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iPhone SE: The Rumor Drum Beats On Until March 21?

Surely, there is no room for rumor and speculation in journalism. Wait, we live in an age of instant information from unaccredited journalists unafraid of losing their blogging licenses and there is a need. Let’s be clear, until Apple releases the phone this will continued unabated from me and others as people read these rumors each day.

iPhone SE is anyone’s guess

Is anyone certain that the name of this phone will be the iPhone SE? Absolutely not owing to Apple’s corporate culture of not leaking any information itself. Sure, the occasional engineer or Apple employee might leave a yet to be revealed iPhone in a bar from time to time, we just don’t know. The iPhone SE is fairly unique, as, during its assumed production their have been few photos and leaks of what it may be emerging from the supply line.

The highly anticipated, super speculative iPhone SE will be revealed to the world with a 4-inch screen on March 21. Why? Because we’re guessing here. The date is a bit strange because Apple is do in court as it continues to battle a court order to open a “back door” into the iPhone of one of the San Bernandino shooters on March 22. It seems a strange day to release a phone that, if getting good reviews, will take a back seat to Apple’s fight for privacy against the  FBI that “just wants to keep us safe.” Essentially, by starting a search on March 22 for “iPhone” you might have to scroll down a bit just to get a glimpse of the iPhone SE as the day’s news will be dominated by the company’s fight against the Justice Department.

If it’s called the iPhone SE at all, it’s meant to resemble a cross between the size of the iPhone 5s and the curved styling elements of the iPhone 6 and 6s. No you’re not just buying the iPhone 5s, you can do that right now, you’ll be buying a 4-inch phone with upgraded internals. If indeed the iPhone SE is released, it will likely signal the end of the iPhone 5s and usher in a new era of Apple not striving for the best.

I, for one, like the idea of a smaller screen iPhone. I live and work somewhere where I rarely wear much more than a pair of jeans and the weather is such that a jacket is generally surplus to requirements. I wear jeans with a 30″ waist and 30″ inseam, ever try to fit a large screen phone or phablet in the front pocket of those?

So it’s to be a boxy curvy thing?

If you follow Macrumors, that is precisely what the oft-correct site is suggesting. They and others believe that by keeping the thickness of the iPhone 5 and adding the aesthetically pleasing design of the iPhone 6 models, Apple will be able to please the vain while having room for loading the inside with a faster processor, upgraded camera, second chip for Apple Pay and other drastic improvements over the iPhone 5s.

Again, we’re all simply talking smack and speculating. Again, this time of year generally sees a number of leaked parts for a new iPhone iteration, not this time with only the potential display available for us to conceptualize what this phone might look like.

Most sources for the slew of rumors regarding the iPhone SE are calling for a 12-megapixel camera that will protrude from a back a bit rather that a flush design. If Apple wants to make it so that iPhone 5s users can use the same case for their newly purchased iPhone SE, the suggestions of a curved front design are a little hard to swallow. But again, none of us know much and Apple has never been afraid to throw a curve ball to customers.

Generally speaking, it’s fairly safe to see the iPhone SE having the aforementioned internals including the 12-megapixel camera and NFC chip for Apple Pay as well as an A9 processor running the whole show with 2GB of RAM.

The plastic casing of the iPhone 5c, turned away many potential customers despite being offered in multiple colors so that is truly off the table as that model was a tremendous flop. It will be metal and there is no reason to not suggest that it will be available in Silver, Space Gray, Gold and Rose Gold. My personal guess is that it will be made available at 16GB for $399 and a 64GB will cost you $499.

But, I really don’t know. We will on either March 15 or March 21….I think.

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