Sony PlayStation 5 Tipped For 2018 Release Date [REPORT]

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The latest rumors about Sony’s next generation PlayStation 5 indicate that we might see the new console as early as 2018. This would very much fit in with the belief of analysts that the PlayStation 4 generation is likely to be shorter than the lifespan of previous consoles. The main reason for this is that the current generation consoles are already somewhat out of date with available technology, and thus both Sony, and the competing Microsoft, are slaving away behind closed doors to work out what the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two will look like.

Sony PlayStation 5 – Five times more powerful

With this in mind, rumors have emerged recently which suggest that Sony’s next generation PlayStation 5 will be five times more powerful in performance terms than the PlayStation 4. It is certainly essential for the Japanese corporation to pack the PlayStation 5 with as much power as possible, as this is one of the big Ppoblems that the PlayStation 4 is facing. Although Sony’s current generation console has massively outperformed the Xbox One, its inability to deliver state of the art gaming and features means that the PlayStation 5 will emerge sooner than Sony would perhaps wish for.

Central to the desire to improve the power of the PlayStation 5 will be delivering 4K graphics, and it is already suggested that this will be achieved via AMD technology. Sony has been something of a pioneer with regard to 4K, having already released the first ever mass-market 4K resolution smartphone. And it seems certain that this new display technology, already part of the entertainment landscape, will have gone mainstream by 2018.

So there are plenty of reasons to suppose that Sony may already be working on the PlayStation 5, and another such example emerged this week. A job listing was posted by Sony, suggesting that the company is seeking game game developers for a forthcoming video games console. The listing in question was for the position of Senior Game Programmer, with the job description giving away significant details about the proposed PlayStation 5.

Next generation programmer

The role of the programmer was to play a major part in developing a game for the Sony PlayStation, with this title ultimately be utilized in order to test the next generation gaming system. Indeed, the Sony advertisement notes that the game will be used “for R&D purposes related to our next generation gaming system.” The advertisement goes on to describe this job as a “very rare opportunity.”

Although the advertisement that didn’t specifically mention the PlayStation 5, it is a reasonable assumption that this is the device that Sony is indeed testing. It is obvious that the corporation would not require a game programmer for the existing PlayStation 4, so rumors are naturally already circulating that Sony is working on the next generation PlayStation 5. Although there is also the possibility that this advertisement could be related to the forthcoming project Morpheus Virtual reality system.

Reports this week have also suggested that Sony will be opting for upgraded AMD microprocessor when the PlayStation 5 is released. The inclusion of AMD would also enable Sony to ensure backwards compatibility from day one. This has been a complaint from gamers in previous console generations, and has become a weakness with recent console releases.

With the PlayStation 5 likely to embrace virtual reality in a big way, developers will have massive challenges with this new console. But these challenges shouldn’t be seen as a negative, it is also an exciting time for video game manufacturers, as they have the opportunity to reimagine the entire industry.

Yoshida speaks out

Confirming this trend, Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios for Sony Computer Entertainment, has emphasized that the corporation will be providing full freedom to developers for the next generation console. Yoshida was keen to emphasize in an interview in California that game creators would not be inhibited at all when the PlayStation 5 is released.

Indeed, Yoshida suggested that Sony would collaborate closely with video game manufacturers during the development of the PlayStation 5 with the intention of ensuring that Sony ultimately produces the console that game creators desire. Yoshida implied that there would be a very open process in which the pros and cons of the PlayStation 4 were discussed in depth, with the intention of eliminating any weaknesses included in the current generation console when the PlayStation 5 is released.

Yoshida spoke of developers being able to “create their vision”, which in an era of ultra-fast processors, 4K resolution and immersive virtual reality technology is a very exciting prospect for gamers.

Physical media

In another recent report on the PlayStation 5, the editor of the PlayStation Magazine, Ben Wilson, told the electronics website TechRadar that there is a possibility that the PlayStation 5 could turn out very different from what many people are imagining. Far from the high-spec beast that many are predicting, Wilson suggested that considering the immense growth of downloadable games that there is at least a possibility that the upcoming PlayStation 5 console will place a greater emphasis on streaming.

This is something that would clearly appeal to game manufacturers, who are generally opposed to physical media for several reasons. Piracy can still be an issue with DVDs and Blu-rays, while the hassle of manufacturing physical discs is not something that game developers relish.

Furthermore, streaming services would make it more feasible for the industry to switch to a revenue model based around subscriptions rather than ownership. Many gamers oppose this, but at the same time aspects of the contemporary gaming industry, such as downloadable content, have somewhat prepared then for this unpalatable prospect.

Nonetheless, Wilson also predicts that physical media will not be phased out completely with the PlayStation 5, despite the success of Steam on the PC. Many gamers continue to prefer special editions and exclusive packaging to what Wilson describes as “invisible downloads”, and this predilection should ensure that the beloved boxed game remains part of the makeup of the PlayStation 5.

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Christopher Morris
Christopher Morris is a passionate player of video games since the days of Space Invaders, and is extensively published on the subjects of Business, Technology and Politics. Chris also contributes to Yahoo.

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  1. I was looking through my old replies and figured I’d mention I have a 4K monitor now, got it refurbished from Acer for $250. This is the year of 4K adoption.

  2. No, you don´t :)

  3. I did scan through the article But it would of been nice if they did)))

  4. Skylake is the newest i7 architecture. However, if you google Skylake or i7 72-core you won’t find anything. Except the occasional reference to the 72-core knight’s landing CPU, which is the most recent Phi. You’re wrong. You probably just saw a lot of names and blended them all together in your brain. Chances are they mentioned a Skylake i7 in the article, but the 72-core in development is not i7 and it’s not Skylake, it’s called Phi and it’s architecture is called Knight’s Landing, and the cores are Atom-based.

  5. It ain’t phi it was called something else and they did say i7 was what processor they said it was called sky lake If i fine the article again i will post it for ya

  6. Phi isn’t based on i7 architecture cores, it’s definitely Atom cores. Do a bit more research. The most cores on an i7 architecture CPU would be the highest end Xeon workstation CPU which is the Xeon E5-2698 v3 which is a 16 core processor.

  7. My gaming PC I built in late 2012 is more than 5 times as powerful as the PS4 and at max settings I can run no games at 4K, and only most at 1440p. This is 60Hz/60 FPS, by the way. It’s a delusional pipe dream to think you’ll get to play 4K games at 60 FPS in 2018-2019 on a console that costs less than $600.

  8. chojin999, your statement is delusional. Many single-GPU gaming PCs are capable of playing 4K games at 60 FPS, and they run well under 800w.

  9. “Five times more powerful” is not nearly good enough to play games at 4K and 30 FPS. My PC I built in late 2012 is more than 5 times as powerful as the PS4, and many games I struggle to maintain 45-60 FPS at 1440p, and that’s only halfway between 1080p and 2160p (4K).

  10. grindovermatter | Dec 11, 2015, 8:54 pm at 8:54 pm |

    You call people sheep, yet Sony is at least providing some sort of evidence to back up their claims, while you expect people to just take you at your word.

