How Will Microsoft Improve The Xbox Two Console?

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Despite the PR spin that Microsoft has attempting to put on the situation, the Xbox One video game console has not been a massive success for the corporation. Of course, we will never hear the software giant admit this publicly, but sales figures relating to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One make this absolutely clear.

Xbox One travails

Whereas the Xbox 360 took an early lead in sales in the last console generation, and proceeded to compete very strongly throughout its entire lifespan, the Xbox One is lagging well behind Sony’s PlayStation 4 release in virtually every territory on the planet.

While Microsoft may adopt a positive tone in public, it is certain that the company is deeply assessing the failings of its strategy with relation to the Xbox One ahead of the release of the Xbox Two. There is still a debate as to when we can expect the Xbox Two to be released, but the general expectation is that Microsoft’s next generation console will hit the stores sometime in 2020.

Early Xbox Two release

So the first question that Microsoft will have to answer is whether it could benefit from releasing the Xbox Two earlier than predicted. This strategy was indeed a major success with the Xbox 360, which appeared in the public domain roughly a year before the PlayStation 3 was finally released. While the Sony console was marginally technically superior to the Xbox 360, it also suffered from being rather bloated, and this left the Sony machine trailing behind the Xbox 360 in the early days of that particular console generation.

Thus, it is not inconceivable that Microsoft could attempt a similar strategy with the Xbox Two, with the intention of establishing an early headstart over Sony. However, the competitiveness of the console marketplace has accelerated since then, as video games become ever bigger business. So it is unlikely that Microsoft will be able to achieve such an easy advantage with the Xbox Two, as Sony will already be monitoring the development of this console extremely closely, while working on its own PlayStation 5 sequel.

PR critical

The second aspect of the Xbox Two, though, that Microsoft must address is the way that the console is marketed. The original unveiling of the Xbox One was little short of a complete PR disaster, and arguably Microsoft has never fully recovered from it. It seems an incredibly misguided strategy to target a games console at casual television viewers, and a move that unquestionably completely alienated its target audience.

Bizarre uncertainties around second-hand games and whether the console needed to be connected to the Internet constantly also massively harmed the Xbox One, and similar PR blunders simply cannot be repeated with the Xbox Two if it is to be a success.

Resolution issues

Another massive aspect of PR that has been problematical for Microsoft with the Xbox One is the lesser capabilities of the console compared to its PlayStation 4 rival. Microsoft has worked closely with software companies in order to encourage them not to emphasize the inferior capabilities of its console, but it has still be made public on numerous occasions that Microsoft versions of games run in inferior screen resolution to their PlayStation 4 counterparts. While Microsoft has attempted to diminish the significance of this, gamers are hardly likely to look favorably on a console that isn’t even able to run some games in full HD. So Microsoft must deliver a console that stands up to Sony’s offering next time round, particularly as 4K resolution is set to be an important part of video gaming by then.


Microsoft will almost certainly place a significant emphasis on its Hololens technology when the Xbox Two is released, so the corporation will hope for a successful debut for this system in the meantime. Virtual reality gaming is expected to become important in the next couple of years, and by the end of the decade the technology involved in it should have matured somewhat.

The importance of virtual reality could also help delay both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two, as Microsoft and Sony assess which of the new virtual reality headsets have achieved success.

Complex gaming model

Finally, the biggest challenge for Microsoft will be releasing a console into a video gaming climate that is considerably more complex and diverse. Mobile gaming, the potential for systems to be contained within virtual reality helmets, a prevalence of streaming services, and a gaming model that may increasingly veer towards subscription rather than ownership, all suggest that the Xbox Two could be significantly different from any previously released console.

Getting the balance right between these new, potentially exciting, but complex and disparate elements of future gaming, will be central to the success of the system.

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Christopher Morris
Christopher Morris is a passionate player of video games since the days of Space Invaders, and is extensively published on the subjects of Business, Technology and Politics. Chris also contributes to Yahoo.

125 Comments on "How Will Microsoft Improve The Xbox Two Console?"

  1. CartmansPiehole | Dec 6, 2015, 10:34 pm at 10:34 pm |

    They should start worrying about being 8K compatibility.

  2. I don’t think they will stick with the EXACT same memory as the One (minus the speed) it most likely will be either more RAM (maybe 12 or 16, most likely 12) or maybe even DDR4, or something else, I don’t see them sticking with DDR3

  3. disqus_CA5ZDLidi3 | Dec 5, 2015, 5:29 pm at 5:29 pm |

    I have been anti-PS since the first PS. I didn’t like it at all, and the only reason I got one in the first place is that was the console all my friends had. I’m not friends with them any more, and I LOVE Xbox. So…I don’t give a F what PS or PCs are capable of. I will buy the next Xbox. Period. There is NO console war for my money. I just hope they make the next Xbox backwards compatible from the outset.

