Apple Watch 2 To Include A Built-In Camera, Hints New Patent

Apple Watch 2 To Include A Built-In Camera, Hints New Patent
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The first version of Apple Watch may not have set the wearable market on fire. But the Cupertino company is going all out to ensure that the upcoming Apple Watch 2 becomes a grand success. Just a few days ago, it unveiled the new watchOS 3 with significant improvements including Instant Launch and the ability to write characters with your fingers.

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Apple Watch 2 to have an outward camera

A recent patent filed by Apple indicates that the next-gen Watch may sport a built-in camera. Though the patent Apple filed with the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) is related to pushing location-based information to wearable devices, a closer look suggests that the device may include a camera. In fact, the Figure-2 specifically mentions “camera” within the user interface along with a microphone, audio jack, touch sensor, display, and speakers.

Apple Watch 2 Camera Patent
Image Credit: Apple/USPTO

The text in the patent document refers to a “compact digital camera that includes an image sensor such as a CMOS sensor and optical components.” It also includes a control logic to capture and store “still and/or video images.” According to Patently Apple, the built-in camera will face outward to scan QR codes and barcodes. It would also allow users to take selfies without pulling out their iPhones.

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Want to take a selfie? Just raise your wrist

Apple said in its filing that the camera can be placed on the “front surface to capture images of the user.” It means you simply have to raise your wrist to take a selfie. However, it is too early to say if this technology will be incorporated in the Apple Watch 2. The tech giant files dozens of patents every year, and only a few of them make it to the finished products.

Earlier this week, Taiwan-based DigiTimes reported that Apple has started placing orders for Apple Watch 2 components. The new Watch is rumored to enter mass production between July and September, and arrive with the iPhone 7 in September. Apple plans to ship 2 million units of Apple Watch 2 every month, expecting a strong demand for its next-gen wearable device.



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