Galaxy S8, 4K, VR Ready, 5.5-inch Display Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S5webandi / Pixabay

Over the last few weeks, I’ve seen a trickle of rumors coming through which suggest that the 5.5-inch display that Samsung recently showed off at Display Week in San Fransico could be heading for the Galaxy S8! On its own that news does not sound like anything particularly astonishing however, if you throw in the fact that the display in question is rumoured to be VR ready. Then, you can see why this rumors has been picked up an run with by many!

Galaxy S8 – VR Ready?

Furthermore, if this 5.5-inch display is VR ready, then according to current standards it must also support resolutions up to 4K. According to Upload VR, this new Galaxy S8 display will feature Ultra HD resolution at 3840 x 2160 pixels. Excitingly if you throw that all together, what comes out is a VR ready Galaxy S8 display with a pixel density of 806ppi, which is a serious 44.5 percent increase in resolution compared to what Samsung’s current flagships smartphone are carrying.

According to the mumblings of those who suggest they have seen the display in action, it looks bright, but and this is disappointing looked to be running at a lower than expected frame rate (fps). However, this may have only been a prototype model and as such a work in progress.

Samsung Virtual Reality

The possible Galaxy S8 VR display, was not the only piece of Virtual reality technology being showcased by Samsung at the Display Week conference. It also had with it a different kind of Virtual reality kit, called the “Bio Blue”, which is underdevelopment and promises to reduce the amount of harmful blue-light that is emitted from modern displays. Samsung hopes that one day a reduction from the likes of 32pc or 6pc can be achieved.

This would enable Galaxy S8 users and users of other Amoled display devices to use them for much longer, without running the risk of developing painful eye strains. It seems that Samsung is currently busy developing new display technologies. As it also revealed its Light field display, which offers a user a sense of depth and a much crisper resolution for viewing images on mobile devices like the Galaxy S8.

What do you think of a VR ready Galaxy S8, could this new technology go the way of 3D and the dinosaur? Or do you think it could be a success?

Come and share your thoughts below.

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