When You Can’t Trust Party Girls, Who Can You Trust?, Laments Derrick Williams

New York Knickerbocker’s forward Derrick Williams has jewelry and watches stolen from girls that just wanted to get paid to party.

When You Can't Trust Party Girls, Who Can You Trust?, Laments Derrick Williams


Hookers like bling too

Having picked up, let’s call them what the police are calling them, a couple of hookers on Friday Night/Saturday morning in the Meatpacking District. The former lottery pick and second overall draft pick of the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2011 signed with the Knicks over the summer and has been a key bench player for the 14-14 New York Knicks while earning a salary a touch north of $4 million this season.

Williams left the University of Arizona early in order to enter the NBA draft but impressed many when he spent a summer taking classes in order to earn his degree. This intelligent decision was not repeated over the weekend when Williams and his entourage picked up two women at the Up & Down club and returned to his Tribeca apartment.

That’s when things went a bit pear shaped for the Knick’s power forward with the women allegedly helping themselves to nearly $800,000 worth of watches and jewelry housed in Williams’ closet. To add insult to injury, the women took a $6,000 Louis Vuitton jewelry case to hold their/his loot.

Among the roughly 20 items stolen were: four Rolex watches, an Apple Watch, diamond bracelets, gold and platinum chains as well as a Audemars Piquet timepiece.

Police are investigating the Williams heist

A New York City Police Department spokesperson said the women used faked names when meeting Williams and his friends adding that they were looking at surveillance videos to determine whether it was the same women you robbed a Beverly Hills watch dealer of a $600,000 watch as well as cash from the Baccarat Hotel earlier this month.

“A lot of times, they are just straight-up prostitutes, but if the guy is drunk or falls asleep, then tough luck,” said a source within the police department speaking to the New York Post.  “Some will drug the guys.”

“Some girls know each other, so it’s like a loose group, but a lot are working alone or with friends,” the source continued.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Williams told The New York Post after the Knicks’ win over the Bulls at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night. “It’s still up in the air.”

The New York Post, a journalistic pillar (of hell), won’t let it go at that

The disgrace of a news source that is the New York Post lives for this kind of story and they certainly won’t avoid the opportunity to shame a New York athlete.

Williams spent Sunday in his apartment with his lawyer intent on avoiding contact with the rag’s reporters. According to the Post, Williams ordered a pizza around 4PM yesterday but refused to open the door more than a crack.

That presumably chained door forced the delivery man to insert the pizza through the crack vertically.

“I think the pizza’s ruined,” the deliveryman said.

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