  11. I was reading the Article on the 72 core intel and they said it was i7 processor’s.
    And they also said that they will put them in workstation’s instead of pc.
    So I figured if they are doing that Sony could use them as well just make the PS 5 have more options and they will have the staying power and would be away to upgrade the PS5.It be cool if your game console be plug into a workstation that would boost it’s performance.But the marketing would be a nightmare.))))))

  12. *baaaaah* :) seriously though, proof please, I mean if I just take your word for it then how does that make me any less of a sheep than if I believe the *ahem* corporate devils :P

  13. -first point is all preference. i like how the DS4 is set up, if its not broke dont fix it and since its been like that for 20 years must mean its working
    -2 would be made better(their already better than the DS3)
    -3 the light there wont go away since its used for tracking and VR
    -4 i can get a full day of gaming out of my DS4 before i have to change to my other controller-but batteries become better just like every tech so thats not really a issue.
    -5 agreed but the vita type flash card is better and faster
    -6 wish full thinking but wont be in the price range. also unless you have screen that at or above 240 hrtz then you wont see the difference in frames
    -PS+ has better deals when it comes to sales than xbox gold and is cheaper. if your talking about the free monthy games then again xbox is behind since almost all of there games they have given have already came to PS+(not sony’s fault you missed out)and in fact if it wasnt for PS+ then you would still need gold to use other apps like netfix (which was a real crime to lock something behind a paywall )and would not be getting free games. so i dont see the difference here other than PS+ has more sales(just look at the black friday sales. xbox didnt even have a online store sale going on)

  14. grindovermatter | Dec 8, 2015, 5:08 pm at 5:08 pm |

    But it’s okay when YOU make up whatever numbers you please?

  15. They didn’t leave things out of the PS4. The PS4 was just built to sell at cost/for profit vs selling at a loss like every other generation. They make $19 on each PS4 sold (if we are only counting hardware and no other costs). It’s underpowered for sure, but they aren’t making a ton of money on it when you factor in other things like shipping and packaging and stuff.

    Also, a 5 year console cycle is normal. The last generation was the odd-ball generation, it lasted obscenely long, much longer than it should have. These kids that only experienced one console generation are up in arms about it, but anyone older than 20 knows how things used to be.

    I’m 28 years old and I’ve been around for 5 console generations. If every generation lasted 10 years, there is no way this would have been possible.

    Honestly, expecting gaming hardware to stay relevant after 3-4 years is highly ignorant. Gaming was held back massively by the 360 and PS3 after just a few years into it’s life. Now gaming is being held back by the current gen almost right out of the gate.

    There’s a reason why there are so many more PC fans these, when only 10 years ago everyone seemed to think PC gaming was dead. PC is a clearly better platform now and it’s literally only being held back by consoles at this point.

    And this is coming from a console collector, so I’m not against consoles by any means. I have every major console in the last 30 years with the exception of the PS4 (I’ll probably get it later this month). Consoles have just…stagnated for far too long.

  16. Xeon Phi is built using Atom cores not i7 cores and the generation before had them at 1.2 Ghz so I’m assuming this gen will be similar. So it would honestly have exactly the same problem (in fact, it may even perform worse). It’d be really great at being a server, but it’d be terrible in a game console.

  17. I’m not talking SSDs, I’m talking like SD cards for game storage. They can use harddrives for the console storage, but they shouldn’t be using optical media anymore. It’s all disadvantages at this point. It’s just as expensive, it can be much more easily destroyed, it adds moving parts to the console itself which can break, it has much slower reads, etc.

    A 32 GB SD card from China is roughly $5, so the cost to produce it is probably about $3 which is close to the cost of a bluray disc. Once you move up past a 32GB SD towards 64 GB and beyond flash memory is much better on cost vs storage capacity. By 2018 SD media even at 64 GB and beyond will be dirt cheap.

    The next console should use a proprietary SD-like storage format for games. People want physical media and going digital-only limits the potential markets you can sell to.

    By going for SD cards you will save gamers roughly 20 GB per game on their internal harddrives because you can read off an SD card just about as fast as you can read from a HDD (and sometimes even faster, it really just depends on the interface). So we could say good bye to the days of downloading games to the harddrive.

    If it’s fast enough, we might even be able to say goodbye to load times in general.

    The only potential downside is that Sony will have to sell us a bluray player separately (oh, boohoo…no one even watches physical movies anymore, everyone just uses hulu and netflix anyway).

    The fact that it wasn’t done this generation is already disappointing enough. I have like 8 games on my Xbox One and my storage is already full. 500 GB taken up already. That’s not okay.

  18. There were several things that happened during that time period. Some good, some bad. Some seemingly good, but with potentially bad end results.

    Remember this leads right into the time period of the popularization of Call of Duty. 07 was CoD4, 08 was W@W, 09 was MW2 (which is when CoD really took off on YouTube and gained mass appeal), 10 was BlOps which was, I think, the best selling CoD game ever.

    CoD lead to homogenization because of it’s wild success. CoD’s wild success also accounted for a HUGE portion of the money going into the industry during this time period.

    During this time period many of big development companies and even publishers started to fail. So the ones that stuck it out did so buy cashing in on established formulas in order to stay profitable.

    They also became focused on adding value to a new purchase and pre-ordering, as well as adding DLC, and tacking multiplayer onto everything.

    The time periods match up.

    Also look closer at the numbers. 2008 and 09 had almost equal revenues. There was no decline, but there was no growth in a growing industry. Last year the gaming industry made nearly double what it made in 2008.

    Also, the industry grew by $10 billion in revenue from 07 to 08. Almost 25% growth. Yet, it goes static between 08 and 09? Somehow that doesn’t show that the industry was affected by the recession?

    Give me a break.

    You see vast changes in the gaming landscape between then and now starting around the time period of the recession. You see a growing industry stagnate. Yet, somehow, it’s completely unaffected? You don’t need to lose money to be affected by a recession. Several companies went out of business during that time period, but the overall sales numbers don’t tell you that because some businesses did very well for themselves (such as Activision).

    Logical analysis of the situation would suggest, based on the response from the publishers, the actions they took against used game sales, the stagnation of a growing industry (which now, just over 5 years later is twice what it was then), the number of big devs/pubs going bankrupt, the homogenization of games, etc, all of this happening at or around the time period of the 08 recession, that the industry suffered heavy losses.

    If the industry grew by the amount it was growing from 06-08. The industry would have brought in $60 billion or more in 09. It didn’t it. It brought in $52 billion ($1 b of that alone was MW2 sales) basically meaning 08 – 09 only grew by the sales of MW2.

    There is evidence, you are just looking at it the wrong way.

