Matthews Asia: Misperceptions Of Thailand

Matthews Asia: Misperceptions Of Thailand
Mariamichelle / Pixabay

Misperceptions Of Thailand by Tarik Jaleel, CFA – Matthews Asia

On a recent research trip to Thailand, I had the chance to evaluate some commonly held misperceptions about the long-term outlook for the country’s economy.

One common misperception about Thailand, for example, is that its rapidly greying population makes its markets and companies relatively unattractive for investments compared to neighboring countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar and Indonesia. We believe that this generalization discounts the dynamism of several Thai companies. The opportunity set for many companies extends beyond the country’s population of about 68 million. Thai companies have made progress, branching out to nearby countries to participate in their growth and to take advantage of more youthful populations. Similarities in culture and business practices have made it easier for companies to expand profitably in the surrounding region.

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