Facebook And Google Betrayed You By Endorsing TPP

Facebook And Google Betrayed You By Endorsing TPP

A trade association that represents the world’s largest Web companies, like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and Uber just endorsed the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP.)

It’s hard to see this as anything but betrayal. Tech experts from every major advocacy group working to defend Internet users’ rights vehemently oppose the TPP, because it poses a dire threat to freedom of expression online.

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While Facebook & Google endorse TPP, Reddit distance itself

The good news is that one of the Internet Association’s biggest members, Reddit, has already come out against the TPP and distanced itself from the Internet Association’s stance. [1]

If we can get other tech companies to follow suit, it would be a major victory in our fight to stop the TPP. But they’ll only do it if we push them.

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