Why Will iPhone 7 Be Better Than Galaxy S7?

Apple is set to release the iPhone 7 this fall, and it will go into battle with Samsung’s Galaxy S7 in the high-end smartphone market.

The Galaxy S7 has a number of impressive features, but it may be worth waiting to get your hands on the iPhone 7 instead. Here is a roundup of what you should know about the iPhone 7 and how it will compare to its Samsung rival.

How do the rival smartphones compare?

According to rumors, the next edition of the iPhone will feature a groundbreaking dual-camera setup that will dramatically improve performance. Samsung also made upgrades to the Galaxy S7 camera, but strangely that meant it reduced the amount of megapixels.

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If Apple does introduce the dual-camera system, the iPhone 7 will blow the Galaxy S7 out of the water when it comes to taking photos and videos. It is also rumored that the camera module will sit flush with the body of the iPhone 7, lending a sleeker silhouette to the handset.

It is rumored that the iPhone 7 will feature wireless charging technology, as does the Galaxy S7. It seems likely that Apple will add the capability in order to keep up with Samsung. Another area that Apple seems likely to match its rival is in storage. The Galaxy S7 supports micro-SD cards of up to 200GB, and it is thought that Apple will offer a 256GB iPhone 7 in response.

Touch ID “panic button” for iPhone 7?

One area that Apple might struggle to match Samsung is battery life. Previous versions of the Galaxy S series beat their iPhone counterparts in the area, and Samsung has made further improvements this time around. The Galaxy S7 has a 20% larger battery than its predecessor, and the Galaxy S7 Edge 40% larger.

Security is an area of increasing concern for smartphone users, and it sounds like Apple may implement a groundbreaking system on the iPhone 7. The company is rumored to be adding a “panic button” which uses the Touch ID fingerprint sensor to make data completely inaccessible in case of theft.

In terms of physical protection, Samsung made the Galaxy S7 water resistant and dustproof. It is thought that Apple will respond by making similar improvements.

iPhone 7 rumors picking up pace months before launch

Samsung has made great improvements to the Galaxy S7 performance with mobile games, and even included Vulkan APIs with the phone. This means that games look much better than before. Analysts think that Apple is going to continue its recent strategy of making gaming a priority in the iPhone 7.

It is hard to say exactly how Apple will beat out the Galaxy S7 because no official details of the iPhone 7 have been released. As it stands we only have rumors to go on, but renowned analysts such as Ming Chi Kuo of KGI Securities have predicted some of the most important features.

According to Kuo Apple is set to release an iPhone 7 Pro to top out the range, with the super high end handset set to boast the dual camera arrangement. Apple is set to maintain its strong design values, which are a major factor in attracting customers.

Another rumor involves the possible loss of the 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7. While the idea has caused controversy among some fans, it would allow the handset to be even thinner than previous models. After all you can still use wireless headphones, or listen to music using the Lightning port.