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Pemex Oil Factory Explosions in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico

A Pemex Oil Factory in the port city of  Coatzacoalcos, Mexico has rocked the small, dusty, almost sleepy city with reports of mass evacuations being ordered for residents in the area.

Details are thin, but given the chemicals and, well oil, local authorities are scrambling to evacuate the area.

When more news is available we will update this report.


While emergency personnel are on the scene, the source of the blast remains a mystery at this time.

According to Pemex, no less than three workers on the site were injured, but the company didn’t elaborate on the extent of their injuries or their conditions. The company did, however, take the time to stress that the explosions occurred at a site operated by Mexichem which has a number of joint partnerships with Pemex.

The explosion which rocked the facility on the bank of the Coatzacoalcos River in the east of Veracruz state today occurred that the “Chlorinate 3” plant, near the port of the city named after the river. While acrid smoke continues to rise from the site of the blast the extent of the damage both physical and human is vague at best.