What Will Gamers Demand From The Xbox Two?

What Will Gamers Demand From The Xbox Two?
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Microsoft will be well aware that it needs to deliver a more compelling package when it releases the Xbox Two video games console. The software-producing giant was left trailing in the wake of Sony in the existing PlayStation 4 / Xbox One generation, and the corporation must learn lessons from the approach that it took with the Xbox One if it is to regain ground.

Marketing is key

And central to this process will be ensuring that Microsoft delivers a more attractive message to consumers when the Xbox Two is unveiled and released. Arguably, Microsoft lost this console generation before either the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One were even released, owing to the PR disaster that was the unveiling of the Xbox One console. Microsoft will surely never forget again that video games consoles are for gamers, but it must deliver a sincere and attractive message to consumers this time out.

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Powerful graphics chipset

The other disaster for the Xbox One is that the PlayStation 4 simply has a superior graphics chipset. Although Microsoft has attempted to downplay this, and even entered into agreements with companies so that superior versions of software are not released on the PlayStation 4, the fact remains that it has greatly hampered the Xbox One. Everyone knows that the PlayStation 4 is the more powerful system, and it is extremely embarrassing for Microsoft that some next generation titles on its machine have not been delivered in 1080p.

Microsoft must certainly ensure that it doesn’t make this mistake again, and produce an Xbox Two console that is at least the equal of its PlayStation 5 competition.

4K gaming out of the box

Speaking of which, 4K resolution will likely be a mainstream technology by the time that the Xbox Two sees the light of day in 2018, and this should certainly be part of the Xbox Two portfolio of features. 4K gaming should have gone mainstream by 2018, and Microsoft must ensure that its console is capable of dealing with this ultra HD resolution.

Hololens support

Virtual and augmented reality gaming will also likely become massive over the next few years, and it would be ideal for Microsoft to include some sort of Hololens tie-in with the Xbox Two. A built-in Hololens would be particularly attractive for consumers, and could be a major selling point of the console.

Xbox Two Cloud gaming

The Xbox Two should also deliver mainstream and current generation gaming through the cloud, via streaming. It should be technically possible for Microsoft to enable this for Xbox Two generation titles by the time that the console is released, and possibly even 4K streaming might be viable. But it should at least be possible to stream mainstream titles at 1080p resolution via the cloud, and this would be an attractive proposition for both Microsoft and video gamers as well.

Don’t scrap discs

Of all of the items on an Xbox Two wish list, this particular one seems the most likely to come to fruition. Microsoft will surely have learned from the pre-used games debacle that it endured this time round, not least because this potentially cost the corporation tens of millions of dollars. Although the demise of the disc drive has been predicted on many occasions, the fact is that gamers still relish physical media, and this tendency has been underlined by the recent vinyl revival.

It would be a massive mistake for either Sony or Microsoft to rely on download-based gaming entirely, although it is possible that an Xbox Two model that does not feature a disc drive could be released in tandem with a more mainstream model.

Better original titles

The most obvious argument for purchasing any video games console is to get one’s hands on the best exclusive titles. And there is little doubt that the PlayStation 4 has delivered these in the current generation. If Microsoft wishes to close the gap on Sony when the Xbox Two and PlayStation 5 are released, it would be advisable for the corporation to deliver more outstanding original titles.

Backwards compatibility

It would be ideal if Microsoft can deliver backwards compatibility from the moment that the Xbox Two is released, and this certainly would seem to be feasible. The AMD chipset that is likely to be included in the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two should make this possible, and this would be a valuable aspect of the Xbox Two console, considering that original titles can be rather thin on the ground in the early days of a console’s existence.

Improved Windows streaming

The ability to stream Xbox One games to Windows was seen as a real advantage for the console. But there have been extremely mixed reactions to the quality of this particular feature. Microsoft must improve on this with the Xbox Two if this function is to be anything more than a gimmick.

Listen to gamers

Above all else, Microsoft must demonstrate explicitly that it has listened to the desires of gamers. It would be fair to say that the corporation has emphatically failed to do this with the Xbox One, and this is probably the single biggest reason that Sony has wiped the floor with the console with its own PlayStation 4. Microsoft should be conducting market research with gamers right now, and establishing how precisely it intends to position the Xbox Two in the marketplace in order to challenge a PlayStation 5 console that will have a massive residual advantage from the current generation.

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  1. You really cant have a discussion with people like Evil_Annie in a logical sense. All i see from this comment section is this: J.j Barrington comments how someone says Ps4 and XBone are not that different (marginal power of 1.3 – 1.8) just because PC is 5+… Barrington states that it seems like something XB fans would deflect to. it is- (just imagine “Ps4 is better, but that does not matter because PC is better than both”). Annie then comes to state XB is better, and says people defending Ps4 are just fanboys. What does that make Evil_Annie? A fanboy of XBone going to a post on how Ps4 is better and defending their box… Also Annie starts with “you cant see the difference in resolution unless you try really hard or sit close to the screen”. but later states there is NO difference… Also i quote ( actually i copy paste )

    “Do I have the need to call you stupid? Not really, you DO that to YOURSELF by hating a particular plastic box (xbox), going to all articles related to it to tell people that your other plastic box is superior(ps4), so trust me, you are insulting yourself by doing that, not me…hehehehe

    Now, it seems to me that the one justifying a poor choice is YOU since you have the need to tell others that your system is superior..:)~” – Evil_Annie_2015

    Now Annie- i thought you were “all american and Anti- hipocracy” but all i see is you hating a particular box and going to an article on how Ps4 is better to defend your box. also in your next post- ” (your comments are childish)” then at the end “keep trying dear” and enough hehe and haha and :0)~ endings to make me throw up.
    Now i know you are just a very, very lonely person and just want to see what communicating is like because you never go out, but you are doing it in the wrong way. To help you get over this, i will not be responding to any replies from you, Evil_Annie_2015.