  19. That’s wrong we get carbon copy games because morons keep buying them.

  20. ShadowOfTheVoid | Dec 7, 2015, 3:18 am at 3:18 am |

    What you’re talking about has nothing to do with the recession and everything to do with basic economic realities in game development. The seeming homogenization of AAA games is a result of developers making what sells. Shooters and open-world games are extremely popular, so you’re going to see a lot of them. It’s really no different from how back in the 8-bit era platformers ruled the day because that’s what sold the best, and how back in the 90s there was a ton of fighting games because those were popular. Not every game is going to be a unique little snowflake like Katamari or Okami. Gaming is no more or less diverse now than it was 5, 10, or 20 years ago. That being said, there’s more than just shooters and open-world games out there. Every genre still has plenty of representation, and there’s still a lot of quirky niche games out there, plus contrary to your earlier statement single-player games are not declining; most games still have a major single-player component, with tons still focused primarily or entirely on the single-player experience. But in any case your big blockbuster “tent-pole” releases are still going to belong to genres and series that do well. They keep making them because they keep selling. Game companies are for-profit businesses, after all.

    The existence of DLC doesn’t prove anything, either. DLC for console games has existed at least as far back as 2004 with Halo 2’s map packs, and existed in substantial quantities before the start of the recession. While we can quibble about the relative merits of the various forms of DLC or certain specific pieces of DLC, it’s existence can be explained more by factors endogenous to the market rather than exogenous factors like the recession. The cost of developing a video game has increased dramatically over the decades. 25 years ago a video game could be made on a $200,000 budget, but the average development cost of big AAA games had climbed to $20 million last generation. However, the actual retail prices of video games have, when you account for inflation, declined substantially over the past 25 years, meaning they generate less profit per-copy. While the growth of the video game market has offset this a lot—games that sold 10+ million copies were once a rarity but now are regular occurrences, and even 5 million copies is no longer as big of a milestone—, it obviously hasn’t offset it entirely, and DLC provides a lower-cost, higher-margin, and entirely optional product, one that can help a publisher further recoup their costs. Perhaps DLC would be either much cheaper, free, or perhaps nonexistent had the retail price of new games kept up with inflation, in which case they’d be $80-90 by now. But now we just pay $60 with the option to spend more on additional post-launch content.

    To claim that the recession had any real effect on the console market is pure speculation and conjecture, most of which doesn’t really stand up to scrutiny. There is no hard data suggesting that there was any net impact on sales, and sales are the best objective, quantifiable measure we have to determine the overall health of the market. Despite the economic downturn and the resulting increases in unemployment and underemployment, the gaming industry saw its best years ever during that time. Gamers were still spending just as much money after the recession began as they were before it began. And if the recession didn’t affect gamer’s spending habits, it didn’t effect the publishers, seeing as they get all their money from us the consumers. The console market was for all intents and purposes recession-proof. End of story.

  21. Anthony Whitlock | Dec 7, 2015, 3:05 am at 3:05 am |

    man whatever there not working on ps5 yet… they may have some ideas there throwing around but its to early for that

  22. in 2 years from now who knows what will be cutting edge. I do know that many are excited about the AMD APU Zen (which is a 16 core APU with HBM memory). APUs technically could be faster if AMD was willing to put their best stuff in it and not the older gen tech. Being on the same die there’s no bottleneck; AMD likes selling graphics card so i doubt that will ever happen.

  23. This is a B.S. paid article and we all got duped.

  24. Highly dounbt the system will be out by 2018. They probably will release the SPECS and price around that time frame.

  25. ShadowOfTheVoid | Dec 6, 2015, 11:00 pm at 11:00 pm |

    So, you’re accusing Sony of covering up the truth “for reasons”? Whatever you say, buddy. Unless you have evidence to back up your claims you’re just shitposting.

    Here in the real world, the PS4 has shipped over 30 million units globally. In the U.S. alone lifetime sales were at over 9.3 million as October according to the NPD Group. Those are great sales. And no matter how great a system is, the era of one system getting a ton of third-party exclusives are long gone. No system ever gets “50 new exclusives” per year anymore. The 360 didn’t, the PS3 didn’t, and even the mighty PS2 didn’t. The software support the PS4 and XBO are both getting are well within historical norms.

  26. If price is not a issue why did sony lose money on the PS3? Cuz it cost too much money until they cheapened it up! They cant put unlimited stuff in their it costs too much.

  27. dunno about that, just as we don’t have “concrete proof” of Sony’s claims of selling 30m or so units, you don’t have any proof either to support your statement (other than the cliché “The Man” always lies or corporate greed hippie BS) so yeah…. proof please :)

    as for the exclusives, that’s not really proof of anything as exclusives are slowly dying out in favour of cross platform games (to maximize profit and not alienate fans) with most being “Timed” exclusive at best

  28. I7 72 Intel core processor So yea 72 core will do just fine

  29. just build a pc or youre gunna have a bad time

  30. Broadband is pathetically SLOW in the US. So I never understand why people here sees streaming is the future. Before a major overhaul is done to our infrastructure, streaming is a joke.

  31. If it’s going to be that soon, BC with PS4 games is A MUST.

  32. Whelp… I’m done. I’ll stick with my xbox one and playstation 4 until they’re so far out of date that they doesn’t get supported or any new games… this is stupid. I don’t want to fork out more money for more consoles. My gaming PC is where my time goes anyways and I GUARANTEE that my parts will last until 2022 or even longer.
    Intel i7-4930k 3.4GHz LGA 2011, ASUS Sabertooth X79, 16GB DDR3 1866MHz RAM, EVGA 3GB DDR5 GTX 780, Samsung 840 EVO SSD 250GB and Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM 2TB HDD, Corsair 850W 80plus GOLD PSU.

  33. PS5 needs to be able to do 4K gaming at 60hz for it to be a true upgrade.

  34. Remember the people that said the industry was recession-proof were investor types. Sites like the Wall Street Journal and Forbes. They didn’t care about how many developers went under during that time period (and many did) nor did they care about how it changed the gaming landscape. The only thing they cared about was that money was coming in.

  35. Mr. Know It All | Dec 6, 2015, 5:23 pm at 5:23 pm |

    That is way too soon, what will be different besides more storage? I’m not buying anymore nextgen consoles until they acquire pc capabilities.

  36. Of course the recession played a factor… In fact, the recession is the main cause for why we mostly get carbon copy games and why games in the modern age are typically not allowed to be single player only.

    The industry became shrewed. If you look at the history of game releases 07 is when most of the big IPs started to hit their stride had have been milked ever since. I wrote a paper on used game sales in 2011 or 2012 and a few sources (actual developers, one being the Bioshock devs) cited being told by publishers that they weren’t allowed to do certain things anymore because it reduced the ability to sell additional units. Like for instance, single player only games (which is why later Bioshocks had tacked on multiplayer). They reach their peak value after a single play through and can be sold. Lack of reason to hold onto a single player game and lack of reason to buy new vs used caused the single player game to wane in the industry.

    Since then we also saw the birth of the online pass. Which was created to add value to the purchase of a new game. In the end it backfired magnificently but it was caused by publishers trying to reduce the risk involved in their investments.

    We also saw a huge push to pre-order exclusives and DLC. With some games even offering day one and on-disc DLC. Selling games basically in pieces to ensure that they are making their money on it.

