Matthews Asia Analysis Of Market Events In China

Matthews Asia Analysis Of Market Events In China

The first week of the New Year saw a precipitous drop in China’s stock markets, triggering a “circuit breaker” to halt trading. with repercussions in markets around the globe. Matthews Asia experts share their perspectives 011 this event in the context of the overall health of China’s economy.

by Matthews Asia

David Dali, Client Portfolio Strategist

Massif Capital’s Top Short Bets In The Real Asset Space [Exclisuve]

Screenshot 2022 08 10 18.57.51 1Since its founding by Will Thomson and Chip Russell in June 2016, the Massif Capital Real Asset Strategy has outperformed all of its real asset benchmarks. Since its inception, the long/short equity fund has returned 9% per annum net, compared to 6% for the Bloomberg Commodity Index, 3% for the 3 MSCI USA Infrastructure index Read More

Andy Rothman, Investment Strategist

Teresa Kong, CFA, Portfolio Manager

Andrew Mattock, CFA, Portfolio Manager