Brazil Bans WhatsApp Once Again – 100 Million People Lose Access


Brazil Bans WhatsApp Once Again – 100 Million People Lose Access

As Brazil’s economy collapses and the leader of the country faces impeachment for corruption the Government is focusing on the important issues… banning Whatsapp – below a petition from a pro free-speech group (which does not include Glenn Greenwald) demanding that Brazil allow WhatsApp to be used once again in Brazil

What would happen if you suddenly lost access to your messaging app? That’s what just happened to 100 million people in Brazil this afternoon.

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Take action now to #KeepItOn: Tell Brazilian lawmakers these types of shutdowns are unacceptable.

For the second time in six months, a Brazilian judge has ordered internet providers to block WhatsApp in the country, cutting off a vital communications platform for millions. The judge issued the blanket shutdown order because the company reportedly did not give police in Brazil access to messages sought as part of an ongoing drug investigation. The company says it cannot comply because it cannot access its users’ encrypted messages.

But that’s not all. This shutdown could be only the first of many more to come.

Why? Right now, Brazilian lawmakers are trying to ram through a dangerous legislative plan, pushing new bills that would legalizethis type of blocking. This means that WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter — you name it — could be blocked. What’s happening right now could become the new normal. And the power to shut down apps and services would not be reserved for criminal investigations — the new laws would enable blocking for offenses like copyright infringement.

We’ve got to act now to send the message loud and clear: these kinds of blanket shutdowns harm our ability to freely access and share information, and they need to stop.

Tell Brazilian lawmakers to drop these dangerous cybercrime bills and keep the internet on!



Brazil Bans WhatsApp