  2. I don’t see anything wrong with having a preference, but pretending is a different thing. I believe that you were in bed with Sony a long time ago based on statements like….”sales of PS4 is simply all the validation you will ever need”. Well, sales is all the validation Sony’s business need to consolidate whatever price its stock is. But how does that benefit the ps4 gamers beyond bragging rights? :)

    I know some consumers will buy into the better specs thing, and yet the ps4 has not shown any single game showcasing that “power” compared to the XB1. Just look at its exclusives like bloodborne that exhibits a poor frame rate or its biggest flagship title in Uncharted 4 that will be limited to 900p in MP or 30 fps in SP.

    The reality is that if MS continues doing EXACTLY what is doing right now, will just mean that it has LISTENED to its fanbase. More AAA titles than sony, a more stable online service (whether ps4 fans admitted or not), Backwards compatibility (a feature that will be necessary as new consoles tend to have limited titles at launch), giving its community CHOICES of services like EA access, and actively improving the console.

    Now, Speaking of companies dictating and forcing Policies on its community then you must love Sony that much. As of now and as previously noted, Sony is the only one DICTATING you what you need or do NOT. You NEED PSnow and not EA ( because sony told you so), you will happily pay $15 for ps2 titles even if you own them because they now include trophies (because Sony told you), you have to accept that Indies are the way to go since Sony does not think that you need anything else beyond a few AAAs and remasters (Again Sony told you so), etc…..In essense, what you are buying from Sony is hype, outdated marketting slogans like Greatness awaits (which has not arrived after 3 years), and overpriced services (and old games). Again, I fail to see how ps4 sales is translating into benefits for Sony’s community. However, if you desperately want to find a spot for the word validity into all of this, then you should look at Sony’s stock and not at the value its community get when buying a ps4.

  3. -yawns- PS4 > Xbone better hardware, even their community is becoming better and better, Live used to be the definitive choice and now its just another choice. sales of PS4 is simply all the validation you will ever need. I am more excited for next-gen, see what m$ does and if they will actually listen to their fanbase instead of trying to rip them off and shove their draconian marketing down everyone’s throat, but then you probably enjoy swallowing whatever someone feeds you. I on the other hand? I prefer taste and variety, independent titles and God of War 4 will simply enforce why I jumped into bed with Sony this generation, the One is like that girlfriend who won’t go away but you enjoy her company, you just won’t ever be trusting of her, because she wasn’t fully honest with you and couldn’t make up her mind in what she wanted.

  4. I will take your point as valid in the context as one of the reasons the ps4 has sold more than the XB1. However, it is not valid if you want to use those unimplemented initial policies as a deciding factor when choosing between a Xbox One and a Ps4.

    While many people went for the ps4 initially for the bad press of MS “anti-consumer” policies, the fact is that they were never implemented and many uninformed consumers were influenced for that without realizing that MS was forced (rightfully so) to back down.

    However, stating that Sony stayed truth to their communities is a stretch since they are not really being that friendly for the gamer with fewer incestment in first party AAA games, removing competition like EA access to benefit Psnow which is an overpriced service, or asking its fanbase to buy ps2 titles again even if they already own them. I would say that sony was opportunistic and used the ammunition MS gave them at the 2013 xb1 reveal. It would be interesting to see Sony go first at stage and reveal their next console before MS does.

  5. PS4 trolls are a special case of hypocrisy, and something else :)…you go from hating the xbox with passion to calling yourself “objective”..hehehe

    My comments are unlocked so anybody who cares are welcone to read them. However, you are exposed by not locking yours since your “objectivity” (i would say childish comments) can be summarized as follows: “ps4 is superior”, “i win” and “bye bye”…:0)~

    You should really focus on inproving your READING COMPREHENSION skills (well you don’t seem to have any at all) instead of reading articles of the xbox that you hate so much, and giving people advice on how to live their lives. The focus of this conversation was not my so evil behavior, it started on the point of games, but you hate eloquent opinions since you CANNOT offer a single one that can be considered serious. All you are able to say is…”the ps4 is superior”, “I win”, and “bye bye”…..lol

    Keep trying dear, I actually find your replies to be very comical :)

  6. Excuse me?

    I have both consoles, unlike you. So i can objectively look at the pros and cons for both systems… Unlike you.

    I’m surprised you really just lied about insulting people, Do you not realise that on Disqus people can look back through your comments? Almost every comment you are insulting some, insulting who they are, or how they think, just because they don’t agree with you.

    The fact that you try to deny that, when the proof is still there, is quite frankly disgraceful, and strips you on any credibility whatsoever.

    I don’t care about you being “Pro-american”… It means nothing to me, as patriotism is one of the most ridiculous concepts on this planet, and right now has absolutely nothing to do with the current conversation.

    The conversation was about you and your lack of respect for other people… nothing else. And instead of comprehending that, you decided to talk about nonsense which has nothing to do with what we are talking about.

    Learn some respect for others that’s all, because you appear to be a pretty awful human being.

  7. Look, you can disagree with me all you want, and hate me for not sharing your opinion, I am fine with that.

    I do not resort to calling anybody with offensivee words at all. If you have truly read my comments, I stick to the discussion. I am pro-consumer, pro-american and anti-hyprocrisy. At the same time I am not afraid to accept when I make a mistake. I mostly commment when I feel strong about a particular topic, so it does not take any effort on my part to express my opinion.

    In terms of gaming, if it hurts your feelings that people will not share your opinion then stay inside the safe zone. Most gaming websites are and write pro-playstation articles therefore you will find tons of people there who will share your same point of view..:)

    The point I will make for you to relieve your stress is that if you love the ps4 and hate MS console, then do not read articles related to the xbox. Better yet, do not even read the comment section because you will not like to read that many people there are perfectly happy with their choice and you will not change their minds by repeating that the ps4 has better specs and has sold more because everybody already knows that. It is just that a lot of users enjoy a console beyond specs and sales.

    See? I was very nice to you!

  8. There you go, i failed so bad for calling the ps4 a brand, that is the proof you needed to show that your ps4 eyes can count pixels from an upscale image…hehe

    However, My statement still holds, or do you have anything else to add? :)

  9. *Cringe*.

    It’s sad that you are so desperate to try and win every argument you get into, It’s clear you lost this one 3 comments ago just from the level of emotion and negativity you put into your replies.

