The Real Life People Behind “The Big Short”

The Real Life People Behind “The Big Short”

Last week, we put our own perspective on the new finance related film, “The Big Short.” While the movie is the adaptation a book based on real life characters, taking the story to the big screen often allows for the changing of names. For instance, Jamie Shipley of Brownfield Capital in the movie is reportedly modeled after real life Jamie Mai of Cornwall Capital.

Via Business Insider, here’s an easy guide of the actors, their fake characters; lined up with the reported real life market mavens and hedge funds.

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The Big Short Actor Guide

Actor Character Real Life Person Real Life Fund Company
Steve Carell Mark Baum Steve Eisman Frontpoint Partners
Ryan Gosling Jared Vennett Greg Lippman Deutsche Bank
Brad Pitt Ben Rickert Ben Hockett Cornwall Capital
Finn Wittrock Jamie Shipley Jamie Mai Cornwall Capital
John Magaro Charlie Geller Charlie Ledley Cornwall Capital
Byron Mann Mr. Chau Wing Chau Harding Advisory

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