Turn Off Live Video Facebook Notifications With This Trick

Facebook continues to roll out new features, but some users may not want to use them as much as others.

Live video seems to be the next favorite of Facebook, with the social network attempting to dominate the format and drag users along with it. If you are on Facebook you may well have noticed that you now receive notifications every time a friend or a page you follow is streaming live video.

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Fed up of notifications? Switch them off with this trick

Facebook seems to be assuming that everyone is as big a fan of live video as its executives apparently are, but if you aren’t then the notifications can get just as annoying as those from Candy Crush and other games. However there is a way to stop the notifications.

Next time you receive one, click on the upside-down arrow in the top-right corner of the box. You will then be offered the chance to “turn off live video notificatons” from that person or Page. Repeat the process with those that send you the most notification and you can cut down on the amount that you receive quite quickly.

In fact you can do the same thing with other alerts, such as birthdays or invitations from certain events. Each time something or someone pops up that you aren’t interested in, just disable the notifications.

Facebook making a raft of changes

Facebook said last week that it would allow users to disable all live video notifications using the Setting menu, but the option hasn’t appeared yet.

The social network is working hard to keep up its user numbers and the interactions that it receives. Facebook recently announced a new suite of Reactions that offer more options than the old Like button. Instead of just giving a thumbs up to a post you like, hover over the like button to see the new range of emotions.

Last week Facebook also announced that it had bought photo app Masquerade, which allows people to swap faces in photos and wear masks. The move was apparently made in response to increased competition from disappearing photo sharing app Snapchat, which also has a number of different filters that you can use on your photos.