  4. I have both, and even if I just had PS4, Halo 5 wouldn’t do shit for me. Some of my friends LOVE Halo but g hate 5.

  5. Nicholas Carlone | Nov 23, 2015, 10:17 am at 10:17 am |

    Yes there is its called a GeForce GTX Titan X before you open your mouth make sure you know what your talking about

  6. There’s no such thing as a GTX TITAN X.

  7. At that point just buy a PC. The advantage consoles used to have was their ease of use being plug and play but that has been slowly fading and as companies want to get more lifespan out of their consoles that means that you either have to have upgrades like you’re talking about (which would alienate their target audience) or risk becoming drastically outpaced as technology gets better and better. While PS4 and XBone are having a pissing match about 1080p @ 30fps PC gamers have already moved onto 1440 and 4k resolutions with 1080 usually being the standard rather than the benchmark.

  8. Or get a PC and enjoy glorious 1440p+ 60 fps when the PS4 can barely handle 1080 locked at 30 fps… I always laugh when consoles are talking about they can run 1080 (barely or in some cases not at all) when PC’s have been running 1080 since the 360/PS3 days at least. (Quake was coded in 1080 in 1995 but that’s more of a fun fact)

  9. i also got news that xbox two hardware are better than before

    8GB Ram DDR3 2133 MHz bandwitdh
    2.7 GHz
    eight-core processor AMD Radeon R9 300
    GPU 950 MHz
    1.6 TFLOPS

  10. That’s why Sony ked over Vita owners even though theyre raking in big bucks with PS4 right? They’re a greedy company that really doesn’t give a crap about you or their customers, wake up.

  11. Take your grade school economics back to school.

  12. If the Xbox team were to be revived and Microsoft software divisions hands were ripped out of Xbox completely maybe the Xbox platform could become a gaming system again and not a over glorified cable box….? The hololens while great for work environment not so much for gaming… It’s the Wii-U all over again even though it seems cool, not so much considering its just a pass thru heads up display. While PlayStation has yet again opted for having a gaming system meant for submersion in to the game with a complete head set and it’s not they’re first generation ether. They’ve already made a 3D headset in the past. people who buy gaming systems 300$+ expect to get. Not a cable box. Microsoft has setup the Xbox to go the way of the Wii-U’s up coming replacement a forced hardware upgrade to stay in the game a head of plans. Which is sad considering the market they had created with the 360 even if it’s gpu always came un soidered and the machine locked up from over heating before you could finish a game. Haha But still if your a gamer are you going to buy a cable box like the Xbox One or Two or a system made for gaming like the PlayStation … Any version. I use to be a Xbox fanboy but after the always connected flop I jumped ship to a system that can at least play games at full HD for the money.

  13. I don’t think it will be as bad as you think. It’s not like ox with many different options. It would only be probably 3 options. It wouldn’t reak the kind of ha ok your thinking. So say you get a game it updates it to run on the higher tier card option which would only be 2 other options besides low. It’s not a bad idea and if made affordable say 70 for mid tier and 95 for top it’s not a bad proposition.

  14. That’s the risk of business when you launch a service or device. It’s all a risk. Microsoft learned this first hand with the drm policies they wanted to roll out. By taking a big risk they not only damaged their image but may have cost themselves the console sales leader for this generation. Honestly the way consoles are is going to change. Much of it will be digital. Just think no more resale and purchases even being pulled off app stores. Like apple or even google. You see it now with phones. If it goes full digital then I hope the azure project takes off for all the gaming requirements as well as affordable internet bandwidth to handle it all. I’d rather have the option of upgrades if it will give consoles at least 6 years of life. As it is both current gen systems will be lucky to make it that long. They struggle with games to run at 60 fps and 1080p let alone emerging display technologies such as 4K. They really can’t come out with fixed specs like they once did. They should build a roadmap on upgrades

  15. The problem with making proprietary upgrades is you don’t know if it will sell and there is a high chance it will fail.

  16. Converge Windows 10 with Xbox OS and add a console mode to Windows 10 to replace media center. Xbox hardware becomes a reference platform like Surface. Games purchased in Windows store run on all x86 W10 devices.

  17. Implying that it will be based on consumer demand and not developer demand.

  18. That has nothing to do with anything. They will not make a new console until there is a demand for one. And right now, there is not a demand for one. The components are more similar, but the software is extremely different. The majority of people who buy consoles don’t care about what is inside the device as much as people who buy/build PCs. They just want to buy games and play them. And right now that is what you can do.

  19. How whas the Xbox360 successful over the PS3? The PS3 sold more units then the Xbox 360.

  20. There’s a major difference between the 7th gen consoles and the 8th gen. Consoles used to have the advantage in graphics power. back when the 360 launched it’s graphics processing unit was stronger than most pc gpus. However technology has evolved extremely fast, where this time around the consoles are weaker than even mid-tier pc gpus. And unlike the ps3 and 360 which were unique, parts where they were able to discover how to milk them, this time around it’s straight up computer parts where it’s already known their limitations. The consoles are majorly dated, the xbone resorting to 720p already.

  21. You should look back at Fords history in the past 12 years before citing them as a point of fact. They may not have taken a bailout, but even Ford admits that the legislation brought on by the bailout helped them survive the economic down run.

