Massive High-Rise Building Fire In Ajman: VIDEO And PHOTOS

Massive High-Rise Building Fire In Ajman: VIDEO And PHOTOS

Once again, fire has struck a luxury high-rise building in the United Arab Emirates. While few details are known at this moment, pictures making their way around social media circles including Twitter, show a fire that is nothing short of huge. It’s unknown at present if the building is occupied. Ajman is located just a few kilometers from Dubai.

Video 1:

Video 2:

More Photos of Ajman building fire:

As you can see, the fire is shocking in its scope and it’s hope that the building in the Swan area in Ajman is largely unoccupied.

The police have yet to release any details about potential casualties, but as shown the fire spread rapidly and burning material falling to the ground are hampering the efforts of firefighters.

The Dubai-based Gulf News newspaper quoted Ajman Civil Defense director Brig. Saleh Saeed al-Matroushi as saying firefighters were at the scene. An official reached by The Associated Press at the civil defense confirmed that firefighting efforts were ongoing but had no further details.

The fire is believed to have completely gutted at least two buildings in the Ajman One residential development. The complex is comprised of twelve towers. Now injuries or deaths have been reported following the fire that broke about at around 9:45 PM local time.

Brigadier Saleh Saeed Al Matroushi, Director of Ajman Civil Defence, told Gulf News that civil defence teams were working to put out the fire.

“My flat is completed gutted,” one resident while wiping away tears. “I have lost everything including my documents and I have no place to stay.”