iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus Renders Leak [IMAGES]

The tech leaker with a reasonable track record in showing the world what new products will look prior to release may have done it again. @OnLeaks, AKA Steve Hemmerstoffer of Nowwhereelse.fr. seems to have gotten a hold of the CAD files that are presently being used for the iPhone 7 Plus?

More iPhone 7 Plus rumors/leaks

I’ve never once hesitated to fill your eyes with rubbish when it comes to calls from what you will see from Apple. The company, outside of the occasional employee leaving a prototype in a bar, is famously tight-lipped about its plans prior to launches at scheduled events. Even with planned events the company is silent about what it plans to show those in attendance.

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I’ll bet I’ve written at least 40 pieces this year about Apple will unveil when it comes to its new smartphone offerings. I may get a few things right, but I promise you I will get a number of my predictions wrong if only because on occasion they represent a diametrical opposition or direct mutual exclusion.

All that said, it appears that we now have pics in hand and it might help my batting average. As many expected and shared their outrage both online and with Apple, it appears the 3.5 mm headphone jack is indeed a thing of the past much to the chagrin of many. That chagrin rarely turns into actual anger has enjoyed an iPhone user loyalty unlike any other in the history of the smartphone. The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus saw lines outside of Apple Stores like they always do and the company so robust early sales before seeing less than fantastic sales numbers over their time as “flagship” offerings. That sales drop caused the rare prolonged drop in Apple’s stock prices.

iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus Renders Leak [IMAGES]

Apple loyalty will continue with iPhone 7 Plus

But, the point is that regardless of whether or not Apple drops the 3.5mm headphone jack, there will be lines again, if only out of blind loyalty.

Plus, if other rumors are true, if the jack is abandoned expect the iPhone 7 to deliver considerably better sound than it has in the past as it will free up space that can be used as resonance chambers according to both patent applications and their use in the iPad Pro line.

All that said, the photos suggest that the iPhone 7 Plus will still have a single speaker and you will be forced to use the, presumably, included Lightning connected headphones or purchase a more expensive pair with better sound on your own or simply a sexy pair of Bluetooth headphones.

The back of the phone, however, appears to be considerably cleaner than past models with the antennae bands place where they really should have been years ago. Additionally, it appears that a rumored dual-lens camera is on the way for certain models. It’s quite unclear, however, what that second lens will do. Will it improve the optical zoom? Offer better quality shots or be used for a wide-angle shooting? All three? Who knows but you’ll certainly be paying extra for whatever it is.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is a series of holes on the bottom that might allow for an Apple Smart Connector to connect a keyboard or speakers, battery packs, etc.

Again, there is no guarantee that these photos taught us any more than I can speculate wildly and bill my boss for it when it comes to the iPhone 7.