    To say the industry is recession-proof you have to look at it from a very specific angle of checking only sales figures. The thing is gaming is the single largest entertainment industry in the world. So of course, it will still achieve good numbers because it is the go to method of entertainment in the modern age. It even beats PRINT media (the second largest) and these are worldwide sales figures too, so it factors in places that don’t even have video games.

    People are ignorant to how the recession actually affected the industry. The lack of originality in modern gaming can be blamed mostly on the 08 recession because it caused publishers to push only specific types of games. Which in a way caused the rise of indie gaming. When publishers refused to let developers make the games they want to make.

    It’s also worth mentioning that it was alluded to several times that they weren’t going to develop their next gen hardware until people had money to purchase new hardware. Selling a 360 at $200-300 is not the same as selling a brand new console at $400-500. They knew they weren’t going to be able to gain marketshare and were going to be sharing the market with the previous generation since there were people that couldn’t afford to upgrade. They also didn’t want to burn bridges with consumers by releasing hardware that they couldn’t afford and discontinuing their old hardware. Making new consoles at the time would have been a very bad idea.

    As for the PS4 needing to run 2011 hardware. That’s BS. When the Xbox 360 launched it used GPU tech from the year after it released. When the original Xbox launched it used GPU tech from the year after it released. The Dreamcast was on the market for a year before the equivalent PowerVR GPU was available to consumers. Typically, every generation (but this one) since the PSX used prototype hardware you couldn’t get anywhere else yet. The PSX actually started the concept of selling a console at a loss to make it up with licensing fees as well. This is the first time that consoles are easily beaten by mid-range PC hardware from the day they are released (with the exception of the Wii which was basically an overclocked Gamecube). Console hardware has never been defined by already existing hardware until this generation.

    They could have easily done better, but didn’t want to because they wanted to sell consoles for profit rather than selling at a loss. The PS4 makes $19 on each console sold which after 30 million units is almost $600 million. Sony in every facet but gaming is a failing company. They must have figured they needed gaming to stay afloat. However, they limited the reach this generation could have by doing so. This generation could not possibly last more than 5 years without severely holding back the industry. The hardware isn’t a big enough step forward.

    Also, Sony could have easily gotten a better CPU with a $20 buffer if they sold it at a $20 loss for a year they could have had a pretty damn solid one (and then by year two everything would be profit). Honestly, even using fewer cores at a higher clock speed (essentially keeping costs the same) would have been better. Most the stutter this generation is CPU bound caused by a single thread taking up more power than a single core of the Jaguar can handle. Instead they sold people on the console by using 8 cores, little did people know that those 8 cores were as weak as they are. They essentially have an 8 core Intel Atom quality CPU in there. It isn’t intended for serious gaming.

    Also, optical discs didn’t need to be a thing. You can get 32 GB sd storage for $5 from China with better read speeds than a bluray disc. They did it to keep pushing bluray as a format. However, if they went with flash storage which costs about as much per GB of storage as a bluray disc, they could have kept us from having to install every game to a harddrive leaving our harddrives full after only 8 games. It also would have saved them around $20 on the optical drive (it cost $28, I’m leaving $8 for the flash memory controller because it shouldn’t cost more than that). So we are put into a situation where we have to buy physical games and fill up our harddrives, when we had a better solution all along. And why? So Sony can make money off of bluray. If next gen uses optical discs over flash storage which will be cheaper per GB than bluray at that time, which has no disadvantages over bluray except that Sony can’t sell you the console as a bluray player. Then I will be very disappointed. Besides most gamers use Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll we don’t even use bluray movies most of the time.

  37. 600$ , not including the OS or monitor .. also ps4 specs = less than ps4 performance due to the lack of optimization on pc’s . My friend constantly brags about how he can run gta 5 at 1080p 60 fps on his pc he build for 500$ , he fails to mention his game runs on a mixed medium/ high settings with vsync off .. most pc gamers don’t use vsync . Id rather play 30 fps 420p than 4k with screen tearing any day..

  38. yeah but the market has to replace all of the working 1080 tvs that look perfectly fine because its not a big difference.

  39. but the market wont be, you have to remember, microsoft hasn’t even brought the xbox one to full swing. They haven’t even unveiled cloud computing for gods sake, Crackdown 3 is slated to release next year or year after and thats when they are going to start using Azure to power games and boost the graphics to new generation levels. Sony doesn’t even have the technical capability to come close to servers that powerful.

  40. things about the ps4 that need to be addressed in ps5:

    -the left thumbstick is in the wrong place, it needs to be where the d-pad is
    -the triggers need to actually be triggers
    -the blue light needs to be removed FOREVER
    -the battery pack needs to hold a charge longer or there it needs to have a battery pack that is replaceable and can also use AA batteries instead of the battery pack if the consumers decides he/she wants to go that route.
    -a micro cartridge in stead of discs, for games, like the nintendo 3ds has – way faster load times and less piracy.
    -all games need to run at 60 fps at 4k and 5k and 120fps-240fps at 1080p, 1440p and 1600p
    -playstation plus needs to be more like xbox live gold. the playstation plus is a bunch of scam BS, it sucks.

  41. that that dictation also gives them far more time to improve the power of the console in the works, even giving them a chance or a few to overhaul the entire system to a new tier of power by replacing the motherboard to a newer version. The PS5 is not coming out, even the Xbox One isn’t in full swing until it begins utilizing Azure, and those capabilities aren’t going to begin featuring until Crackdown 3 comes out.

  42. ShadowOfTheVoid | Dec 6, 2015, 2:25 pm at 2:25 pm |

    I doubt it will come out in 2018. The length of a console cycle is dictated entirely by sales. The PS4 has yet to reach its sales peak. It could potentially reach peak sales next year, but sales will not likely decline sufficiently by early 2018 to justify release a new system later that year. Typically, sales decline by at least a third to a half of what they were at their peak by time their successor comes out.

    Assuming a 2016 peak, a 2019 or 2020 release sounds more likely for the PS5. It all depends on how fast the PS4 declines after peaking.

    Also, the PS5 will most certainly still be using physical media of some form. The console market is still overwhelmingly dominated by physical media. According to market analysis group DFC Intelligence, digital accounted for only 12% of all software units for retail-release console games in 2014 (basically, anything that’s not indie games or DLC), and 60% of that was bundled software. If you take bundled software out of the equation, physical outsold digital last year by an overwhelming 17.6-to-1 ratio. That’s despite digital being an option for consoles for quite a few years now. Even the most digital-heavy titles today still see the physical version comprise at least 80% of all sales.

    Physical media still has a very long life ahead of it on consoles, and that’s because the vast majority of console gamers are either unwilling or unable to switch to digital. If any of the Big Three attempt to release a digital-only console next generation, it is guaranteed that they will fail horribly and will end up going third-party very quickly. It is a transition that cannot be forced, and it won’t happen until digital sales percentages for consoles approach that of PC games, which is something that won’t happen for a very long time.