    You have a pretty terrible personality, at least from what you show people on here. It’s almost sad I suppose, over the months I’ve seen you argue with people over petty things, I’ve never once seen you show even an ounce of humility or just basic human respect, you appear to be a pretty self centred, sh*tty human being.

    You’re a terrible debater too, every time you reply you try and avoid the points of the other person and immediately insult them, maybe it makes you feel good about yourself insulting others, but it only stands to highlight your total lack of decency towards other people.

    I’d suggest you get a man in your life, help to take the edge off you, because you really need to learn some respect for other people. You always want to be “right” in every argument, but you don’t seem to understand that can’t always be… You will be wrong sometimes, and people like me will call you on it.

    I hope you can look at yourself and realise that you’re wrong for once, and flat out disrespectful towards other people, a moment of realisation might do you the world of good.

    Don’t bother replying, I genuinely don’t want to read any more of your nonsense, negative comments.

  10. Woooow dude, you are all over the place! I haven’t encountered a game where Xbox One and PS4 version looked or played different apart from native resolution which is not that big of a deal to me, since I weigh my purchase with the total feature package and since I don’t see any difference unless I make a picture to picture comparison on a paused screen.

    Only differences I have seen are more dev related optimisation differences (for example missing anisotropic filtereing on PS4 in Ninja Theory (http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2015-vs-texture-filtering-on-console) )

    I am not saying PS4 has not more horsepower than Xbox One, I am saying they are not that far apart to make that big of a deal of it. And I am saying that it is ridicoulus to think that MS pays devs to deliver inferior versions of a game to another platform.
    Since both consoles are in the same ball park compared to the PC systems devs develop games for, the basic effects are the same on both consoles, only native resolution differs. I haven’t seen a game that plays different depending on the platform (except for maybe some feature dependend things like PS4 touchpad vs Kinect or Xbox rumble triggers).

  11. Poor soul, your devotion to the ps4 brand is really taking a toll On your thoughts. You are going from being able to count pixels on the screen to trying to get “philosophical” :)

  12. i dont even know what debate you won, and I am sure that you have no idea either of what you typed..lol

    But I understand that applying common sense is a very DIFFICULT process for you, and it is beyond what your brain can digest…and you even felt the emotion from me….hihihihi

    Do not worry, you can go away and you are welcome to come back anytime since dealing with troll such as yourself takes no effort on my part…:)

  13. I looked at the first line of your reply and didn’t read the rest, because I don’t need to.

    I got your attention and got you to respond with so much emotion that you look flat out ridiculous to everybody on here.

    Sort your life out, and stop trying so hard to win every debate, you already lost this one earlier today kiddo.

    Bye bye

  14. Do NOt worry, i am not expecting you to be able to debate a single thing i said, specially if you CANNOT even formulate a response that is remotely coherent, and all you can do is to come up with CHILDISH comments like your attempt of reply here….Lol

    Let’s assume for a moment that I comment on every pro-xbox article from A-Z, 24/7, 365….don’t you feel even PETTIER yourself for reading what i say 24/7-365, or for reading articles of the supposely “inferior” plastic box?….by the way, thanks for following me and reading all my comments, sadly I am NOT honored since mindless sheeps such as yourself offer nothing not even as followers. :O)~

    Yes, the sane and normal people such as myself do not care what others prefer and hence we do not go to articles that give information about their preferred product to attack them. Unfortunately, the ps4 fans fall in a total different category beyong explanation when they have the need to go to all Xbox articles and attack other people’s choice by telling them how powerful their $350 ps4 machine is…..and YOU are the full representation of that type of Specimen…hehe

    Once again, you are clearly not following your own advice, and your reply just shows that since you do not even know what you are trying to say and where….;)

  15. I was going to debate your entire reply, but really I only need to debate one thing…

    Do you realise I rarely comment in articles? but whenever I see an Xbox/PS4 article, you are in there trying to talk negative about the PS4, and act like XBox is superior. I am not the person doing that, YOU are.

    It makes you look incredibly petty & like you have nothing else better to do with your life than argue every day with people in articles.

    The word superior in the context of Xbox one and PS4 can only be used when talking about the PS4 because as systems they are not equal. It is well documented that the PS4 is a better performing machine, and the gap is performance they have now, will only increase as the evolution of the consoles continues. You can’t call them “equal” because one machine (PS4) is clearly better from a technical standpoint than the other (XBone), so one is superior, and one is inferior & that’s a fact.

    I get that you like your system, that you’ve probably been on it for years, and that’s great, but you need to stop trying to throw negativity on everyone else just because technically they are on the superior system. You made your choice, & if you didn’t care then you wouldn’t be in these articles, arguing every day trying to justify the Xbone to people who don’t care whether you live or die.

    Obviously you do care, which shows you are prioritising gaming in your life, so like I said earlier… I strongly suggest you get out of the house/apartment, join a gym & work on how you can improve yourself as a person. Gaming is where people go to forget reality, not build a new one.

  16. Do I have the need to call you stupid? Not really, you DO that to YOURSELF by hating a particular plastic box (xbox), going to all articles related to it to tell people that your other plastic box is superior(ps4), so trust me, you are insulting yourself by doing that, not me…hehehehe

    Now, it seems to me that the one justifying a poor choice is YOU since you have the need to tell others that your system is superior..:)~

    In terms of logical thinking, I don’t need to try my hardest when it comes to that..it must feel so hard for YOU, but not for most of the population.

    As for your enlightening piece of advice, thank you so much for suggesting something you DON’T even do yourself because if you DID, your brain would have some oxigen to allow you to think logically..:o)~

  17. Hilarious… For months now you have been arguing with different Playstation players trying your hardest to defend an inferior system because you want to be able to justify your poor purchase.

    Just let it go already, Lmao… you call so many people crazy & stupid, and insult them to make yourself feel good, but all you do is sit on these Xbox orientated articles wasting your life defending a box…

    Incredibly sad, I suggest you go outside, hit the gym and get some more hobbies.

  18. Sony has really SPOILED its fanbase with indies and remasters to the point that you even bring up walking simulators made for the ps3…hehehe… If you believe that Geoff Kaighly and his ridiculous game awards have any value then you are kidding yourself, but again you love indies because it is the force driving the ps4.

