How To Use Facebook On Apple Watch

With not much finger room on offer and a tiny display, the Apple Watch is probably one of the last devices you expect to be able to use for viewing and interacting on a social network with. That may be the case, but it has not prevented people from attempting to do so. However, the likes of Facebook have steered clear of trying to force the Apple Watch and its limited functionality to run its iOS app.

However, the apparent limitations have not prevented third-party solutions cropping up and trying to make happen what Facebook has so far dared not to tread.

Facebook on Apple Watch

OK, so if the biggest social network in the world hasn’t tried it, who has? Here’s where a little app called Littlebook comes in. It brings Facebook to the Apple Watch and does a rather good job of it too.

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Remember when I said using Facebook / Littlebook on your Apple Watch comes with limitations? Well it has them, but overall doesn’t take away from what is an experience, which you wouldn’t be having without this third-party app.

Littlebook limitations

Whilst on your iPhone the Facebook experience is as fully featured as you’d expect it to be, on the Apple Watch it is what I would call a little stunted. There’s no “read more” option on posts and you won’t be able to watch YouTube videos either however, Facebook videos do work.

Other important missing features, are reactions, so you can’t comment on a post. There is some positive news about this app though, as you can view full pictures and you can like whatever you want too straight from within your Apple Watches screen.

How To Use Facebook On Apple Watch

Save Information for Later

If you come across a story you like whilst using the app, it can be saved via the Watch. This means that if you feel like checking it out at a later date you can, but you will have to do that via your iPhone or computer.

Final Thoughts

It’s likely that this app could become something of a hit, not because Littlebook does the FB experience well, but because Facebook is just so popular with almost everyone!

The ability to browse your feed, like statuses and watch in-line Facebook videos directly through an Apple Watch is a major coo, which will undoubtedly make Apple Watch owners very happy, as for what Facebook thinks of it, your guess is as good as mine.

Littlebook can be downloaded from the App Store for $2.99