How To Find Instagram’s Hidden Inbox

A few weeks back I wrote an article about how to find Facebooks hidden inbox. In that article I showed you how to find the private messages that are filtered out due to spam prevention, and whether your friends with the sender or not. However, what about Instagram, the other social network owned by those at Facebook, does it have a hidden Inbox?

Instagram Hidden Inbox

The answer is yes, it turns out Instagram does have a hidden inbox. And whilst it probably does not see as much action as its counterpart on FB, it is worth you knowing how to find it.

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The first thing you need to do is, look up to the top right corner and tap the inbox icon. Now at this point don’t let a lack of unread messages fool you –if you have messages in your “filtered inbox”, or “message requests” this is what Instagram calls them. You now should see a blue bar at the top.

Instagram and its Hidden Inbox

Given that Instagram accounts can be made to be private, it is possible that you may get picture messages that you won’t be able to view unless you follow the sender. I know it’s annoying, but this way you will now be able to remove and avoid all those bot accounts that keep sending useless rubbish.

Instagram hidden inbox message requests

And that’s how to find a hidden inbox in Instagram, it was really simple to do wasn’t it? However, why Instagram would follow Facebook and store filtered messages like this in a hidden inbox is a little perplexing. As it does not have to deal with anywhere near as much user generated material as Facebook does. So why not just delete it?

Have you discovered anything interesting in your Instagram hidden inbox? Or would you like to share any other interesting Instagram related tips with us? Leave a comment below.