  22. What the heck is your point?

  23. Some pretty bold predictions. The PS3 was released in 2006 and is only starting to teeter off in place of the PS4 some 9 years later. You think the PS5 is going to come full circle in 2 years? I doubt it, Sony has openly stated that they will not look into creating the PS5 until game developers specifically start asking for it. And right now, everyone is still trying to get everything out of the PS4. There might be an announcement for the PS5 in 2 years. But we won’t see it for at least another 5 years.

  24. An hardware up-gradable system will never work. Here is the scenario, I buy the current spec system, only to have it become obsolete in a month because of “upgrades” that become the new standard. Not to mention the havoc it will play on game developers who are trying to make games anyone can buy. They can’t create a game that will work only on the newest configuration that a majority of gamers can’t buy until they upgrade their system. Nope, it just can’t work.

  25. Sony lets you Stream PS4 to your Playstation TV I will tell you this. Nobody will steam PC games to the XBox there will be too much lag input. You will not be able to play online without getting your but kicked.

  26. Love my 360 and admit it was a little better than my PS3 with online gaming. but sorry my Xbox one is not better than my PS4. I love the battle between the two because they will be forced to make better products.

  27. Its not backwards compatibility. I don’t even know why they are calling it that. Its just emulating the freaking game.

  28. The XBone does not have enough power to over heat.

  29. To be honest packing it strong with specs will only work momentarily. They should have proprietary upgrades they can just slide in and plug into the system such as advance graphic cards hard drives etc. obviously not everybody can afford a higher-end upgraded system such as children but why should they miss out is the question. What I would say is have those upgrade options throughout the system is lifespan to prolong the life of the system. In that regard similar to PC but not completely like a PC. An example of how this can be done sample would be either by operating system upgrade by monthly or the system will read the name of your game realize your hard drive specs and adjust to your system settings. If you have a new graphics card it would have to be programmed in such a way that it will be able to run your older games and an upgraded resolution if need be and you games would have to be able to adapt to that card it’s not impossible it’s just a matter of common sense. Back in the 80s and 90s you saw home consoles trying to struggle with the power of arcade machines being stronger for games that were ported over now it’s on the other foot where PC gaming is much stronger than a consul in many respects and in a lot of ways try to struggle to keep up with them technically speaking. If any of these companies were to offer this upgrade path they could be done affordably and in the timeframe that a customer can do it.

  30. I would say its not inaccurate. size counts for a lot when you talk about cooling. Not the size of the cooler itself but the size of the space inside of the box. The smaller the box the more difficult it is for heat to disseminate throughout the system. and the ps4 is god awful when it comes to heating..just bad…. i put my hand behind one and literally could not hold it there it was so hot inside. Its way too small and needs more ventilation.

  31. Xbox has not had a numerical system. xbox, xbox 360, xbox one. . . .
    whereas the playstation lineup has.

  32. I agree, but they change it up every cycle. People were calling it the Xbox 720 or Xbox Infinity before the Xbox One was named. Chances are the next Xbox will have some wild name as well, but not something as cliche as Xbox Two.

  33. can’t believe there’s people so mindless to try to defend an xbones flaws and try to make it sound like it’s better because of it

  34. CartmansPiehole | Oct 26, 2015, 3:13 am at 3:13 am |

    OK GTX TITAN X….whatever it’s called. Sorry, brah!

  35. CartmansPiehole | Oct 26, 2015, 3:13 am at 3:13 am |

    OK GTX TITAN X….whatever it’s called. Sorry, brah!

  36. CartmansPiehole | Oct 26, 2015, 3:13 am at 3:13 am |

    OK GTX TITAN X….whatever it’s called. Sorry, brah!

  37. CartmansPiehole | Oct 26, 2015, 3:13 am at 3:13 am |

    OK GTX TITAN X….whatever it’s called. Sorry, brah!

  38. CartmansPiehole | Oct 26, 2015, 3:13 am at 3:13 am |

    OK GTX TITAN X….whatever it’s called. Sorry, brah!

  39. not like the Xbox One was any better

  40. obviously you’re trolling, but there is no such thing as a 980 titan.

  41. No, there are only two that matter, and you know it, or should know it. Comparing those tiny aircraft companies with the first two is like comparing Apple and Google gaming to Sony and Microsoft. I’m sure almost everyone, except you and a few other fanboys, would agree with that.

  42. I am thinking from Xbox One forward. For example, Xbox Two will run Xbox One games. Also, gaming companies may allow Xbox One to run the newer games on lower settings, just to keep the sales numbers high enough. So, basically, a more PC game-like platform.

    Remember, far more powerful hardware is going to be needed soon for VR / AR experiences.

    So, get a part time job after your full time job and get ready to spend if you want to play this year with the best toys.

  43. CartmansPiehole | Oct 26, 2015, 1:50 am at 1:50 am |

    The next XBOX should just be something the size of a NUC. Find a way to PACK something as powerful as a GTX 980 TITAN or better in it.

  44. I love this idiotic argument of “if you’re not in first place you might as well give up”. I guess all other carmakers should close up shop since Toyota sells the most cars.

