Ammon Bundy – Anonymous Releases Video Supporting Oregon Occupiers

This morning, News2Share received a video from the hacktivist group Anonymous responding to the FBI shooting in Oregon. In the video, the group voices support for Ammon Bundy and speaks out against the recent FBI shooting death of LaVoy Finicum. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhYaCAJJ-m0

Article (Including Video Transcript): http://news2share.com/start/2016/01/30/anonymousbundy/

Early this morning, News2Share received a video from a member of Anonymous. In it, an obscured male voice explains that Anonymous sides with the occupiers in the Oregon standoff. It specifically vocalizes a demand for justice in the shooting death of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum by the FBI.

In the video, helicopter footage showing the Finicum shooting is used twice paired with the sounds of a helicopter interior and gunshots. The FBI has not released audio from the incident, so that audio is likely fake.

The video was sent along with a transcript, but no further information:

“The FBI claim they want peace in Oregon but they have created the opposite.

Ammon Bundy, LaVoy Finicum, and the others only wanted peace. They even met with the FBI face to face.

And yet Finicum was killed in cold blood, as his hands were in the air. Just as Anonymous called for justice in the killing of Michael Brown we call for justice now.

The FBI has the weapons but they do not have the heart. It is time for Anonymous to engage.

We do not call for violence, or armed uprising. We call for Anonymous members to spread this fight online. Every citizen of the United States must hear our call. We want the identity of every agent who fired their weapon that day. We want justice for LaVoy. We stand with Ammon Bundy.

This fight is not over. As patriots sit in jail and await trial Anonymous will give them our full support.

When the government no longer fights for justice the internet will. We are justice.

We are Legion.
We do not forgive
We do not Forget.
We are Anonymous.”

Read more at http://news2share.com/start/2016/01/3…

Ammon Bundy - Anonymous Releases Video Supporting Oregon Occupiers

  • NataS

    I wish they would have shot them all

  • Annie Quest

    Okay Brett, you must be right…i am so grateful to know that Anonymous is not a person. I did not know that. I was wondering about the unique voice. Thank you. Thank you. I will not speak of that which I do not know. of course Anonymous supports Aamon Bundy. The video said so. I have no reason to be skeptical…

  • brett

    You do realize that anonymous is not a specific person or group. Its whoever wants to make a video or contribute to a cause. Your comment makes no sense. do not speak of that which you do not know.

  • Annie Quest

    I don’t believe for a minute that this is authentic. Anonymous wouldn’t waste their time with these guys…they have way bigger and more important fish to fry!

  • Silver Cat

    I wish them success in identifying the individuals who murdered Finicum.