    I know that CDproject Red is an independent developer, but they produce AAAs, not the typical low budget indie that you are used to play.

    Now, moving to the funny part of your reply. :O)~……. According to you my TV is 900p because of the xbox one “max resolution”? I am wondering wich TV manufacturer makes 900p resolution TVs… But since we are at it, are you telling me that your experience with Battlefront or uncharted 4 is or will be messed because you will detect the 900p resolution in which the games will be rendered? :O)~

    I am starting to believe that YOUR super ps4 eyes defeat the “theory”of Visual Acuity since you can count pixels with the naked eye. For instance, even 20/20 individuals at 8ft on 65 inch TVs cannot truly see a difference between 1080p and 4K..now imagine an upscale 900p image to 1080p…unless of course your room is so small that you need to sit 2ft away from your HD tv, but even then you wpuld need to pause and compare …hehehe

  19. And food in an expensive restaurant isn’t always all that great. Not to mention you can often duplicate that flavor at home for FAR LESS. Price doesn’t inherently equal quality, as any number of broken and glitchy AAA releases over the years will show. At the same time, being cheaper doesn’t inherently mean poorer quality, which is why games like Journey and TWD have been strong contenders- and winners- in recent GOTY discussions.

    And, once again- a point you seem to not want to even acknowledge- INDIE DOES NOT RELATE TO BUDGET. It refers to the status of the developer and IP.

    Maybe YOU would have to look for a long time, but most people accustomed to HD visuals would not take a lengthy period of time. It might be somewhat less subtle than the difference between 1080p and 720p, but you- maybe not you- CAN see that 900p and 1080p are not the same.

    Again, this actually takes LOOKING at the games, something I know you wouldn’t do. If it was for Xbox, you’d tell God he got it all wrong.

  20. A value meal in Mcdonals is food, but does not carry the quality and flavor of that of an expensive restaurant. You cannot tell me that the investment in an indie is the same as in a AAA game. You see both as equal because you have the need to defend Sony’s console business model.

    Now as for the differences in image quality in both consoles yes, DF already told us the pixel count of the multiplats. But even your super ps4 eyes would need to stare to both for a long time to even guess which one is the ps4 or xbox one version.

  21. My mindset is that indies are games. I play them just like non indies. There is no claim, implied or otherwise, beyond that.

    The differences in the games in the two consoles is substantiated by heavily documented cases on multiple websites since this generation began. If you choose to believe that information is not available to you with a simple Internet search, then remaining ignorant is your decision.

  22. I am just reminding you of what your mindset is, and what you implied (the same as claiming that indies=AAA) in your replies below.

    Since you want to talk about making absolute claims, i remind you again that you are the one making unsubstantiated ones of seeing differences in image quality with your wonderful naked eye without proof and based purely in your ps4 fanboyism :)

  23. See, I know I never said they were the same, which is why I’m asking you to point it out. You’re good at making claims with nothing to back them up, so it’s necessary to have you be specific.

    Of course, since you never show proof to begin with, I won’t hold my breath this time, either.

  24. So what I said is outdated? perhaps if you would understand what I been trying to say, you would realize what happened in the past is still effecting what is going on now, the One could of been one of the most successful releases in north america, instead they messed up by implementing and also taking out many features before release, their design has been hurt by this overall. the achievement system is still messed up and can’t even pop offline, the dashboard had to be completely overhauled. the gaming fanbase is not stupid and they saw M$’s double-talking before release, as a sign of weakness and greed, as opposed to ‘innovation’ or confidence in their product, they were too busy making the One look like a multimedia powerhouse and lost track of what the Xbox is supposed to be focused on, the games! it isn’t surprising many of their faithful flocked to Sony, because at least they stayed true to their communities and focused on the games, not their DRM or elitist concerns. M$ chose greed over their gamers, a mistake that has cost them this generation. a mistake that is STILL costing them. so how about that for ‘outdated’ and valid points.

  25. DriveClub wasn’t perfect, but it was far from a broken mess. Of course, you’d have to actually play it to know that. It’s evident you haven’t played it by the fact that you think rain doesn’t affect the handling of cars.

    “Show me a PS4 exclusive” blah blah blah. You act as if numbers are the final determining factor for whether or not a console is powerful. If that were the case, the OG Xbox could lay claim to the title, or even the GameCube. Hell, even the PS2 had HD games running 60fps over ten years ago; is it more powerful than the XB1 or PS4?

    The reality and result are not the same, since you not only got the speaker wrong, but also the content wrong.

    But you’re getting a lot of stuff wrong, and using straw man arguments and logical fallacies to try and maintain your argument. Problem is: all that can be spun around on you. Which games prove the XB1 is as powerful as PS4? The exclusives all take pretty heavy hits to reach those numbers you love so much, and everybody but fanboys like you can at least accept there IS a noticeable difference.

    On that front, it doesn’t matter what I say or do, as you wouldn’t believe the proof before your eyes because you don’t want to. But there are plenty of examples all around the internet to give you the info you need; you just don’t want it. And those differences are actually MORE apparent in motion than in still images.

    I’m sure you know all this. I’m also sure you don’t care. I’m certain that you could obfuscate all year if we kept going that long. But I’m not going to play that game.

    Facts are facts. And the fact is that all I’ve said is truth. You, on the other hand, mix up fanboy ignorance and straight up lies.

  26. Well, in that case then you undeestand that what you said initially is simply outdated, and by the way MS policies are exactly the same as Sony in terms of digital content as of RIGHT now (in case that you did not know).

    As a user of the xbox one and being my preferred console I am fine with the lower sales compared to the ps4 for obvious reasons (one of them being your outdated talking points), but i am also happy to see it selling better than the 360 which will guarantee a next gen version. As for the ps4, well if they give me what the Xbox offers at this time then i might have a hard time using one over the other.

  27. I have checked lol and again, its what happened back in 2013 that has caused the console landscape to completely shift to what it is now, that is my point. M$ didn’t listen to their fanbase and they should have, they wouldn’t be struggling against Sony right now. innovation and competition can only mean greater things for the future, not the past.