  45. you really don’t understand the way technology works. Both consoles were dated on arrival, and struggling with many AAA games. The ps4 has a slight edge in power, but not much really. Especially since Sony is beginning to sacrifice performance in order to shoe horn in 1080p@60fps. I’m predicting at least two more years before the ps5/xtwo. Although they’ll probably support the previous gen for at least one more year.

    Whole knows, maybe the xtwo and ps5 will be backwards compatible with the previous gen. Unlike the 360 and ps3 which were completely different architectures, the ps4 and xbone have straight up pc components and pc architecture.

  46. I think you are talking about going to Windows 10 and Direct X 12. Maybe an extra 20% with updated games taking advantage of Direct X 12 but not 50%. I think you are right about them changing the platform concept to one that is more upgradeable. If they do it lightly, like one upgrade every two years with full backward compatibility, the software developers would not have a hard time keeping up. It is far easier than keeping up with the crazy PC gaming platform. If you notice, Xbox One is a PC platform at heart. This was done on purpose.

    Microsoft has to be careful not to force Sony out of the business. Two players is perfect. Don’t want to invite Apple or Google into it by forcing out very weak Sony.

    If Microsoft wanted to, they could easily crush Sony because they are so financially weak. Everyone in the industry knows this, even if fanboys are blind to financial statements.

    We are also entering a new era of 4k displays and VR / AR. If Microsoft does not make their console upgradeable, someone else will, like Oclulus, facebook, Valve, Samsung, etc. Fast changing times require fast changing hardware. We are at the inflection point of a paradigm shift.

  47. This article is rubbish. Just because it is behind the PS4 in sales doesn’t make it a failure. We still have at least 6 years before there is a new generation of game consoles.

  48. Lmao bullshit, you xboxers just can’t accept the truth.. That’s why sony phucked them at the last

  49. Nintendo is far behind in sales figures compared to the Xbox1. If Nintendo had the Xbox1 sales numbers for the Wii U. Nintendo would be a happy camper. Microsoft should consider themselves lucky not to have the Wii U sales numbers. Or many people would of been fired probably by now in sales and PR. Also, when the Xbox2 does come out. Microsoft should have backwards compatibility on that unit from the beginning. Nintendo is going to do everything it can do NOT to repeat the same errors it did on the Wii U. So Microsoft better plan for a superior gaming machine, unlike the Xbox1. The Xbox1 is a good gaming system. But being good isn’t good enough anymore to stay in the gaming race ahead of the pack!

  50. Xbox
    Wii U
    Nvidia Shield
    Other PC (too many to name actually)
    The one from Amazon.

  51. The author should know that the next Xbox will be the fourth console to bear the Xbox name, and as such calling Xbox One’s successor Xbox Two would not make any sense at all. Xbox One got its name from its all in one media center functionality, with built in TV input capability, etc.

  52. Who are the two?


    Pilatus Business Aircraft, Ltd…….

    Piaggio America, Inc







    To a lesser extent, Lockheed/martin, but they are more military aircraft.

    …So who are the two?

  53. James,
    You need to stop with the “PC is better” talk. As someone who owns an Xbox One AND a Mid-High level pc, they BOTH have their uses. Of course I could build a HTPC but the Xbox One serves that function really well. I can play games, watch Blu-ray movies, watch OTA tv with an antennae, and watch OTT programs via Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, etc. In addition there are some games that I just enjoy playing on a console better than playing on a PC. Sports, Driving, action, etc, I prefer the Xbox while FPS I’m PC all the way. You have to keep in mind that one of the main reasons consoles are popular is because of the price and ease of use. You fork over $$$$ and from the day you get the unit to the day they stop making games for it, you don’t have to spend another dime on hardware. However, on a PC, if you buy a lower/middle of the road pc, you will already have trouble playing some of the AAA titles at high resolutions without turning down many of the settings. As time goes on, you’ll just have to continue lowering the settings OR fork over another $400+ to be able to play at high/ultra settings. Now of course you’ll say “oh, yeah well PC games are cheaper and steam has sales that allow you to get games for much cheaper” but that is subjective. I for one am old school and want to have a PHYSICAL copy of all of my games. In addition, if you only play AAA games, the prices on the consoles vs pc isn’t really all that different. Just understand that there are many benefits to having a console over a PC and everything isn’t just about resolution and frame rates.

  54. I could say the same thing about the XB1. They have nothing coming out that is an exclusive that is worth playing. And lets also not forget that there was well over a 10 month drought of games on the XB1 after SSOD came out. Saying “PS4 lineup just doesn’t hold up well” is very disingenuous and you know that. They have so many different types of games and new IPs coming out while MS is just “wash, rinse repeat” with the same old games.

  55. WTF are you talking about it was less than 2 years ago that the XBOX ONE was released. You talk about 3 years of sold Xbox 360 units compared to less than 2 years on Xbox One and say Xbox One has to catch up with amounts sold with 1 year less of time to sell than the 360? you must be special

  56. prometheus59650 | Oct 25, 2015, 9:46 pm at 9:46 pm |

    4K is DOA. Only videophiles care.

