App Stores, iTunes, Other iCloud Services Currently Down For Many

For a number of users this afternoon the App Store, Apple TV App Store, Mac App Store, iTunes in the Cloud, and the Volume Purchase Program appear to be down.

Apple’s system status page is showing that access to these services has been impossible for a number of users beginning at about 12:30 PDT (Apple Time). While not all users are experiencing these service outages it’s appears there have been enough people struggling that it’s quickly becoming news.

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There are also reports that Apple Music and Apple News users have been having trouble, but it has yet to make it to the Apple system status page. Apple has largely kept its services up and doesn’t have the outages that Facebook has experienced in the past. We will let you know more when there is more to say.

Users reported a few problems yesterday, but there were not enough instances of users struggling to force Apple to issue much in the way of a statement except for a brief mention. Apple is clearly working on fixing the problem and we will keep you updated if the company makes a statement or issues an apology to those affected by what is a limited and likely inability to access these services.

Here’s the list of services that are currently down (Apple’s System Status):

App Store iTunes Apple Services Status Down