    Did I say I hated the One? I own a One Elite, I may not like M$ and their practices, but I am a gamer. I am stoked for some upcoming exclusives, I only ever play Xbox for the exclusives though, I use my PS4 for multi platform titles and my dear PC for advanced mods. I’ll take the fun of gaming over any DRM related issue any day, all day.

    You need a valid point? I gave multiple. maybe you should stop waiting for one and go play a videogame and have some fun? but I am honored you are waiting, please no need to be so kind. I love a solid discussion, but I love gaming as well.

  28. Sony does not listen to them, they listen to Sony. Remember how Sony told them that EA access was bad for them and they had to take it?

    Sony told them that indies is the way to go, that ps2 games playable on the ps4 are a bargain at $15 just because trophies are included, that psnow is a bargain at $240 a year to play ps3 games, and that backwards compatibility is not needed since they will get the chance to buy those ps2 games one more time :)…..yes it looks like Sony listens to its fanbase

  29. Again check your calendar and the year then try to make a valid point again.

    MS released a system far from perfect sure, but functional as intended. You hate them ok, but your 2013 talking points are just outdated.

    The brand still strong, and if they continued a console with after the 360 sales they will surely make one more after the xbox one so they are relevant for sure. Otherswise, Sony would have never lowered the ps4 price by $50.

    Again, try a valid point and then we move to the next….i am waiting.

  30. Infamous and Killzone the launch titles ok, no suprise there. If i were you i would be ashamed to even mention Driveclub in any cathegory since it was a broken mess. Even if the game looked nice it had the same limitations (choose between Resolution or frame rate) as bloodborne and uncharted 4 even with its limited maps, cars and 30 fps. Oh, and rain that is there just for the looks but has no physics affecting the driving. But ok it is the only exclusive racing game the ps4 can offer you..hehe

    Now, you expect me to believe in your opinion of which game looks better? How can you prove it? Battlefront is 900p on ps4 and 720 on xb1, yet they look similar, but ok only ps4 fanboys and df can see the differences. What is the other one that looks better on ps4 according to you? :)

    The xbox one has more power than the 360, but its specs are lower than those of the ps4 (at least on paper). But to this day, show me a single ps4 exclusive that can go full 1080p with a locked 60 fps. Am i unfair? Well, you ps4 fanboys are the ones claiming this extraordinary power of the ps4, but no game can show it just yet.

    However, the main point of this converstion is that indies is what drives the ps4 for the most part. Also, thanks for the correction that Andrew House is the Sony executive who mentioned the “sparse” comment, but the reality and result remains the same.

  31. The valid point being M$ had a very decent lead and it all went away because they decided to release a nerfed system in favor of public response, poor design and poor execution. perhaps if they weren’t so greedy and arrogant, they would of released a system that didn’t require so many day one updates or terrible HDD and installment issues that makes some games only tolerable to play.

    Indies are great for developers that allow us to game and have more “choices” that you seem to be so stuck on. I love independent titles and discovering new games that are actually fun and don’t require DRM issues to get in the way. the One lacks indie support because they chose to be about greed instead about the gamers, now they have suffered a setback they won’t recover from, not even Halo was able to give them an advantage this generation. Sony has won, even Phil Spencer admits this, last I checked. he is the M$ xbox executive. so spare me.

    So the One is doing better numbers than the 360 and yet those numbers are still nothing compared to the numbers Sony are doing and this simply means the One and its innovation took a backseat to their greed, meanwhile Sony is continuing to dominate and innovation is the only real step for M$, which simply means good things for the future of all gamers, hopefully we ALL ‘win’. regardless of which community to claim. there is no need to try, when you let the numbers and results speak for themselves. next?

  32. Which other games have sold 2 million?

    DriveClub, inFamous, Killzone have all broken 2 million. Uncharted is over 3. That’s more titles reaching that milestone than on XB1, where only Forza 5, Halo 5, and MCC have done it.

    I can’t believe you, because you’re wrong. It was Andrew House, first and foremost. Second, he was referring specifically to first party.

    An indie is a game made and owned by an independent developer. The Witcher is an indie. So is Rocket League. So is Fez. So is Project CARS. It’s not a style. It’s a status.

    Take your pick on which games show better effects. Battlefront works.

    Better idea: pick any XB1 game and there’s a PS4 game that looks better. That’s what this is about, right? Which console has games that look and run better? Well, a resolution difference is immediately evident; so is framerate. There isn’t a game out with the impressive weather effects of DriveClub. Damn sure isn’t Forza. And both The Order and Until Dawn are gorgeous; the particle effects in inFamous are breathtaking. And there’s nothing that matches or surpasses any of them on XB1.

    But sure, point at two other games who aren’t world-beaters(and with Uncharted’s pedigree, that could change) and try to say “Why don’t these games show the power?”

    Why doesn’t Lococycle show the XB1’s power? Why is THAT game such garbage? Why is the Fighter Within barely playable?

    Obviously, neither of these games represents the very best the XB1 has to offer. But I wouldn’t use them as examples of that; would you? Even Ori, which is beautiful, is more about the art style than being a pure graphical powerhouse.

  33. Thanks for correcting my typos, that just made the ps4 indies go up in price :)

    So, Bloodborne is 2M and not 1.8. Ok, I get it you need to count as many as you can to make the sales of the game look better. So it went from 5% To 5.5% in the exclusives starved ps4 fanbase. Now what other ps4 games have reached 2M? :)

    In regards to exclusives, if you dont believe me then you better close your eyes and don’t read what Yoshida himself said about the ps4 exclusives being “SPARSE” hehehehe

    The funny thing is that if ps4 fans cannot differentiate between an indie and a AAA (talk about Myopic fanboys) how do you expect them to see differences in terms of pixel numbers without digital foundry?……lol…..My comment stands that Sony is dropping the ball by not selling all indies at $59.99 since its fanboys cannot see what indies and AAA are.