  57. I own and play thousands of games, mostly on PC but as I compare the two consoles the PS4 lineup just doesn’t hold up well. My friends with PS4’s have barely turned it on and complain that there’s nothing to play and I have to agree with them. (or maybe I should revise it to “nothing worth $65 to play”). Unchartered and Tomb Raider are pretty similar and to me are not system sellers. No Man’s Sky is ENTIRELY speculation from an over-zealous spokesman created by an indie team with only 1 other game to their name (Joe Danger). The FFVII Remake “may” be a huge let-down just because most people seem to rely on nostalgia when thinking about VII, if you go back and play it again today it doesn’t hold up very well and is actually pretty boring in my opinion. (played it recently).

    The rest don’t seem to have much of an impact, but I guess we’ll have to wait until late next year to see. (perhaps I just don’t think 8-10hour SP games are worth while)

  58. so its like saying because Microsoft already has an entertainment system, that plays games, and streams things, so this is again, a case of SONY not showing me why I need what they offer because they are not offering me anything someone else doesn’t. I could care less of sales. I see it this way, Playstation has always been good for RPGs and single player games. XBOX is great with multiplayer games or any co-op. Resolution seems to be the big fight but most people can’t really see the difference with TV they are using…..maybe an ULTRA HD would show 4K would definitely.

  59. xbox one will start to allow backwards compatibility sometime in Nov this year

  60. That’s a whole lot of nothing.

  61. yeah nothing

  62. yeah nothing

  63. the whole collection 1 – 3 was offered on the 360 and the newest one is on xbox one also

  64. Sounds like your not a gamer to me.

  65. Sounds like a lot of nothing to me

  66. Stephen Marshall | Oct 25, 2015, 9:58 pm at 9:58 pm |

    I believe he is talking about a NEW xbox with full backwards compatibility with xbox one.

  67. Persona 5, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Street Fighter 5, Horizon: Zero Dawn, DayZ, Rise of the Tomb Raider (so much for the Xbox exclusive), Hellblade, Rime, Ray’s The Dead, No Man’s Sky, Final Fantasy VII Remake, The Last Guardian, and all the multiplat & unannounced games that look & play better on the PS4.
    …Yeah! The PS4 has nothing. LMFAO!!!

  68. And the way pc games are being developed by the customers who buy them as the game develops Pc games in the near future will do what no game developer can do for the traditional a game consol It brings more diversity and collaboration of new artistic ideas and does not limit there budget where as the sky is the limit. Pc games will be more diverse immersive adaptive to grow with one machine as you can just keep upgrading. Why wait for 2 when you can upgrade on ones own schedule stream stuff brows the web link up to a flat screen from any were away from your steam machine or desktop like leave the consol at home and plug in and start playing games at work with out the boss looking. put the link in your pocket and say what I just conjured games on this tv with out my game system. Xbox will have a link eventualy but like not the same performance.

  69. The Xbox One is still successful… I’m willing to bet once Halo 5 is released, PS4 fans will be wishing for something to play besides Call of Duty and more of them will buy a Xbox One, especially considering Gears of War 4 is coming out next year while the PS4 has….nothing

  70. It won’t be called the “Xbox Two” what a stupid name

  71. Think this is pc’s time to shine Microsoft windows offers way more applications for video game and editing features . With VR coming out in November along with Steam machines that are going to innovate gamming like never before seen upgradeable steam link hand held smaller compact pc/consoles offer 4000 resolution better performance than anything else. touch game pad that acts as a key board and mouse supports 10,000 games Pc has always had that potential they just needed a pc game system. The traditional game consol is a thing of the past Xbox and Playstation will need to evolve in order to keep up with this growing industry.

  72. Looks better than the XBone……

  73. Yea you can take your TV with you. Directv Genie streaming allows you to stream your recordings to anywhere.. Also you can stream showtime,HBO,etc through Roku and other devices.

  74. Christopher Robles | Oct 25, 2015, 8:03 pm at 8:03 pm |

    Completely disagree. As long as Microsoft is making a profit on their xbox division, as an investor, I would consider it successful.

    Sales relative to your competition don’t matter. Ford sells fewer cars then toyota yet nobody would call ford unsuccessful.

  75. Microsofts arrogance from the success over ps3 led to their totalitarian strategy, kinect, etc. Developer issues aside, if ps3 had camr out at a reasonable price, it wouldve been a sucess. Ps2 was the first affordable dvd player. The arrogance from 2 to 3 was corrected. Nintendo has learned to stay in their lane and make exactly what they can afford to make for who likes it. Sony probably thought they were headed to god mode, it almost was a nintendo till they sold out to phillips. I respect both consoles, but xbox never had the amount of exclusives to make me favor, or want both. Gears, ok. And shenmue, but i still own a dreamcast. It seems like each generation has its superior mentality, and a fall, nintendo, sega, sony ,microsoft, only nintendo and sony have learned, sony had the advantage, ….nintendos quiet….and they were working on a system…snake in smash bros
    … there a metal gear on xbox?…….

  76. Everyone already has the xbox 360/ps3 so backwards compatibility won’t do much.

  77. Raw sales aren’t the only thing that matters Its how much each unit cost and the R&D. They have to make that back on top of making profit from them.

