PSN Down: Sony Confirms PlayStation Network Outage [Update]

PSN Down: Sony Confirms PlayStation Network Outage [Update]
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Sony confirms PSN down on Monday. The PlayStation Network is officially down, with multiple reports of network problems cropping up Monday morning. The network problems are impacting all Sony gaming consoles, including the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita systems.

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An official message released by Sony on Monday afternoon stated: “You may have some difficulty launching games, applications, or online features. Our engineers are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible, and we thank you for your patience.”

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Given reports are coming in via social media all across the globe, it is clear this is world-wide issue and not just a regional problem.

The issue with PSN down has left players unable to sign in or create a new account, leaving most players unable to use their device currently.

UPDATE: According to multiple sources, the PlayStation network was back up by 9 to 10 PM ET on Monday

More on Monday’s breaking tech news — PSN down

A number of users are currently reporting they are receiving an error message saying that the PSN is currently “undergoing maintenance”.

Keep in mind that the PlayStation Now streaming service has also been taken offline, leaving fans unable to stream any titles, while media apps have been left badly affected.

Analysts remain puzzled about what could be causing the latest outage, and the company is remaining mum on the source of the problem.

A few sources are claiming that gamers are now beginning to regain access to some, but not all, core PSN services.

In the last half hour or so some sources have reported being able to access the PlayStation Store, but others still cannot get access to all services.

The PlayStation Network also suffered server problems over the just-passed holidays, hit by higher than expected traffic from new users and core gamers buying during a timed sales event.

Stay tuned as ValueWalk will be keeping up with this breaking story on PSN down throughout the day.

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  1. It’s not the first time it has happened is what I am saying, for a big company like Sony they have should have a redundancy system in place!! It doesn’t matter the amount of compensation it’s the principle of the matter, imagine how many people are down and then times that by13.5 cents!!

  2. All we have is mmo gaming so currently my effing device is unusable. Oh yea I’ll just play on my ps4 movingvfrim screen to screen.

  3. Both systems have multiple dedicated servers. This is not a MS vs. Sony issue. Sony’s official statement did not mention whether or not they have an indication as to when the servers will be up. That NONE of your games are running is not the fault of the network unless all of your games require an Internet connection.

  4. The only disc that has worked has been a movie. They have already said that there is no indication on when they will have the servers up an running, which in all honesty why only run one one server xbox has multiple servers they run off of thats why they hardly have these issues.

  5. Im beyond pissed not only was i not able to play yesterday cuz i kept getting kicked off an logged out i cant play today seriously i didnt pay for ps plus on ps4 to not be able to use an play online there better be some extension on the plus members a muti million dollar comapny cant even keep its shit together or have a back up server seriously psn is jus getting worse im about to go back to xbox u hardly ever have probs with them but there seems yo be a prob with ps almost every damn week

  6. What I don’t understand is how can something so big not have any redundancy so if one server fails the other picks it up, this is a joke and once again disappointed in PSN – want a form of compensation as this is not the first time!!

  7. Have they tried switching it off and resetting their router seems to be their answ
    er to every other problem iv contacted them about

  8. This is a little pants! My PS4 isn’t just my games console…Netflix. .now TV. its been hours…so..what the hell is going on? I’ve had games maybe they’re working on that? Can’t see that taking so long though..its Sony..They would have the best guys on it. I’m thinking hacked.

  9. Every single PSN game I have, with the exception of Poker, is working just fine. Styx, Soma, Magicka 2, The Swapper, Teslagrad, Spelunky, Shovel Knight, they all work.

  10. Remember that last time everything just moved really, really slowly as they bogged down the servers before it quit entirely. This isn’t like a DDoS. Everything online just doesn’t work. But it’s definitely not something they’re comfortable admitting, so maybe you’re right.

  11. I think they might not want to tell everyone it is a DDoS and they’re powerless to stop it. I can’t imagine such a widespread outage and them not being able to fix it. Last year when they had that string of attacks my PSN still worked, so I guess I’m just catching up now

  12. The only time a denial of service effected gamers around the world, that I can recall, was the Lizard Squad DDOS of 14-15. Usually it’s maintenence or, yes, a server problem. But it does suck that it’s down on a free day for you. Hopefully they’ll have it back up soon.

  13. Most of the time when it happens it’s because of a DDoS attack. This is probably from server overload. I don’t understand why they can’t just restart everything and call it a day. What’s more crazy is that today everyone is in school or at work. I’ve got the day free and I can’t do ANYTHING.

  14. If games you’ve already downloaded that don’t require an online connection to play aren’t working, it sounds like you have a separate problem.

  15. PSN still down for me… any word on when this crap is gonna start working again? I just want access to the store so I can download my stuff. I don’t even want to multiplay.

  16. Yes, guaranteed, all online functionality is currently screwed. But this happens like, four or five times a year, every year. I’m not saying it doesn’t suck, I’m just saying there’s no need for Clayton’s article to have this tone of a Chicken Little ‘sky is falling’ doom.

  17. I cant play anything with multiplayer; I can get to my other games to even DL them, etc. No Store, etc etc, Its all down. You’re only fine if you are running on disks and offline stuff of coarse.

  18. Its not Gamestop’s ‘worthless junk’. Its an issue with the PSN servers, nothing more. Sometimes that happens. No need to be so impatient.

  19. Let’s not exaggerate the circumstances, Clayton. I’m playing my PS4 right now. I just can’t play online-only games. ‘Most players’ are not ‘currently unable to use their device’. You can play both disc games and downloaded ones.

  20. We want to know when its gone fix?? 1-2 hours?? Or more just tell us somthing we know that there isaproblem we can see and feel that

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