    Since you mention it, what multiplats show clear particle effects, lighting and clear frame rate superiority compared to the xbox version? Again, you will need DF to tell you that but since we are at it….Just look at the 2 ps4 exclusives Bloodborne and Uncharted 4, and tell me exactly how do they showcase the power of the ps4? Because Bloodborne frame rate was very choppy (even with a few npcs at a time), or the compromised Uncharted 4 has to make between resolution and frame rate.

  34. The threatening guy has done it before, justified his intent until RIGHT before you called the cops, and now appears to be turning over a new leaf, though his rap sheet is a mile long. As they say, though, once bitten, twice shy. Or “fool me once.”

    Not sure what you think the helping hand is asking you to pay for, besides things you SHOULD pay for. Or do you keep asking for handouts because somebody gave you free things once or twice before?

  35. I didn’t l shouldn’t have said every game. Mad Max was better on XB1. Outside of that, every game means what it says.

    Bloodborne is over 2 million, and it’s not alone in that. In fact, there was a recent article showing the PS4 has more exclusives than XB1 that have reached that mark.

    You talk about PS4 fans being starved, but there’s more than a hundred games on the console that you won’t find on the competition. If anybody is starved, it’d be the Xbox crowd, who waited nearly a year for anything big to come out.

    I dunno what efford is. I think it’s a word you just made up. Playstation fans generally think games of all budgets are worth playing, though. They don’t tend to buy based on how much it cost to make a title, which is part of the reason why such titles are more successful on Playstation.

    You actually DON’T need DF to count the pixels. The difference is fairly noticeable in most cases, and serves to highlight other common differences such as lighting, framerate, and particle effects. However, as a myopic fanboy, I imagine it WOULD be harder for you to see.

  36. I dont trust him (MS), but “What have you done for me lately?”

    The threatening guy is trying to redeem himself while the “helping” hand is asking you to pay for what he did for you. Has he heard your request for additional help or is he dictating your actions?

  37. Every game? Which ones? And the ones who did is understandble since nthe ps4 has limited exclusives so its gamers are forced to go with multiplats. But even bloodborne (the only ps4 exclusive worth even talking about) sold 1.8M in a 36M exclusives starving fanbase.

    Yeah, it costs the same in efford and money to make cheap indies and AAA games. I wonder why Sony don’t start charging $59.99 for indies to its fans since they think that indies are at the same level AAA games. I would not be surprised if ps4 fans would actually pay that price :)

    You are right on one thing though, the ps4 can display more pixels. However, there are two problems it faces: it has yet to show a game that can take advantage of it, and it needs Digital Foundry to tell the pixel count.

  38. The guy never tried to murder you. He just made threats. And he never went to jail; he just recanted his statements, and now all of a sudden you trust him again.

  39. The force driving it? Is that why every game sells better on PS4? Is that why so many of its exclusives have sold a million or more?

    These consoles are gaming machines. They’re made to play games. The PS4 having a lot of games that aren’t graphically demanding doesn’t at all take away from the fact that it has those that ARE. NOR does it invalidate the fact that the console is capable of MORE than the competition.

  40. They COUNT specially on the ps4 since they are the force driving it….but I thought that the ps4 was this powerful machine built for graphics demanding games and not Candy Crush type…hehehe

  41. Because he is in jail now trying to get out. The guy who “helped” you is the one doing the abuse now just because of what he did for you. The funny thing is that he may be the one trying to murder you the next time around hehe

  42. What? You have not even started any valid point and you want to move to the NEXT one? Lol

    You still show how poorly informed you are about the xbox. If only your ps4 fanatism would not prevent you from even touching anything xbox you would not sound so uninformed. Again, this is 2016 and the “anti-consumer” polices were NEVER implemented. In fact Sony is the one sounding anti consumer with those over priced services like PsNow, buying ps2 games again to play on ps4 even if you own them, and deciding what services you should get by limiting your choices (EAaccess?).

    Now, you love indies because that is the only thing Sony offers for the ps4 since its exclusive line up is “SPARSE”. As for me, i just play indies on my iphone..hehe.

    As for the sales over seas, what markets are you referring to? Japan? :)….According to the numbers the xbox one is selling better than the 360, so I dont see how it is even trying to be relevant. If you want to brag about ps4 sales ok, you WIN but how does that benefits you?

    Go ahead and google the year it is today, xbox one features, and polcies and then TRY again :)

  43. Without context, that’s not an example at all.

    In fact, nothing you say supports anything else you say. You don’t give any reason to believe Microsoft is the only company listening to gamers. You don’t give any reason to believe Sony isn’t listening to its customers. You don’t show why a trademark is not listening.

    You just said a bunch of crap that came to mind and rested your case like you’d done something, but kevin’s about the only person around here who’d agree with you. The rest of us with functioning brains are more likely to laugh.

  44. Who is talking about PCs when we’re talking about consoles? Seems like a pretty common deflection for Xbox fans, honestly.

    Oh, and we’ve already seen games that differ more than just in resolution. We’ve already seen textures, lighting and particle effects on PS4 that are absent or scaled down on XB1.

    Nice try, though.

  45. Wait, weren’t the minidisc and beta both new formats vying to be the standard for a media type? Those are HARDLY “expensive, proprietary formats that rip off the consumer and lock them into an ecosystem.”

    Thee memory stick pro duo also had a rather short-lived stint and both proprietary and exclusive to Sony: it wasn’t long before non-Sony products used them, and non-Sony companies produced them.

    That just leaves your “ad nausem” which, based on what you bothered to type out, would also fail to fit the description you yourself set.

  46. “Although Microsoft has attempted to downplay this, and even entered into agreements with companies so that superior versions of software are not released on the PlayStation 4, the fact remains that it has greatly hampered the Xbox One. Everyone knows that the PlayStation 4 is the more powerful system, and it is extremely embarrassing for Microsoft that some next generation titles on its machine have not been delivered in 1080p.”

    LOL, tell me about a game where MS paid the dev to release a inferior PS4 version to not be embarassed! Give me sources! That is so hilarious, you show that you wrote this article as an fanboy!!

    Who is talking about this marginal power difference of 1.3 vs 1.8 (1.4 if you substract the GPGPU reservation of 4 GC) TF when we have PCs which put out 5+ TF on the GPU side. For devs PS4 and X1 are in the same ball park with marginal differences compared to PC POWahhhh, lol.
    For power talks, console gaming is the wrong place to do this. PS4 and X1 will put out the same games graphics effects wise, only differing in resolution. Apart from that the games are the same.