  78. Sony died a long time ago. PS4 is a ghost of their early success.

  79. It must be something on your end, I have had my Xbox1 over a year and spent countless hours on those apps and others along with gaming and have never had any crashes or any of the problems you are describing.

  80. This is how its relevant: You said, “They are sick of fanboys, like yourself bashing a system based on how many were sold”. So I responded in kind with a truism that you obviously did not like, so you try to change the subject. I find it funny you accuse people of “narrow mindedness”, yet with those that disagree with you are “bandwagon jumpers”, that $ony (just the way you say Sony) is “in the toilet for them” & calling people “fanboys” . That right there, is someone who is narrow minded.

  81. LOL…. I find it comical that xbox is not considered successful. In comparison to the xbox 360 the sales figures show xbone1 selling significantly better. This translates in my eyes as very successful. In comparison to the PS4 one could easily agree that it is not nearly as successful. The moral of the story… the PS4 is selling at an incredible rate and for that good job Sony. You needed to be successful somewhere in your massive lineup of products. After reading some of the comments I am shocked about some of the claims. If you think Microsoft is going anywhere I think you are gravely mistaken. I own both consoles at this point and I still cannot decide which is actually better. This is simply user preference as is almost everything from a tech perspective.
    Hating on Ghey Fanboys

  82. prometheus59650 | Oct 25, 2015, 5:43 pm at 5:43 pm |

    Quote: Really? You can take your recorded TV on your cable box on the road with you?

    TV is a timesuck and one that I’m not wedded to to the point that I must see that one thing immediately. I have Netflix. I have Hulu. The networks themselves have brand specific apps with which I can watch their shows the day after they air or I can stream football live online.

    Again, this is a case of MS not showing me why I need what they offer because they are not offering me anything someone else doesn’t.

    Quote: I know steaming means nothing to you from your Xbox to your PC but the PC to your Xbox could be interesting.

    That could be interesting, yes. When they finally are able to do that, that’s certainly something to talk about.

    Quote: Or, the fact that I will have constant access to friends and events?

    When I’m on with PS4, I have constant access to my gaming friends and events. When I’m not gaming I have other means of staying connected to those friends of mine that are not solely gaming friends.

    MS simply isn’t offering me an experience that’s markedly different than Sony or features that I can’t already get somewhere else.

    But I’m glad you’re happy with your purchase.

  83. That is just inaccurate opinion. The PS4 cooling system is thinner, but actually pretty much same in width as the Xbox One. Also it really depends on the blade design and RPM. Even if you had overall smaller cooler and heatsink, just having more efficient blade design and higher rpm can compensate for the size.

    I’m also very sure that Sony have made their exhaust system really effective, pushing out the hot air outside of the system.

  84. Robert Courtemarche | Oct 25, 2015, 5:36 pm at 5:36 pm |

    Even though they are lagging behind in sales, the Xbox is still doing well monetarily. The Ricky Bobby idiom “If you ain’t first, you’re last” doesn’t apply here.

  85. please ,just don’t release another piece of crap. for new people to xbox, yeah, you like it. it’s good, it turns on. comparing to 360, i’d chose the 360. has a better user interface, same graphics, easier to use over all. xboxone is getting an update? yeah, they are, in a month, 2 years after release. i instantly regretted getting this console. for those who will use all features, essentially running your whole entertainment system, then go for it. i purchased because my friends had it and my priorities were to online game with friends. but, since i purchased new, i was forced to buy kinect. it is useless for the most part. it does work, just make sure you have a room larger than 10×15. also, don’t be cranking your game audio because the kinect can’t hear you. anyway, enough about the xbox one.

    for next gen (again, WHY not just release xbox one with new features?), make sure the hardware is on par with TOP gaming hardware, not middle of the line. we don’t need the PC gamer saying “the PC i built 8 years ago has better specs than this”. there is no point to a new version really. unless they want to adopt 4k, there aren’t new technologies existing.

    i’m glad i kept my 360

  86. Douglas Wallace | Oct 25, 2015, 5:16 pm at 5:16 pm |

    Really? You can take your recorded TV on your cable box on the road with you? I know, we are talking about gaming, right? I know steaming means nothing to you from your Xbox to your PC but the PC to your Xbox could be interesting.. Or, the fact that I will have constant access to friends and events? Meaningless. Nope. Just garbage. I mean, who would want that in a gaming system? Now. What does Sony offer you again?

  87. Douglas Wallace | Oct 25, 2015, 4:09 pm at 4:09 pm |

    I was giving an example and you made my point very clear from just being here. One things is always guaranteed when a MS or Xbox one blog is wrote. The $ony PSWhores come to town. What does $ony offer to you as a company other than the PS4?

  88. prometheus59650 | Oct 25, 2015, 5:08 pm at 5:08 pm |

    Integrated system? I’ve been hearing that a lot, and listening to them try to explain it, but they have yet to do it in such a way that shows me why I need that integration.

    I could stream things between W10 devices more easily, granted, but I could do that anyway. They kept telling me how I could integrate it with my media center and use it as a DVR.


