HTC, Valve Confirm $799 Price For Vive VR

The Taiwan-based HTC and Bellevue, Washington-based game maker Valve have confirmed a price tag of $799 for its Vive VR Pre system when it ships in April with pre-orders beginning on leap day (Feb, 29) this month.

HTC announces hefty price tag

The price tag won’t make this for everyone and $200 more that the Rift VR system put forward by Oculus (Facebook owned) in January. It is, however, in line with the ambitiousness of the project. In addition to the two competing headsets you’ll need a proper gaming PC to power either and that will run you no less than $1000 for using either as intended.

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The HTC Vive and its full-room VR immersion was expected in late 2015 according to HTC, but from all I’ve read, will be worth the wait. The hardware has been reworked in recent months and that includes the brand new room-sensing camera that has been added to the device that HTC promised. The unveiling and pre-ordering will come at roughly the same time that the Oculus Rift comes to market as well as the PlayStation VR set that is built to accompany its PlayStation4 gaming console.

The Vive allows the user to stoll about in an area about 16 feet measured diagonally. The Vive Pre, quite simply, knows where you are and is designed to not allow you to hurt yourself.

The delayed end product

The wireless controllers last around four hours without requiring a charge and it’s, by all accounts quite an impressive system.

Essentially, HTC through out most of the Vive Pre’s first incarnation and now approximate something with the aforementioned price point. It’s sleeker, lighter and just fits better on the head. The video does nothing less than pop when you put it on your head and begin your journey.

The reviewed prototypes by outlets like Cnet, still haven’t seen the final product that will ship in April but most agree its’ a fabulous addition of hardware to the virtual reality arena. We here at ValueWalk are looking to get our hands and head on that final product and report back to you sooner rather than later.