  47. Exactly, I am already wanting next gen from M$. this generation actually feels like an excuse to be more interested in the Xbox Two. still a terrible name though.

  48. Those things were never implemented and yet they were taken out before release, thus making an incomplete system experience for all involved and that is why the day one version felt glitchy and the achievement system doesn’t pop offline, because of DRM issues and the fact they time stamp them to prevent piracy or hacked achievements that haven’t been released yet. I love indie games, don’t you? oh wait that’s right most of the devs ditched the One in favor of PS4 architecture THIS generation. a 3 year difference? oh my. 3 years ago M$ thought they had a plan to stay on top, now they are just trying to stay relevant in the market, don’t make me talk about bad their sales are overseas, but don’t worry I’ll spare you the details and just say how they messed up and won’t be winning any wars any time soon, maybe next generation? by then I hope they ALL up their game. next!

  49. United States v. Microsoft Corporation 253 F.3d 34 (D.C. Cir. 2001) is a U.S. antitrust law case, ultimately settled by the Department of Justice, where Microsoft Corporation was accused of becoming a monopoly and engaging in abusive practices contrary to the 1890 Sherman Antitrust Act sections 1 and 2.

  50. Ignoring your childish banter of calling others pony, but the new Consoles WILL have disc drives. They won’t be all digital, almost guaranteed.

  51. The only company that is currently listen to gamers is Microsoft. The Sony slogans #4theplayers and #GreatnessAwaits became a running gag on the internet because Sony isn’t listen to its customers anymore!

  52. PS4 and XB1 have the same chipsets, from AMD, so saying that one has a more powerful chip than the other is ludicrous at best. All this article revealed was that you have no idea what you are talking about.

  53. even entered into agreements with companies so that superior versions of software are not released on the PlayStation 4
    Do you have any evidences?

  54. Do you realized that this is YEAR 2016 and not 2013 and also that those things that you complain about were NEVER implemented?

    Oh wait, you say that you only play indies in your ps4..ok, nevermind you do not know anything about xbox :)

  55. The ps4 fanboys are all over the gaming sites writing articles or spewig hate towards anything xbox related…just look at the guy below replying to you :)

    Truth is that you are 100% in your comment.

  56. It is funny that the moment the writer of this article said that Sony had delivered more exclusive titles I was wondering WHICH ONES? If he wants to consider Indies then ok, but indies should not even be mentioned…lol

  57. Sounds like a Sony representative wrote this trash. As for Sony having better games it does not, and yeah, stupidest thing was let us have disks in 2018 for our consoles. This guy lives in the past and should’ve stayed there. Also, next time ask other people what they would like to see in Xbox 2 not your biased crap view. Now go play Bloodborne while you wait for Uncharted 4 you pony and get off the methamphetamines, they are distorting your view of what next gen means

  58. “giving credit where credit is [due]”

    Is that not what I said when I admitted the brand is in good hands? In fact, while you say I demean you at the end, what I actually do is say something positive about the brands leadership at the very end.

    What credit do you give? When was the last time you did anything BUT slam Sony and its fans? Even here, you don’t do anything but downplay. Like the respective libraries of each console: it’s been repeatedly proven that the PS4 has more games on it and coming, no matter how you slice it. Indie, AAA, exclusive; unless you start getting VERY specific, the PS4 has the volume. And it’s not as if any significant number are any worse than what’s on XB1 from a quality standpoint; there’s no accounting for taste, so I don’t use what you or anyone likes- that goes for myself, as well- as a barometer. Something as subjective as personal taste shouldn’t be considered in a discussion like this, should it?

    “Our first-party lineup is a little sparse this year” are the exact words Andrew House used. Here’s a list of what they published last year; you can decide whether or not they count, though I can already imagine just how many games you’ll come up with ways to discount. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_video_games_published_by_Sony_Computer_Entertainment#PlayStation_4 This year- right below it- is even more impressive.

    What you call a “big exclusive” will probably eliminate titles that would count to others. I’m sure you’d like for it to remain about the first party stuff- though your list would be pared down quite a bit as well- but if you didn’t, you’d find ways to exclude titles like FFX/X-2, SOMA, Disgaea, Dragon Quest, and Tales.

    The point in me mentioning MCC was because of your “cheaply done remakes” cheap shot, as if that holds true for any of the remakes made by either company. You were so busy being on the defensive, however, that you didn’t even notice.

    Typical of you.

    Funny how you say you ignore most of my comments, and yet you reply to almost every one of them.

  59. You call me a fanboy when you’re one yourself you sanctimonious tool. You’re stupidity has no bounds.

    As far as big new XB1 IP’s, we already went there in another discussion (remember?) but you dismissed them just because they aren’t being made by in-house studios even though most of the IP’s are 100% MS owned. Which was a silly excuse just to downplay the upcoming XB1 new IP’s. I have no desire to rehash this dimwitted argument especially with someone incapable of being reasonable.

    MS is more focused on big exclusives this time around according to Phil Spencer. Just compare the number of indies to big exclusives between these two consoles for proof of that. According to Andrew House and Yoshida the PS4 is lacking in both first party and big exclusives. Make silly excuses and twist that around like I know you will but it was said and it is what it is.

    343 put a lot of effort into the MCC despite the server issues in the beginning. There was a lot of additional content in the game which added a lot of value. Added value that isn’t present in many PS remakes regardless. Oh, and wasn’t Driveclub broken for a while too?

    It’s amusing how you try to demean me at the end of your post but end up making yourself look silly. What’s also silly is how you stalk almost every post I make. smh.

  60. I am all for innovation, if only the system was properly designed from the start and didn’t have poor ideas about how they integrated kinect or DRM, always on internet is what really caused many to go over to the PS4, I love how technology evolves and never stays the same. M$ had the opportunity to truly slay the competition and dominate this generation, but with a terrible name like One and an even more terrible start, not only did they lose their lead but they have also lost this generation in terms of evolving their product, thanks to a very weak approach. Here is hoping their priority for innovation and product evolution takes precedent, rather than lame DRM issues.