  43. ShadowOfTheVoid | Dec 6, 2015, 2:10 pm at 2:10 pm |

    The recession had absolutely nothing to do with how protracted last generation was. According to sales tracker the NPD Group, combined sales of the PS2, PS3, 360, and Wii in the U.S. in 2008 were nearly 21 million units, which is an all-time record for a single year, this despite the recession having already begun. By comparison, the biggest year of the previous generation was 2002, where the PS2, GameCube, and Xbox, plus the aging PS1 & PS2, sold a combined 16.45 million units.

    Console sales did start to wane beginning in 2009, but that was entirely due to the Wii having passed its peak and the aging PS2 continuing a decline that began in 2003. However, console sales in 2009 were still 20.5 million units, a meager 2.4% drop year-over-year. In 2010, console sales in the U.S. were just shy of 19 million, and even 2011 just edged out 2002 by about 100k units. In order, the five biggest years in gaming sales-wise in the U.S. were 2008, 2009, 2010, 2007, and 2011. So, we have four of those five years occurring during the worst years of the recession (even by 2011, unemployment was still above 9%).

    And what was keeping things so strong despite the Wii having passed its peak and entered the terminal decline phase of its life cycle (and the Wii had a very typical shape to its sales curve for a Nintendo console)? It was the 360 & PS3. Combined sales of those two systems continued growing unabated throughout the recession, growing from about 7.2 million in 2007 to 11.8 million in 2011.

    For all intents and purposes, video games were recession-proof. The only reason it took so long for the PS4 & Xbox One to come out was because the PS3 & 360 didn’t peak until 2011, their fifth & sixth years respectively, which is unusually late for a console but can be explained purely by factors endogenous to the game market. The economic downturn did not seem to have any measurable effect on video game sales. Now, sales of the PS3 & 360 did start to decline rapidly in 2012 and then hit new lows in early 2013 (at that point they had already reached market saturation), so by that point it was clear that Sony & MS needed to release new consoles.

    As for the PS4 being underpowered, well, what would you suggest they have done? If you had started designing a system no later than 2011 (the first PS4 dev kits starting showing up in developer’s hands in 2012), what would have chosen for its CPU, GPU, and other components? Remember, the parts have to be 2010-2011 vintage. And to put some constraints on you, you would have make sure that the total cost of everything, including the core components, power supply, controller, etc., would have to be kept at no more than $400 (it was estimated that at launch the PS4 would have cost about $381 in parts). We’re trying to conceive of a system that can be sold at $400 and still at least break even, not a $500+ system that will still be sold at a $300+ loss like the PS3.

  44. The problem is weak hardware limits game design. The CPU is actually weaker than the Cell in some respects. When you release a new console gen, there should be no aspect of your hardware that was better in previous generations. The thing is the PS4 was built to make profit since Sony is a failing company overall. It wasn’t built to last, it was built to make money.

  45. You seem far more knowledgeable of the specs than I am, and I generally agree with your comments on how unimpressive the consoles are. The reason the internals are so outdated is because they have largely been trying to use off the shelf components more and more to cut costs, unfortunately.
    Still, that’s all technical and, sadly, rarely has any impact on marketing concerns. Marketing truly runs a company’s decision making process, and I still don’t see this being a short cycle as a result. If we’re talking specs, sure, but it’ll come down to how much profit they’ve made. And don’t expect new generation to be any different. It’s so expensive to try to design new components that they’ll continue to try to use off the shelf pieces with some modifications.

  46. Don’t act like 2018 is a 2 year life cycle. The console has already been out for 2 years and Q4 2018 is three years away. Five years is normal. All these kids that grew up with an Xbox 360 seem to think that consoles are supposed to last 10 years, they aren’t. That holds the whole industry back hardware wise. Why do you think PC is so far ahead now? 360 was outdated 5 years into it’s life, but because of the 08 recession by 2010 people still weren’t in the position to buy a new console, so they waited. Then both Sony and Microsoft squeezed a few more years out by trying motion controls with Kinect and Move. That’s not normal and not good for the industry as a whole. I’ve lived through what? 5 console generations? And I’m not even thirty. Most these little 15 year olds think that they are supposed to be able to keep the same hardware forever and always get games. That’s not how it works. 7th gen was a fluke. Just like the PS2’s lifespan. It lived on life support from Wii ports just because of it’s install base, it didn’t even receive anything of note after 6 years of life, just shovelware. 10 years on the market is a bad thing. Technology changes so much in 10 years. 10 years ago Apple was still producing PowerPC Macs. In fact, 10 years ago, the most powerful consumer computer was the PowerMac G5 Quad. 10 years ago, Core 2 architecture was brand new. 10 years ago, the most powerful GPU was a 7800 series from nVidia or an x1900 series from…ATI (before they were acquired). 10 years ago, nothing could play Crysis (because it wasn’t even out yet). 10 years is a long time for a console to live.

  47. 1. No it’s not, a 5 year console cycle is the industry average. Last generation was extended because of the 08 recession making a console change impractical, then Microsoft and Sony squeezed out a few more years with Kinect and Move. A 5 year console cycle is the norm because hardware becomes significantly out of date after 5 years.

    2. No they aren’t, Sony has said they are done with handhelds after the Vita.

  48. The next generation should be on flash storage like sd-cards. Sd-cards provide equivalent storage to bluray at the same cost with faster reads. You wouldn’t have to install the games on your harddrive like you do now. In fact, it could be partitioned to allow you to save dlc, patches, and save data directly on the card. It would be just as cost effective as the current strategy and it would save consumers storage, give them physical media, and reduce mechanical points of failure inside the actual consoles. If they don’t move to flash storage next generation I will be severely disappointed. As there are plenty of logical reasons to prefer physical media. Others include having physical items for a collection as well as keeping a working game long after servers go down.

  49. The second benefit to using flash media for next generation is that if the interface is backed by usb 3.0 or some kind of sata connection, you wouldn’t have to install games to the harddrive, only updates.

  50. They should go to flash memory. Flash memory is cheap, fast, and has no moving parts. Basically put games on SD-cards. The cost of a 32GB SD card is low. You can get one for $10, so I’m assuming it probably doesn’t cost more than like $5 to produce. It’s cheap, loads faster than a disc, and is less likely to break.

  51. Ps3 and 360 stayed around much too long I’ll be happy for a shorter cycle.

  52. That’s a 5 year console life, that’s the industry average. Last generation lived on life support for half it’s life because the 08 recession prevented a generational change because no one had the money to buy a new console. It would be normal to change generations in 2018.

    Also, 4k is a standard. 5k is not. 8k is the next standard but it’s not going to be a consumer level product for years. Also, once you get past the number of pixels your retina can pick up, there is no point to increased resolution. Past 4k, you’d need a pretty huge display to see any difference from an average tv viewing distance. 4k will be in most homes in roughly two years based on the way prices are going.