    Except that I’d still have to have the X1 hooked to my cable box to get nothing that the cable box doesn’t already do for me.

    So, what exactly is, “the full monty?”

  89. prometheus59650 | Oct 25, 2015, 5:02 pm at 5:02 pm |

    I didn’t bash anything.

    Show me where I said PS4 was better or that the XB1 sucked? I didn’t.

    The fact is, if the numbers were reversed you and I know perfectly well that Microsoft would be crowing day and night. The numbers would matter to them and to you.

    But those numbers aren’t there and they don’t want to fuel weekly headlines about the XB1 being outsold 2-1 or 3-1 or whatever the ratio actually is.

  90. Douglas Wallace | Oct 25, 2015, 5:00 pm at 5:00 pm |

    Their are millions of Xbox one players. How is your comment even relevant? We don’t care about the $ony bandwagon jumpers. $ony is needing the PS4 to be a hit because everything else is in the toilet for them. Unlike MS, where EVERYTHING is integrated now with windows 10. I understand the narrow mindedness you $ony fans get. “just a gamming console”.. OK. You can keep your gaming console while the MS users get the full Monte.

  91. Douglas Wallace | Oct 25, 2015, 3:52 pm at 3:52 pm |

    Don’t you have a $ony pswhore to play? I mean, you are always on the MS blogs. What are you afraid of that causes you to spread BS?

  92. Spin it all you want. Prometheus hit the nail on the head. ITs interesting when the 360 was top in sales, MS always announced the numbers & the numbers mattered to Xbox fans. Now that the tables are turned, Xbox fans turn salty and the numbers do not matter anymore.

  93. Douglas Wallace | Oct 25, 2015, 4:48 pm at 4:48 pm |

    Name a console that does that? I guess you have been ignoring Sonys attempt incorporating the TV? Hmmmmm.

  94. Douglas Wallace | Oct 25, 2015, 4:46 pm at 4:46 pm |

    No. They are sick of fanboys, like yourself bashing a system based on how many were sold. Amazing how many sony fans come to a MS web blog… COMICAL!

  95. Douglas Wallace | Oct 25, 2015, 4:43 pm at 4:43 pm |

    Wow, you know nothing. Those so call “console specific” lol, (EXCLUSIVES) are owned mostly by MS. If you think 20 million + sold units is a failure then I guess Apple sucks too? I guess Samsung sucks also? Some people are very stupid and have zero clue. Just a headline reader.

  96. it has more stream processors on its gpu…thats it…DDR5 has no use at all. It affects nothing. Its all marketing. There is no point in having DDR5 ram and they probably could have a cheaper console had they just used DDR3. Hell my pc runs circles around ps4 playing the witcher 3 and i have 8 gigs of ddr3 ram.

  97. That prototype possible pic actually looks sexy but I would fill in the under part of it with usb ports or something. The 3 out of the box things that need to be fixed are 1.Let the internal hard drive be accessible for upgrade, 2. Make the game playable on the damn disc none of this download to console crap and if that’s not possible because of the disc limitations start using cartridges/memory units that can. 3. Make the console with gaming experience primarily in mind other features come second like *cough *cough TV. While it’s a welcome feature don’t sacrifice a better gaming experience for it, after all we the reason we bought the gaming console is for… gaming.

  98. wait u actually fell for that DDR3 mumbo jump lol…oh god…. dude DDR5 has no modern usage outside of a grahpics card. the fact that ps4 uses onboard ddr5 ram is totally pointless and just damned ridiculous. marketiing ploy only. the xbox still has ddr5 on the gpu. The playstation however has more APU(gpu cores on processor) than the xbox one does by a lot. it has more stream processors. to put it bluntly it has the more powerful graphics processing. nothing to do with the ram. The DDR5 crap is a LOAD. PC games still use DDR3 and ram speed provides almost zero performance gains in gaming applications. and pc games are so much better why….its all about the graphics card and cpu…mostly the card.

  99. it may not shut down but when your frames drop…you’re thermal throttling. the ps4 is way too small. it’d be a much better machine in the long run if it was bigger. your cpu and gpu will slow down periodically. you may notice it or if you do you didn’t know this was why. when hardware gets to a certain temperature it downclocks its speed in order to cool and not malfunction or melt.

  100. Microsoft recently upgraded the xbox 1. apparently now is 50% faster.
    Microsoft plans, instead of waiting the 10 years upgrade, could upgrade the video card.

  101. X-box is on its death bed, soon enough you will see the Game programmers move to Sony, and the so called console specific games like gears and halo will expand because they are losing money staying with a dead console.. wait, watch and see..

  102. i have not had my ps4 overheat lol so what are you talking about?

  103. to me it really doesn’t matter about size as its a stationary item, make it look decent and youre golden

  104. I bought into the then marketing bullshit from MSFT. That’s the message they were pushing at the time. I suppose they do love people like me who attempt to believe the marketing pricks.

    BTW, Show me a bluray player that supports Groove music and OneDrive.

    But you’re right.. I’ll step down to that and sell this lie of a marketing product and cancel my MSFT services subscriptions as well.