  61. I want a console that’s presented to me as a gaming device, rather than a reveal that turns me off with a bunch of talk about TV and sports deals. Of course, I’m not too worried about that next time around, as Spencer seems to be doing all the right things so far.

  62. NEW stuff, for one.

    While you fanboy rant about Sony apparently only having indies and remakes, exactly what would you point to in the XB1’s lineup that would be any different? What big new IPs has Microsoft even trotted out yet? On the other hand, Sony’s pushed at least four new franchises out, and whether you like them or not is irrelevant. You try to dismiss Sony games as just remakes and indies, but isn’t that EXACTLY what the most well-known games on the XB1 are? Ori is essentially an indie, isn’t it? MCC was broken for months after launch; that’s not a cheaply done remake?

    I get that you love your Xbox, but come on.

    I agree, though, that the brand is in good hands.

  63. So you are saying that you would accept and purchase their next system if it were to run at 1080p 60fps…?! They aren’t even able to hit 60fps today at a reasonable resolution.

    I would personally swear off any and all consoles of the next round if there is nothing revolutionary going on under the hood.

  64. Get out of here with the Hololens support that would only raise the price of the system and from what I’ve read the tech is far from ready.

    Can you tell me what exactly the PS4 has delivered on with it’s original titles that the XB1 hasn’t? Just a stupid statement.

  65. To ghe Author of this article there are a few issues with your article.
    1.) Cloud gaming functioning at optimal performance will not be dependent on Microsoft, but you ISP.
    If the experience sucks the first thing you and others will do is blame MS, instead of gour ISP provider.
    2.) Microsoft is already on the ball with more original games, Quantum Break, ReCore, Scalebound, Crackdown (rebooted), and Sea of Thieves just gave Microsoft 5 new IP go work with. I wouldnt be surprised if we saw maybe 2-3 more original IP’s at E3-2016.
    3.) Oh i would say that Microsoft has started listening a while ago. The preview program, and feature set changes let me know they are more than listening to the fans.
    4.) Windows streaming is once again dependent on you internal network. Ive yet to have a problem streamin to my PC or Surface Pro 3. But i can say that, by the grace of GOD, i also have 110down/15up to make belp make things a bit smoother than others.

  66. I love walkin in the door from work and saying ‘Xbox On’ while gettin settled in. Kinect may be a gimmick to others, but i certainly love it, and would welcome a better iteration of it.
    DRM, although im not a fan of it for the most part, just needs better implementation. Im an all digital gamer this gen (and goin forward), and can admit that MS has to come up with a better strategy when goin completely offline. i can take drm, it just has go evolve a bit.
    The Xbox One is a true next gen product. Next gen is NOT just a graphics boost.
    Its the overall functionality and evolution of a product. The Xbox One of today doesnt look or feel like the Xbox One that released 2yrs ago. The hardware may of stayed the same, but everything else has evolved & still evolving. That to me is way more next gen.
    The other day i brought 160 games (45-50 of them being 360 games) to a friend of mines house, all housed on a 4TB external hard drive. Signed into his Xbox One and no waiting, he was tryin all my games out just like that.
    The other day i got a stuck on somethin in Rise of Tomb Raider, didnt have my phone or tablet near me. I just simply said ‘Xbox, go to Microsoft Edge’ internet comes up, i do a pinch of research to get my answer. Xbox go to Rise of Tomb Raider, and the game is paused waiting for me to resume.
    While playin Halo last week, i decided to check on a few college basketball games, snapped tv, and continued to play Halo.
    Microsoft has given me things i cant live without now. and would love to see an evolution in all the Xbox One’s features.
    It took them a year i’ll admit that, but the Xbox One is now a better console than the 360.
    And im super biased when it came to the 360.

  67. A better console than the Xbox One….that’s all i want, and don’t make it a full on PC in a box…and don’t put all your exclusive on PC, because guess where i am buying most of your Exclusives MS?…..yeah you guessed it, PC

  68. They need to take an example from Steam and create a system with both Xbox and windows on it like the Alienware Alpha. That should be how the Xbox two is designed and not with some generic version of windows but the whole OS. Could you imagine playing both Xbox games and PC games on your Xbox.

  69. I only play games for the PS4 these days, MSN? well their ‘innovation’ was a bust system that was plagued by DRM issues and an achievement system that is still glitchy from their decision to change their code from day one. I’ll take quality games in a videogame system, over an overrated and nerfed console system, if I want true innovation I’ll stick with my 4k PC setup, videogames are meant to be enjoyed. there is a time and place for innovation, too bad M$ learned that the hard way.

  70. Speak for your self they have more than enough time to perfect 4k kinnect I use everyday… I love saying Xbox watch tv to switch to TV… People like you lack innovation that’s why you play games and they make systems

  71. True, though before anyone goes all Sony fan-boy (or girl) don’t forget Sony’s long history of expensive, proprietary formats that rip off the consumer and lock them into an ecosystem as well (see memory stick, mini-disc, beta max, ad-nauseum).

  72. They need to start listening to what remains of their fanbase and stop being so greedy and assuming everyone has high speed or doesn’t mind having their gimmicks shoved down their throats, its safe to say that Kinect is a failed gimmick, always on internet is more bothersome and it shouldn’t take hours to simply play a game or store it on the HDD. DRM is more detrimental to the gamers than actually about having fun. it should be about making quality exclusives and actually giving the users the necessary power to play and enjoy them, I’m all for 1080p at 60 fps as opposed to 4K at 30fps. they need to focus on quality and stop assuming everyone will settle for the next gimmick. better hardware and better exclusives, is that so hard to figure out Microsoft? I am glad I went with PS4 this generation, Xbox One just feels like a more powerful but poorly balanced 360 and not exactly a next gen product unto itself.

  73. Microsoft is in the “scam” business. Since inception Microsoft has attempted to place itself between the creator and the consumer, rarely ever creating anything on its own. They want the same stranglehold on your living room they have enjoyed having on your desk and office. Simply put, you are an idiot if you buy any xbox console.

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