Apple iPhone 7 Could Boast 256GB Storage Space

Apple iPhone 7 Could Boast 256GB Storage Space

The iPhone 7 is garnering a lot of attention even months before its assumed launch this fall.

Apple itself has not confirmed any details about the launch of the next generation smartphone, nor has it provided any technical specifications. The internet has rushed in to fill the vacuum of information with a flood of rumors, some of which are more credible than others. This latest one seems fairly legit, with sources claiming that the iPhone 7 may boast up to 256GB of storage space.

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Apple iPhone 7 could feature tiny 256GB flash chip

The official name of the successor to the iPhone 6s hasn’t been confirmed, but let’s call it the iPhone 7. A report in January claimed that Apple might sell a 256GB version of the new smartphone, and now an Italian website has found a Sandisk memory chip that would be up to the job.

HDblog shared photos of the 256GB Sandisk memory chip next to the older 64GB chip, showing that it is significantly smaller. The smaller chip has four times as much storage capacity as the larger one, and demonstrates Moore’s law.

The law says that the number of transistors in a circuit, and therefore its overall processing power, will double nearly every two years. As a result Sandisk has been able to create more powerful chipsets in a smaller package.

The quest for a thinner smartphone continues

According to MacRumors, Apple has used flash chips manufactured by Sandisk in previous editions of the iPhone, including the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Whichever memory chip the company uses, it will need to be very small.

Apple engineers are apparently intent on shaving millimeters off the thickness of the iPhone, and smaller chips are the only way to do so while offsetting the bigger battery. The advent of a 256GB option could spell the end of the 16GB iPhone, which many people have been calling for.

The smallest version of the iPhone is now barely big enough to enjoy the best of the smartphone, especially given the apps, music and other data available to users. It would be great for high-end users to get 256GB of storage, but it is also time for Apple to do away with the frustratingly small 16GB version.

Battle royale with Samsung Galaxy S7

The rumor of improved storage capacity may come in response to the Samsung Galaxy S7, which can handle flash chips of up to 256GB. The two companies are set to battle it out for the title of best high-end smartphone with the release of the iPhone 7.

Aside from the storage there are plenty of other changes in store for the iPhone 7. It is thought that the case will feature a new, sleek design which may not include a 3.5mm headphone jack. Other rumors include the introduction of a new dual-camera system which would dramatically improve performance in low light, and hopefully regain the crown of best smartphone camera.

Analysts believe that Apple will announce the phone in September, when we are sure to find out many more details. Before that we are set to see the release of a new 4-inch iPhone, which seems likely to be released at an event on March 21.

Until official details are released by Apple it’s wise to take the rumors with a pinch of salt, but it seems likely that the iPhone 7 will be an exciting smartphone.

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