    That being said, PS4 was underpowered from launch. They have actually made profit on each PS4 sale. Usually consoles are sold at a loss and money is made from software licensing. It cost $381 to make the PS4 when it launched. So those 30 million units sold made them about $600 million dollars in profit. The PS4 should have had a better CPU and GPU. The GPU was upper-mid range at launch and the CPU is trash. Jaguar is a weak architecture. The desktop varient Kabini benches worse than dual core i3s. It’s basically low-end laptop quality. 8 cores will not change that.

  53. Well other electronic devices get new upgrades every year to two years. PS3 got old last gen got old I do hope this gen moves along faster.

  54. It’s a waste they should have been prepared and made the PS4 better by the time games actually came out designed for PS4 to show it’s full potential they announce PS5? This is just more cash grab they knew and probably could of done way better same with Microsoft but everything a new technology comes out doesn’t mean we have to update and kill our wallets in supporting game industries to make a new console everytime a new TV or type of tech they can use is out 4k TV’s just came out and you can buy 5k now and 5k isn’t even a year old before they announce 6 – 8k I don’t know about everyone else but I’m not spending upward to a thousand each time they decide it’s like cell phones having to pay 800 every 2 years.

  55. Honestly, they did it to themselves. The Kabini CPU architecture is weak (that’s the desktop version of Jaguar). It benches terribly, it’s basically just barely better than Intel Atom and it gets trashed by a dual core i3. We basically have super budget CPUs at super low clock speeds in our consoles, but they say “oh, well, you have 8 cores so it’s okay”. That’s not how it works. You get a single thread that requires more power than one core can handle and you get framerate drop, it happens on both consoles on CPU driven games, even the Xbox One which tuned their clocks higher because of the GPU compute unit deficit.

    Look at what happened with Unity at launch. Super CPU driven ran like crap on both platforms and then the “underpowered” Xbox One performs better than the PS4. Why? Because of higher CPU clock speeds. Sure, it was an extremely under-optimized game but it shows you just how little room we have to grow with this generation. Our CPUs are already capped out and this is tried and true x86_64, there are no tricks. We already have the best performance we are going to get from these things. Moving from PowerPC (which is a much better CPU architecture for games) was a mistake. They moved to x86 to keep costs low, but couldn’t even deliver mid-range PC performance.

    That’s right, pretty much any mid-range PC would trash the PS4. You could have a modern mid-low end GPU that would run circles around the PS4 and run almost anything in 1080p on high. They screwed up. This isn’t the console experience. They stopped selling things at a loss so they could make profits out of the gate. They made $18 profit on every PS4 sold based on a hardware teardown. My assumption is by current standards (two years after release), even with the price drop, the PS4 is still selling for profit. This is not the way the industry used to work. The $599 PS3 used to cost over $800 to produce. This has been the case for generations where console manufacturers sell at a loss and make it up with game licensing fees.

    They gave us less console than we paid for and it wasn’t even strong by comparison with current specs. Xbox 360 launched with essentially a prototype 2000-series GPU that wouldn’t exist for another year after launch. Consoles used to beat the average PC spec when they released. Just look at last gen, it managed to stay kicking for 10 years. However, this next generation is a generational half-step. It wasn’t a next-generation device, this isn’t a next generation experience. We have seen for two years last-gen could do this at a lower resolution and level of detail. That’s not what a new generation is supposed to be.

    Also, the Wii U took way too long to come out. When it was first announced 2 years before it launched it was speced pretty damn well. 4800 series GPU was the PC standard at the time (by actual release, they swapped it for a custom modern 6000-series card at an equivalent performance level). Then release came 2 years later and it had no decent software support so it lived on 360 ports for over a year and really never even got pushed that heavily hardware wise. It was three years after the original announcement before it even gained any momentum at all honestly. The Wii U hardware is basically five years old at this point. It was speced well for when it was announced but it was two years late to the party for those specs and needed Nintendo software out of the gate.

    If this console generation wasn’t extremely short I would be surprised. We didn’t get a true new generation. There is nothing this generation that has said, this is a next-generation experience. Nothing. In fact, Xbox Live had gotten worse. 360 Live was significantly more stable than Xbox One Live. PS4 probably even has better service now, which would have been a joke last generation.

  56. It’s not about the number of cores, it’s about the power per core. They put 8 super weak cores in the PS4 and Xbox One, so any time a single thread needs more power than one core could give them, you get stutter.

  57. It won’t take 8-10 years for 4k. In fact, within 1-2 4k displays will cost as much as modern 1080p sets. They really only cost like ~$500 now if you find a decent deal. It’ll only take another year or two for some decent market saturation. Also an average console lifespan is 5 years. Last console generation was a fluke which only happened because of the 08 recession.

  58. Bitch some more. Last generation lasted 10 years, it was the longest gaming generation ever. Most generations are five years long because five years is a long time to use the same hardware.

  59. 2018 would be a 5 year cycle which is the industry average. Remember the PS4 is already two years old and that’s 3 years in the future (because we all know they’d launch it in quarter four).

  60. This is basically Kabini architecture. It’s basically like a low-end laptop APU. The PS4 CPU is super weak. It would bench worse than a Core i3 dual core in actual performance and that isn’t an exaggeration. Five times as powerful would make it a very powerful CPU by current standards but it would still be weak in 2018.

  61. If the PS5 is released then, IF, then it will probably be about the size of a cellphone. The next gen will be 100 percent digital. Count on it. It will have to be to reduce production costs.

  62. Its not cheap now to produce high cost production games but it will be cheap to produce Lower end 4k. just like how last generation introduced 1080p,this next gen will also bring 4k. Infact current hardware is 4k capable but withheld because production cost currently outweighs the need for it. Its always about aesthetics vs frame rate. Which you want more? Big cost production typically leverages on aesthetics over smoother frame rates.

  63. Exactly unless the prices of these parts fall off dramatically in the next few years it would be moronic to make a Ps5 and Xbox 2. They will be better off waiting til at least 2019 preferable 2020. That way it gives a chance that prices for all these parts would fall in prices enough to make it worth it for consumers.

  64. Also involves transportation logistics.

  65. Yahoo posted a BS article about under 600 4k gaming PC’s. I assume that’s where your getting your information. It’s utter nonsense.

  66. You honestly think games had fewer glitches because of their size? lmao. There were tons of glitches, but no way to patch them.

  67. You’re way off base. People spend THOUSANDS of flash games, and dumb apps. 50 bucks for DLC’s is cheap. If there was ANY indication that model didn’t work, it would change fast. People buy the content as soon as it is released.

  68. Plastic case, and the inserts are about 10 cents. What are you talking about?

  69. they can make it. nobody would buy it though…no console cycle has ever been 4 years long unless it was a failure. this article is about graphics capabilities. power means ABSOLUTELY nothing. If this “author” knew anything he would merely have to know about Nintendo to understand that.

  70. It’s just getting stupid, high end games take 2-3 years to develop. These stupid system don’t stay around long enough to develop 1 game much less a sequel . ..

