Intel Corporation Partners Applaud Increased Focus On IoT

Intel Corporation Partners Applaud Increased Focus On IoT
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One of Intel’s executives recently put huge confidence in the company winning in the Internet of things. The company’s partners are applauding it, saying that data and cloud services will open more opportunities for the channel, says CRN.

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Partners happy with the new focus

Kent Tibbis, vice president of marketing for Intel systems builder ASI, said data that can now be collected, gathered and analyzed is the key to growth. Tibbis said there are wearables in the market that gather information on the number of steps a person takes in a day, the distance walked and so on.

“That data can be collected and used to tell the owner how many calories they burned and how that compared to previous days and ultimately how that compares to other people,” the executive said.

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TabletKiosk is an Intel partner based in Torrance, California. Its president and CEO, Martin Smekal, appreciates the fact that Intel is focusing on the Internet of Things. Smekal noted that the IoT is slow and still under development, but the IoT space has lots of applications to offer to partners.

Intel has been hitting the Internet of Things fast and hard. The company’s IoT segment saw 22% growth, the chip maker revealed in its first-quarter earnings report.

Renduchintala – the “new blood” at Intel

In a recent blog post, Intel’s client and IoT business and Systems Architecture group’s president, Murthy Renduchintala, said he believes the chip maker has the ability to win in the connectivity revolution fueled by the IoT.

“We’re aligning our products and architectures to an entire panorama of smart and connected devices, and in so doing we’re enabling exciting new experiences. Shifting our SoC approach to embrace a smart and connected world of more than 50 billion devices will unlock tremendous value for our customers and our shareholders,” Murthy said.

Smekal believes Renduchintala may represent “new blood” that will offer a new perspective to Intel, such as tapping into the lucrative IoT market. It appears that the former Qualcomm executive is spearheading Intel’s transformation and embrace of the Internet of Things. The executive reportedly blasted the current development of several products, including the Kaby Lake and Cannon Lake processors.

Intel intends to intensify its focus in high-growth areas, and as a part of this, it is planning to cut 11% of its workforce. Recently, CEO Brian Krzanich noted that the chip maker is transitioning from being a PC company into one that powers the cloud and connected computing devices.

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