October Was A Strong Month For Unicorns: Fidelity

October Was A Strong Month For Unicorns: Fidelity

The mythical Unicorns of Wall Street apparently had a very good Month in October after seeing a lot of their value disappear in September, at least according to fund manager Fidelity.

Keep in mind that Fidelity publishes their monthly portfolio holding listings with a one-month lag, so given the volatility of the valuations of Unicorns, the current values of the fast-growing firms can be quite a bit higher or lower than the latest data. On Monday of this week, however, Fortune was allowed to review data through the end of October for the $20.8 billion Fidelity Blue Chip Growth Fund and the $40 billion Fidelity Growth Company Fund (where Unicorn shares are held).

The October data showed that many Unicorns had bounced back significantly from the September lows, but the markups in value still leave Fidelity behind o its original investment in several cases.

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