  71. I have over 100 PS4 games that I actually consider worth the time it takes to play them. Sure some are just fun and others are amazing.
    I guess you just have bad taste in games? You listed a bunch of games that recycle everything and release new iterations yearly and want to blame the PS4?
    You need to try some PSN games my friend. The Witcher 3 is great MGS5 is great Transistor is great why are these not on your list? Sports games are lame, just go outside and play a sport.
    You literally listed only games that suck or that have yearly versions released. I suggest you change your library and try something new. it’s consumers like yourself that cause there to be games like the ones your are lamenting. If more people tried new IPs there would be less incentive to remake the same crap yearly.

  72. it is also not 2018 now is it

  73. They gunna have a hard time getting 5x the power. No amd cpu is 5x the power and potentially only intels 8 core is 5X the power and it is over 5x the price. Never mind even if they went with a crazy gpu it still wont be 5x the power at like 5x the price. Plus they would have to go with a SSD and at least 1TB and good luck affording a 1TB ssd with all this other stuff. I dont understand why we already need more when AAA titles like GTA V still run fine on last gen. Next gen is probably going to ditch disk drive all together. Maybe if hardware prices lower in the next years it feasible but that picture of ps5 has been floating around the internet since ps4 wasnt even out yet.

  74. Paragraph 2 has a spelling error: “Ppoblems”

  75. KILLERGAMERGIRL | Dec 6, 2015, 1:01 am at 1:01 am |

    Umm ps4 does not have the “Best Exclusives” Most insane s t I’ve heard all day everything else you said is fine.

  76. well for 4k gaming it can get pricey i’ll admit. But you can have a decent pc build for under 600 dollars and that’s without the monitor. There are a websites out there that help out beginners and avid pc builders, build their next dream rig. Gaming, like most things, cost money and i don’t see it getting any cheaper any time soon.

  77. curve is nice for a monitor terrible for a tv. anyone who bought one for their living room got ripped off. such a gimmick that people who are not smart will fall for i guess

  78. i do think that the end of this generation/ start of the next one will see a carry over of digital content which will help them push digital sales into the future. also this will help them slowly kill off used games like they want. would you rather have to rebuy all the physical copies or know that if you buy digitally you can always play it (assuming they actually do this obviously)

  79. this is actually very realistic. I think that microsoft will force this gen back to the 5 year life cycle times because they are getting beat pretty bad. and lets be real everyone talks to everyone and if one company decides to make a move i can guarantee it that the other one will follow

  80. too be honest i think 2018 seems right. but mostly if 4k is as widely available as they are assuming. in 2018 the consoles would be 5 years old which is the normal besides 360/ps3 era. if 4k isnt as popular/ available as they think it will be than it will be pushed back until it is.

  81. dont count on bc on the ps5. however honestly you arent their target customer than if you didnt buy one on release date. the majority of people who buy on release buy the next on release. the ones who buy 2 years in usually buy the next 2-3 years in also

  82. it would be 5 years since launch. That is what the console generation was before the 360 and ps3. so definitely not waaaaay too early as you put it.

  83. a ps5 would be the smarter thing to do not release an updated ps4. developers would focus on the more powerful version anyway and would split the fanbase too much. they will just release a ps5 and then you can see what they do every generation and for the first 1 or 2 years you will see games released on both systems with the newer one having better graphics and more detail.

  84. idk what you are talking about their are plenty of good games already out. a happy 1st day purchase for me

  85. there are already 16k tvs made. I understand that the eye is only capable of seeing so much but it can see the difference with 4k.

  86. Here’s my beef with the whole physical media vs digital downloads thing. If you manufacture physical media there are costs involved such as the manufacturing of the disc itself, the printed insert, the plastic case, global distribution, and wholesale partner management and relations. These things cost a lot of money and that is used to justify the cost of a $60 game. These costs are virtually eliminated with digital downloads yet they bend you over for the full price. I can also sell or trade my physical media once I’m done using it. Digital downloads should be half the cost of physical media. Not to mention some of us have data caps on our home networks and some of these newer titles are pushing 50gb forcing you into data overage charges. I prefer physical media any day of the week.

  87. Yeah…your completely wrong. Sony has already said PS5 is in development but closest time would be 2020. 4k is not a big enough difference for mass market consumers to adopt. You are looking at another 8-10 years before 4k is as widespread as HD is now. It would be stupid for Sony to cut off PS4 early when it is on its way to sell 100million units. This is just a terrible click-bait article.

  88. unfortunately that wouldnt work because they dont make money on the hardware in the gaming industry, but the software.

  89. “growth of downloadable games that there is at least a possibility that the upcoming PlayStation 5 console will place a greater emphasis on streaming.”
    I cant completely conform to going digital only I got king screwed over when I moved overseas. All the movies I paid for on PSN are locked out until I move back to the states. Thank god this digital region locking doesn’t apply to games…..well not now anyways. Needless to say, im a little pissed about it, i spent at least 100 dollars on PSN movies. Also, Sony has figured out away to identify the VPNs i have been using. So now only Hulu works…kind of. As much as i like my PS4, for the next generation im might go PC only.
    Digital only/Streaming sounds great but you sacrifice so much for it. They have complete control over what you ‘thought’ you owned. PT is a perfect example, even though it was free, back in the day if you got a Demo it was yours forever. Kojima were being assholes and pulled it away forever unless you still had it on your system. WTF???? Do all publishers have this power? Remove a game from the online store forever? Sorry for the long rant but this new way of doing things sucks.

  90. I think this is wrong, for the most part. Real gamers, at least console gamers, understand that this cycle has really only just started. Plus most of their audience are under 30, which means they’ve really only been heavily committed to probably two or three console generations.

  91. I agree with this. Both Microsoft and Sony should have done better, but didn’t.

  92. I think it’s about time for another video game industry backlash like the one they endured after E.T.

  93. Totally agree. I feel like I was duped with my PS4 purchase. Where are all the games??

  94. Sony should have beefed up the PS4 more so that it could have a longer life cycle. Who cares if it added another $50-$100 to the price? They still would have competed against MSFT who launched at $499 with their weaker console anyway.

  95. Same. My next “console” will be an Alienware Alpha.

  96. I actually do own a WiiU, and (sadly) have played it more than my PS4. There may not be many games for it, but the ones that do exist are pretty damn good. Every time I play MK8 I think to myself, “This looks & plays better than anything I’ve seen on the PS4…why can’t Sony make games like this??” I wish Nintendo would release another F-Zero game though. I don’t get why they’ve abandoned that franchise these last two generations.

  97. same as real computer gamers upgrade their rig every few years consoles need upgrades also. 5 years isnt too short when they already put outdated tech in them to keep the prices down at launch

  98. as i stated before real gamers will know that life cycles were always roughly 5 years before the 360 and ps3

  99. It was too long to some people, but most industry insiders were projecting a ten year lifespan for the current gen because of the expenses. I don’t see it ending in 2018 when only a handful of games have come out. Moreover, most games take about 3 years to make, which means they’d have to start now, limiting resources for current gen. Just seems very, very implausible. And I still think if they try to release a new console in 2018, gamers will see it as trying to milk them.

