BMW is the Real Threat to Tesla (Video)

Right now BMW doesn`t have their act together, but if they start making an electric car that looks like the combustion engine 3 series, Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) stock is a massive short, along with Saudi Arabia, E&P companies, Oil exporting countries, and the Oil commodity as well.


0:33they did the Model S which went over pretty well and then they did the Model
0:40X and I think they screwed the pooch I’m part of this
0:47these doors are contrary to the overall goal of making a mainstream vehicle
0:53the whole idea from getting away from this vehicle
0:57if you’re going to get em appeal to a mainstream audience right you don’t have
1:05doors like that just make a regular car just like a regular SUV there buddy else
1:12would sort of the quote unquote normal features right
1:16otherwise just make this vehicle and then
1:20so they’ve got a little carried away from those doors and hopefully they will
1:24correct that going forward because that’s just the logical flaw if you’re
1:29going to be consistent not make these vehicles and you want to make mass
1:33vehicle appeal to a mass audience
1:36you don’t do doors like that because those frankly that’s a nice or so then
1:43their next one is they’re going to go into the next generation of a model 3
1:51coincidentally model 3 3 series BMW and this is what you need to know when you
1:57really want to short while and it’s the end of fossil fuels and end of Saudi
2:04Arabia as we know it is when BMW gets on board right now being w still making
2:10these electric vehicles that frankly look like electric vehicles or supercar
2:16electric vehicles just like porsche has one
2:19these are their quote unquote main vehicles but they look like electric
2:25this isn’t going to appeal to a large mainstream modeling what BMW need to do
2:31is make a three series or just like normal three series it just happens to
2:36be electric
2:37as a side benefit right but make it in every single possible way there’s no
2:43need that you have to make all these you know absurdly looking ice or looking
2:48characteristics right and electric vehicle there’s no reason you need to do
2:54just take a record 3 series normal and just happen to make it electric
2:58and that’s hopefully what tests are three is going to do with this vehicle
3:03and get away from the stupid doors right just make a normal vehicle and so when
3:09BMWs and a threat right now but when being the w starts making regular 3


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