadable games and an emulator.

But the one that was spied seems to indicate that it won’t simply be an emulator and you might want to keep your eyes open for cartridges on Craigslist or the next garage sale you find yourself at this summer.