Uber Tests New Feature To Help Customers Find Cars Easily

Uber Tests New Feature To Help Customers Find Cars Easily

Currently, passengers are experiencing difficulties in finding the right vehicle when using the Uber service. The ride-sharing startup is trying to resolve the issue by testing a new feature called Spot, which would help a passenger in finding the vehicle or their ride without any problem because of a visual signal.

The ride sharing startup is now testing the feature in Seattle. The ride-sharing startup is asking passengers to choose a color as a signal when requesting a ride. The passengers will easily find his or her ride even if it there are many vehicles. The car’s light bar will change color, signaling that it was the passenger’s ride.

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Uber drivers were provided with Spot bars during the test. The Spot or light bars will only light up when the driver is already in the vicinity close to the passenger.

Uber Spot works on passenger’s smartphone

The Uber car’s visual signal is not limited to the driver. The Uber Spot also works on the passenger’s smartphone, which means the screen of the device will light up according to the color selected.

With the new feature, the company is hoping to make its service more efficient by helping both drivers and passengers find each other easily. At present, passengers using the Uber service can see the photo of the driver and vehicle as well as the license plate number.

One of the common problems of most passengers has been approaching or riding on a wrong car. They assumed that it was an Uber car. The ride-sharing startup believes that such problem will be resolved using the Spot bar, which is expected to be available to Uber drivers in other areas outside Seattle.

Uber Spot could boost customer satisfaction

Some people suggested that the Spot feature will not only help drivers and passengers find each other easily and quickly, but most importantly save gas and time. The driver and the company will make more money.

Additionally, passengers will also become more satisfied with the service because they will be able to reach their destination on time or faster than before. Satisfied customers will continue to use the service. Therefore, the startup is expected to achieve a high customer retention rate with the new Spot feature.

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