Oil Prices Surge, Farce Of A Market Runs Amok

Oil Prices Surge, Farce Of A Market Runs Amok

Oil Prices Surge, Farce Of A Market Runs Amok by Nathan McDonald, Sprott Money

The financial markets as we know them are a complete and utter farce. Just about every aspect of them is just that. Sure, in principle, what they are meant to represent is honest and just, but this isn’t the reality we live in. In reality, they have become controlled by a financial elite, just as are most aspects of our modern world.

This “small majority” elite, as some have called them, have built up a system that is designed to siphon money out of the producing middle class’s pockets and place it directly in theirs. They have orchestrated the greatest scam in history, and we are active participants through our complacency.

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This is why physical precious metals are so important, and why they hate and loath them. Since the world officially went off the gold standard, and even before that, these elites have been involved in a campaign to discredit the yellow metal as money. In a large part they have been successful – that is, until now.

People are finally starting to wake up in droves, and this is exactly why you are seeing politicians such as Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump gaining such popularity. The elite know that the masses are fed up with the lies, fed up with the stealing, and fed up with the FED! This has the elites shaking in their boots for the first time in a very, very long time.

Examples of just how bogus and out of control these markets have become are all around us, and can even be seen in today’s reporting. Both the markets and oil are up drastically today, because OPEC apparently stated that there would be a production freeze on oil agreed upon in a May meeting with major producers in Russia.

Amazingly, Russian officials came out within minutes of this announcement and stated that not only will the meeting not be taking place in Russia, but they won’t even be involved in it. What is this nonsense?

Regardless of the facts and the truth, the markets have continued to surge higher, especially oil, as egos have completely run amok and shown just how fraudulent these paper markets truly are.

In such an advanced and apparently modern world, this should not be happening, and just goes to show how real people, the masses, are not dictating the true direction of the markets anymore. The honesty of the markets has completely evaporated.

Honesty exists in what you can touch, what you can see, and what has stood the tests of time – ie., physical gold and silver.

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