  105. Smaller is NOT better!! The large size keeps the Xbox One cool unlike the PS4 which overheats within 20 minutes. Also the the XB1 is doing better than the 360 was the first few years.. No worries at all in Microsoft land.

  106. People used to buy phones to make calls. Now, that is only one of the smaller functions. Same with future consoles – power the modern living room.

  107. Nope. That is wrong! There are only two airline manufacturers. The barriers to entry are too large for a new company to step in, exactly like the MS / Sony situation. Don’t you see it?

  108. You must have not been reading up what has been happening lately. MS is now reborn. Check it out!

  109. All MS has to do to kill Sony off is to go on a two year refresh cycle with fully backward compatibility. Sony does not have the capital for that level of investment and would soon fall behind. Of course, MS does not want to kill off Sony because then the industry would stagnate and die or another stronger company would step in, like Google or Apple. No, MS loves Sony right now.

  110. Congrats, you spent $400+ on something that could be done by much cheaper smart Blu-ray player that would have worked far better for what you wanted. MSFT loves people like you.

  111. The 360 had massive production limitations that last over 1 1/2 years and it didn’t reach the production that the One has right now until over 2 years into production. The sales of the 360 had more in year 3 than in the first 2 years combined which means Xbox One sales need to pick up by over 40% next year to keep pace….lol….not going to happen and MSFT KNOWS IT which is why they are conceding to the PS4. Its already over.
    As for not needing to be #1? Yeah, in a field where 3 are competing, if you aren’t #1, you are a big loser.

  112. The One is using DDR3 which is outdated and even worse, ESRAM which is unstable.
    The hardware was designed around the idea that MSFT was going to push everything cloud side and that the hardware on hand would mostly be for either non-gaming garbage and handling only a portion of the work since most would be done by cloud rendering.

  113. Wont change what matters. The hardware and the companies vision.
    The hardware has ESRAM which is horrible and unstable and the company vision is a box that does it all.
    Most people that buy gaming consoles want a gaming console focused on games.

  114. Any industry where there are only 2 other competitors…

  115. No doubt they will make it less like consumers want and more like they want consumers to want.
    MSFT has forgotten how to make products actually designed for the market they are pushing them on.

  116. prometheus59650 | Oct 25, 2015, 1:57 pm at 1:57 pm |

    MS pretty much already conceded the battle when they announced that they wouldn’t be releasing figures for consoles sold or shipped anymore.

  117. Name one other industry where you have to be the leader in sales to be considered successful?

  118. Microsoft could just upgrade the Xbox 1.

  119. They have about the same CPU. The PS4 has a better class of RAM (GDDR5, vs. DDR3), along with a stronger GPU. Also, you’re pinning things on DirectX that just aren’t the case. DX12 is actually quite slimming and has shown big gains for many titles. The second level of the problem was that the Kinect sucks up so many resources (it was said 10% of the GPU at launch, I believe).

    Even the PS4 isn’t a good piece of hardware. Both consoles are mid-range PCs AT BEST. Weak CPUs, GPUs a bit below mid-range, and slow hard drives. Software, drivers, and the OS aren’t a part of the problem. It’s that the last generation of consoles was high-end at launch and sold at a loss, but MS and Sony decided they didn’t want to lose money on hardware and skimped badly on parts this time.

  120. No, it’s true. PS4 has slightly better hardware.

  121. I thought the Xbox1 and PS4 have virtually identical hardware (CPU, gpu, memory), just different software so I’m not sure how accurate this article is. Microsoft DirectX is so bloated that I’m not surprised they are having frame rate and rendering issues, if they had a low level direct to gpu driver like the PS4 they wouldn’t be having these problems. They’ve been banking so much on DirectX and shoving it down developers throats that developers are getting exhausted making it work, Microsoft answers? More powerful hardware without streamlining their bloated fatty error filled operating system (not talking about Windows ;) to keep up with PS4.

    They just need to revamp their software and drivers because there is no reason why the Xbox 1 should be having issues with frame rate and resolution.

  122. The Xbox One has sold *better* than the Xbox 360. It has sold more units and at a higher price point, and most likely lower cost (since it uses commodity PC parts). You don’t have to be #1 to be successful. Look at iPhone.


  123. @disqus_ZD2X0S2w3l:disqus It’s funny, my wife bought me the PS3 for gaming, but I mostly end up using it EXACTLY as you describe. It works quite well. At some point I’ll likely get a PS4.

  124. I’m certain to be in the minority here but it was appeal of the entertainment (TV and Music) part of the XBox One that spurred me to purchase one. I’m not a gamer at all. I wanted a single STB in my living room that would serve my entertainment needs (Netflix, Amazon VOD, Music, occasional web browsing, OneDrive access, CD/DVD playback, etc). .. Sadly to say XBox One fails at this role miserably.. It’s too difficult to use, the apps crash often, Groove music lacks a play by genre feature (BIG omission) , the entertainment app selection is pathetic. I regret trusting Microsoft’s marketing.. never again.. I’m signing up for Google All Access and cancelling my Groove Music pass.

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