Buy A Raffle Ticket To Win Tesla Model S Or Model X

Buy A Raffle Ticket To Win Tesla Model S Or Model X
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A Tesla Model S or Model X could be a last-minute Christmas gift for someone who is a clean-tech lover. All you need to do is buy a Climate XChange raffle ticket for an opportunity to win either of the two fully-loaded Tesla EVs.

Tesla EV an excellent green gift

Tesla only recently started to roll out the Model X, which has recently been titled the king of SUVs. So it is pretty obvious that any Tesla lover would want to take advantage of the opportunity of winning one or a Model S, depending on their preference.

The raffle will support Climate XChange, which is pushing for carbon pricing in Massachusetts. If the organization is successful in bringing carbon pricing to Massachusetts, then there exists a strong possibility that the momentum will encourage other states and countries to take similar steps as well.

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Not more than 2,000 raffle tickets will be sold, but there are a bunch of other cool prizes on offer – all powered by electricity. The winner of the Climate XChange raffle not only gets a fully loaded Model S or Model X, but the company will also bear other expenses linked to the vehicle, such as the taxes required to be paid for winning the vehicle — $36,730. Expenses for a home EV charging station and its installation will also be borne by Climate XChange.

Similar raffle from ISEA

A similar raffle last month offered users a chance to get their hands on the Model S. All that they were required to do was to buy a raffle ticket for $100. This event was organized by the Illinois Solar Energy Association (ISEA). About 2,000 raffle tickets were sold in total. ISEA is a non-profit education and advocacy group that aims to expand the deployment of solar energy and other renewables. In this raffle, the winner had to bear other related expenses such as taxes, title, and registration fees, assessments, destination charges, delivery, insurance, and other charges related to the receipt or use of the grand prize.

On Tuesday, Tesla shares closed down 1.12% at $229.95. Year to date, the stock is up by over 3%, while in the last one month, it is up by over 4%.

Update: the article earlier incorrectly attributed the raffle to Tesla. It has been corrected now, and the title has been changed accordingly.

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  1. FYI, the cars are not lying around in inventory somewhere. The winner will specify exactly what goes into his/her car — it’s build-to-order. I’m now monitoring this comment section and available for questions. Or questions can be sent via the website / email ( Thanks!

  2. Hi, @Johnny04, I found this article a couple of days ago and was pretty blown away by it. (I’m the raffle organizer for Climate XChange.) And then when I wrote to the valuewalk folks to thank them, I heard that someone had pointed out an error… I think that must have been you! And now I just figured out how to look at the comments. Anyway, the upshot of what I’m saying is: thank you! Thank you for noticing and caring, and thank you for pointing out that it’s Climate XChange running the raffle, not Tesla Motors. In fact, Tesla Motors is in no way associated with or sponsoring this raffle. It’s all our own doing. :-)

  3. Your headline is inaccurate. It’s clearly not a Tesla Motors Inc Raffle Ticket. It’s a climate XChange raffle ticket as you stated in the article. It’s misleading to say it’s a Tesla Motors Inc Raffle Ticket.

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