Tesla Denies Model Y Will Appear Alongside Model 3 Unveiling

Tesla Denies Model Y Will Appear Alongside Model 3 Unveiling
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With rumors circulating around the Internet of a Model Y release from Tesla at a forthcoming event in March, the company has moved swiftly to deny any such suggestions. Reports had emanated indicating that Tesla would reveal two different versions of the Model 3 at an unveiling event in Switzerland, with a source pointing to the second of these two versions of the vehicle being dubbed the Model Y.

Tesla quashes rumors

However, after numerous outlets reported on this notion, Tesla quickly released a statement denying any intention to unveil two Model 3 versions at the Geneva motor show (full name Salon international de l’automobile de Genève). Perhaps the electric car manufacturer feels that it already has enough on its plate dealing with its tumbling share price, its upcoming Gigafactory, distributing its existing vehicles, and the development and manufacturing of the Model 3.

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But if Tesla’s past form on the subject is to be any indication of its plans, we should perhaps take this announcement with a pinch of salt. Numerous previous Tesla vehicle releases have been significantly delayed, with pronouncements from the company that it would unveil or release particular vehicles often turning out to be rather inaccurate. If Tesla has said that it would release vehicles, and this has turned out not to be correct, why couldn’t the opposite be the case as well?!

Model Y rumors circulate

This latest rumor about the so-called Tesla Model Y began after Electrek’s Seth Weintraub reported on the vehicle, with the publication also publishing a screenshot from a Tesla presentation indicating that two cars are under development. A Tesla spokesperson has already dismissed the rumors as being simply “wrong”, but the buzz generated on the Internet by what appears to be relatively credible information has certainly been significant.

By now, most fans of the electric car niche will at least know a little about the hotly anticipated Model 3. This vehicle is to be a traditional sedan, and according to claims from Tesla, it will be massively more affordable than any vehicle that the company has manufactured previously. Indeed, Tesla has set a price tag for this vehicle of $35,000, and even though analysts somewhat disagree with this assessment, it will nonetheless be the cheapest vehicle that Tesla has released when it finally hits the market.

In contrast to this vehicle, the second car linked with an unveiling at the Geneva motor show is seemingly set to be a crossover vehicle, even if Tesla has indeed denied its existence. It should be seaid in mitigation that the electric car manufacturer has not completely denied that it could be developing this crossover vehicle, it has simply stated in rather perfunctory fashion that it will not appear in Switzerland.

Tesla talks Model Y

Indeed, the idea of a Model Y crossover in fact correlates rather neatly with information that came to light last year. Back in June, Tesla CTO, JB Straubel, had indeed teased a crossover version of the Model 3, and the CEO of the company, Elon Musk, has already tweeted to provide details of this vehicle, suggesting that it will be named the Model Y when when it finally hits the stores. It is notable that Musk seemingly regretted this statement, as in the manner of many of the looser tweets that have been published over the years, it was rapidly deleted.

Apart from that, not too much is known about the Model Y, except that it simply makes economic sense for Tesla. Now that the electric car manufacturer has established itself as a significant player in the marketplace, it makes sense for the corporation to expand and attempt to become a genuinely mainstream automaker. The best way to do this would seemingly be to diversify into as many fields as possible, even though this will obviously pose Tesla significant logistical challenges.

Certainly a few details are known about what will be included in the Model Y when it is ultimately released. It is largely believed that it could be manufactured on the same platform as the Model 3, which would follow Tesla’s previous procedure. Tesla has previously based the Model S sedan on the Model X, with an SUV-style frame on top. While the Model 3 has been slated for a price tag of around $35,000, it is debatable whether the Model Y could also be released at this relatively small price point. The initial Elektrek report suggests that the Model Y will feature a price premium over the Model 3.

Model 3 specs

Because the existence of the Model 3 has been confirmed for some time, and indeed Tesla has confirmed that it will appear in Switzerland, there have been a lot of rumors about possible specifications of the device. With Tesla looking to produce a range of around 240 miles from this high-specification vehicle, it is believed that a powerful 80kWh or eventually 90kWh battery could be included.

It is suggested that for the Model 3, Tesla could charge some sort of minor fee for recharging vehicles. This is a highly contentious notion, as a major advantage of previous Tesla releases has been the fact that they are charged indefinitely for free. But this may not work out to be a viable economic model for a $35,000 electric vehicle, and this could prompt Tesla to instigate a credit card system.

Another aspect of the Model 3 intended to make it stand out from the crowd is expected to be the dashboard of the vehicle. It is believed that Tesla will add the huge display to its cheaper-priced Model 3 and Model Y when they are released. It is thought that this will help keep production costs relatively low, and a 1080p capacitive touch display has also been linked with the vehicle.

These specs are also expected to carry over into the Model Y when it is released, but it looks as if we may have longer to wait to first glimpse this vehicle than has been reported in the last few days.

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