How To Watch Galaxy S7 Launch In Virtual Reality

How To Watch Galaxy S7 Launch In Virtual Reality
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Live streaming of technology events is now big business for the perpetrators involved, and Samsung seems to have found a novel way to ensure that the upcoming revelation of the Galaxy S7 is particularly memorable.

Galaxy S7 launch with VR streaming

The Korean corporation has announced that the Galaxy S7 event will be streamed in virtual reality, and Samsung has already provided information on how to watch it on its devices. It is worth noting that Samsung did not specifically use the words ‘Galaxy S7’, and has yet to officially confirm the next generation handset, but the likelihood of this being unveiled on February 21 is so high that we might as well just assume that this is the case.

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It does seem from the flavor of announcements related to the Galaxy S7 that there will be a virtual reality announcement made at the event as well. Virtual reality is set to come into its own in 2016, with major product releases such as Oculus Rift and the PlayStation VR project expected. The teaser for the Samsung event included references to VR, and it is suggested that the corporation could release an innovative camera accessory which will enable users to record video in 360 degrees.

Whether this camera will be utilized during the Unpacked event remains to be seen, but there is already considerable gossip that suggests that we will see it unveiled.

How to watch in VR

Aside from this tantalizing prospect, Samsung has already explained that there are three ways in which to watch the Unpacked event using the 360-degree cameras that it will have in place. Undoubtedly the most absorbing of these is to utilize Gear VR headsets. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to download the Unpacked 360 View app from the Oculus Store. Once the event commences on Sunday, it will then be possible to select one of four viewing angles, and utilize the headset to look around holistically.

Of course, many people have yet to acquire a VR headset, but this does not mean that it is impossible to enjoy 360-degree video. Both computers and mobile phones can be utilized in order to view the Samsung event in virtual reality. PC users can access the event by clicking here. While mobile users will also need to download the Unpacked 360 View app, which is a free download from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Samsung has already confirmed that regardless of what device viewers are utilizing, that it will be possible for virtual reality participants to watch the event from the auditorium, stage left, stage right or from center stage. This is a pretty exciting development, and one that could succinctly illustrate the advantages and potential of virtual reality in the coming years.

The Galaxy S7 will be particularly important for Samsung, as 2016 is an absolutely critical year for the corporation. If one were to peruse the basic statistics related to Samsung, it may seem that the consumer electronics giant is in far from being in a tentative predicament. This is still a multi-billion dollar company after all.

But the last two years have been a story of diminishing sales and declining market share for the corporation, with significantly worse than expected revenues and profits a repeated feature. Samsung has stabilized its financial situation in the last quarter of 2015, and will now want to kick on in 2016 with a significantly improved performance. However, if Samsung is to achieve this, there is no doubt that the Galaxy S7 must be an absolutely outstanding release given its status as the flagship smartphone of the Korean company.

Two processors

There have been many rumours regarding the Galaxy S7 ahead of its release, but one of the most solid seems to be the suggestion that there will be two processor models of the device this time round. Samsung will once again embrace Qualcomm’s current flagship Snapdragon chip, while utilizing its proprietary Exynos technology in the East Asian marketplace.


It has also been widely reported that the Galaxy S7 will feature a new display design. Flexible panels have been linked with the flagship smartphone, although this seems to have dropped off the radar somewhat in favour of a largely curved design. Samsung will also stick with the quad HD resolution that was included in the Galaxy S6, refraining from embracing 4K resolution until the Galaxy Note 6 is released.

The Galaxy S7 will also probably feature a larger display than previous devices in the series, with a 5.5-inch screen particularly mooted.


It is also expected that the Galaxy S7 will feature a massive increase in battery power compare to the last generation, with a 3,600mAh cell linked with the handset. This information has emanated from an FCC filing for the Galaxy S7 Edge, so this would seem to be all but confirmed, even though Samsung has yet to confirm the actual device itself!


Samsung is also expected to include BRITECELL technology in the Galaxy S7 when it is released, and this will provide the flagship smartphone with the ability to shoot outstandingly well in low-light conditions. This has been a perennial problem for smartphones for several generations, and if Samsung can indeed solve this issue it could gain a significant advantage over other major manufacturers.

Micro SD

It is also believed that Samsung will reinstate micro SD when the Galaxy S7 is released, having paid heed to the concerns of existing fans of the series. The Galaxy S6 fell behind its Apple equivalent in terms of the amount of storage offered, and with rumors that Apple could even double the iPhone’s capability to 256GB in the next generation, Samsung must respond accordingly. Reintegrating micro SD into the portfolio of the device would surely please the core fan base of the Android handset, many of whom were indeed vocally disappointed about its removal.

Whether or not this turns out to be the case…we don’t have long to find out, and many fans of the Android smartphone series will be able to view the Samsung event in glorious virtual reality.

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