Electric Skateboard Rider Sets Guinness Record At 60MPH

Ok, I exaggerate, Prague-born and Canadian daredevil Mischo Erban only reached a speed of 59.55 miles per hour on an electric skateboard in his latest attack and victory over a Guinness World Record at the Portoroz airport in Piran, Slovenia. Still, that’s really fast.

Electric Skateboard Rider Sets Guinness Record At 60MPH

Electric skateboard will likely never be street legal

With many cities, including New York, banning the use of so-called “hoverboards”, I have a very difficult time believing that they will be terrifically open to hand-held remote controlled skateboards that reach these speeds being allowed in parks or, for that matter, the highway given this speed.

According to the Guinness World Records, the 32-year-old madman reached the thrill-seeker speed necessary to break the record by riding a NEXTBoard created and designed by Next Generation Vehicles.

While electric skateboards could generally be considered toys, rather than transportation, at this speed Erban likely blurred this line a bit as he blurringly flew down the runway on his four-engine, let’s go with, conveyance.

While the speed is truly fantastic, the wipe-out following the run is equally fantastic. Erban in helmet, leather suit and his trademark Puma shoes, slid down the runway for quite some time before immediately jumping to his feet and waiving paramedics away signalling he was fine.

Thankfully, you can watch the video to see this feat as the video was posted by Guinness World Records on their official YouTube channel.

No ordinary electric skateboard

The NEXTboard is controlled by a handheld remote to adjust speed and took the company two years to develop the four-wheel drive longboard. Four Scorpion motors and two Tattu 6S batteries power the longboard and all that power is installed on the underside of the deck which was made from nine coats of maple veneer.

Each wheel is equipped with brushless DC electric motors and are powered by a battery pack made of 6-cell lithium-polymer 22.2 volt and 8,000-mAh.

This was not the first electric skateboard produced by Slovenian start-up company called Next Generation Vehicle.

The company helped develop the Monolith which as switchable battery packs, hub motors inside the wheels and can reach speeds of up to 24 mph. Whether or not the NEXTboard is ever put into production is anyone’s guess as the company has said nothing publicly.