Tesla Motors Inc Hiring From Facebook Inc And Uber

Tesla Motors Inc Hiring From Facebook Inc And Uber
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Tesla snatched Praveen Arichandran from Facebook earlier this year as its new Director of Growth Programs. He held a similar role at Facebook. Now the automaker revealed that it is forming a growth team just like Facebook and Uber and has posted several job listings for this purpose. This suggests that the EV firm intends to expand its brand at a growing rate.

Copying Facebook and Uber

Electrek was the first to discover the listings for the new team, and it explains how a “growth team” operates within the company.

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“What is a growth team you ask? A growth team within a company is generally a small data driven group tasked with figuring out how to scale the business,” it said.

Further, the website said the team focuses on day-to-day work like planning growth models and running simulations so as to develop the best possible way to expand. Citing the example of Facebook, the report said the social networking giant was able to hit the biggest user base in the history of any product with significant contributions from the growth team.

The same goes for Uber as well, though on a much smaller scale. Electrek reported that Tesla hired Sisun Lee, a former co-worker of Arichandran at Facebook, and a member who had also worked with Uber on its existing growth team since January.

Growth team to help Tesla target new customers

In April, Tesla received more than 400,000 deposits for the Model 3, and in turn, it has collected a mountain of data. The new Tesla team will be heavily analyzing the data to further grow interest in the company and scale it to a wider market.

The fact that Tesla’s Model 3 has received hundreds of thousands of deposits indicates that there is a large pool of untapped consumers the EV firm has yet to reach, and the new growth team will have them as its primary focus. In the recent conference call discussing their latest financial results, Tesla President Jon McNeil confirmed that of the total Model 3 reservations, 93% are from new customers

However, the automaker has some issues, with manufacturing at the core. If Tesla fails to meet the recent projection of 500,000 deliveries by 2018, it could hurt investors. So it can be expected that in the coming weeks, the EV firm may announce some big manufacturing executive hires on the sales and service side.

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