  100. Amd expects them around 2016. Do you have any sources anyway?

  101. Games back then had fewer glitches because they where small compared to what we have now. It’s only natural that bugs become more of a problem as games get bigger. Also $50 back then where worth more than $60 now. A ps2 game after inflation is $60 a N64 is around $100. You can’t expect devs to make better games without trying to make money to compensate. Games are getting more expensive to create but people want to pay less.

  102. the ps4 released in 2013 that would be a 5 year span which is what the consoles used to have. the last generation was too long. The people who waited 2-3 years to upgrade to the ps4 wont buy the ps5 for 2-3 years after its released anyway.

  103. its clearly time for you to step into the next gen. and get a wii u. I have an x box one and i never turn it on for the very reasons you dont use your ps4. The wii u has a much better variety of games, splatoon is amazing super mario 3d world looks amazing and its a blast with 4 players, smash 8 person brawl will have you screaming, picmin 3 is like nothing you played before, dk tropical freeze looks amazing, mario kart 8 looks mind blowing and is fun to play, zombi u uses the gamepad in very cool ways and is very tense, fatal frame 5 is like resident evil before capcom destroyed the series, wonderful 101 uses the gamepad in cool ways and is very funy, I could go on but I think you get the point. I’m thinking of selling my x box one to get another wii u for my bedroom

  104. If they was smart they would use the intel 72 core processor.That should give it plenty of power))))))

  105. Neither Sony or Microsoft will get my money if the PS5/X-Box Two ends up not having a physical media drive in them. I refuse to put up with untold amounts of LAG/server errors/server disconnects/”always online” DRM/subscription-based gaming model period. It’s bad enough with game makers/game publishers nickeling/diming gamers at every turn with DLC/microtransactions. The current trend/business model is unsustainable & will eventually crash the entire gaming industry. The golden age of gaming has long since passed. I remember when one could go to the store & buy games for PSone/PS2/original X-Box that were complete & relatively bug-free, with a few exceptions (Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness was a glaring exception & led to the downfall of Eidos/Core Design back in ’06). Games back then were $50.00 before dropping in price after a few months.

  106. You know I felt the same way playing doom on the Xbox 360. was pretty much the same game as back in the day on windows 98. All you did was walk around and shoot bad guys.. Nothing changed after 15 years…. Except for graphics. The PS4 and Xbox one have significantly improved graphics vs the last gen only a moron can contend otherwise. You complain about limited games and yet havent Listed a single PS4 exclusive you’ve attempted to try or Xbox one you’d like to try.

    So how do you have the balls to complain about games all feeling the same and being repetitious? Especially when I’m assuming you’re expecting something ground breaking from ANY sports game… ANY first person shooter… Or ANY Fighting game…. Those games will ALWAYS be similar to the one before it. Last I checked most major games are available on Xbox PS4 and PC. The only difference is PC generally has better graphics higher frame rates and usually but not always plays games better on higher settings than consoles.

    Consoles aren’t going anywhere. Consoles make sense in every way, unless you’re a gamer that demands the highest visuals from games and/or just want the utility of having a computer built in. I do hope at some point they allow cross platform play (Mostly Microsoft wont budge). Long term gaming rigs can outlast a console’s lifecycle, but generally the people who prefer the highest visuals whether it be highest frame rate, details, or resolution will probably upgrade at least a GPU, CPU and cooler. or even broken components making the costs negligible depending on the starting cost of the PC setup.

  107. So in essence your playing games that have used the same engine since the beginning of the ps3 days…..and your blaming this on the ps4?

  108. just like curved tv gimmick that curved tv gimmick gives me a headache when watching it.Guess whatever sells and makes more money out of people.

  109. Technically they’ve put out a couple revisions to the Vita, but that’s failed. Not sure they’ll try another go at handhelds, though. The Vita is about as good as a handheld is going to get right now (minus the stupid touch back panel) and it’s doing poorly, plus they never really supported it.

  110. VERY unlikely that any new console from Microsoft or Sony will arrive before 2020. The expense they’ve already incurred on this generation doesn’t support ending the generation so soon and doing it over again. Moreover, Sony is winning this generation right now, but if they try to introduce a new console in 2018, most gamers will be furious that they’re expected to upgrade so soon.

  111. Whats the point of a PS5 when there are no games to play? Bought the PS4 at full price last yr and I barely play it. Extreme limited selection of PS4 games, very repetitive game plays, after awhile all these games pretty much seems the same. Endless journey of dodging enemies, killing enemies, get XP and lvl up, jump from one building to another,explore hidden areas, build player with XP or $$, build weapon, etc

    I know game developers are trying to play it safe and only release big name game title, but is creativity in gaming is over? Haven’t truly play a ps4 game that exceed my expectation.
    Gameplay wise, ps4 is not that much of a different from PS3 or even PS2. The fact that game developers felt justify (or even have the nerve) to charge $60+ for the exact same game every yr is the reason why console video game industry is nearing its end.

    List of some games I played on PS4, yet feel like its the exact same as PS3. Game: NBA2k, FIFA, Madden, COD, Assassin Creed, Battlefield, Farcry, Dynasty warriors, Street fighter, Mortal kombat, etc
    I honesty feel no different playing these games on a PS4 compare to a PS3, aside from maybe faster loading times and slightly upgrade graphic.

    Right now the only time I play ps4 is when my friends come over and I play multiplayer with them (NBA2k,COD,etc). I been with Sony since PS1 and I honestly have more fun playing PS1 and PS2 than PS4.

  112. That little kids game won Shooter of the Year, and Multiplayer of the year over many of your ‘adult’ games.

  113. 4K, 5K, 8K, at what point will this stop? I mean, the human eye can only focus so far. I can see some sort of holographic display taking over when having finer resolutions are unnoticeable.

  114. supercommando440 . | Dec 5, 2015, 6:49 pm at 6:49 pm |

    Rumored… what are your SOURCES author? Why should anyone believe this nonsense?

  115. supercommando440 . | Dec 5, 2015, 6:47 pm at 6:47 pm |

    Ummmm, Intel started that business model.

  116. Jonathan Warren | Dec 5, 2015, 6:47 pm at 6:47 pm |

    my main issue’s with all of this is, what about all the money and time i sunk into building up my ps3 library from the psn store? will that eventually carry over? also, with said digital games, will i continue to be stuck having to have a constant internet connection just to play the games i bought digitally? if this is what console games are going to boil down to, then i will just save up my money and build a high end pc

  117. Most people don’t wanna spend that kinda cash to enjoy a video game and or have time to do so.. And I have plenty of pc games that I can’t be bothered to try to get working.. which is a damn shame..

  118. the psp had remote play with the ps3 on certain games.. the ps3 even had a vita game that works identical to the wii u and it came out a year before the wii u launched.

  119. Nintendo Wii U is revolutionary. It’s somewhat the first tablet-console game system. The Xbox and PS5 will be competing with mobile tablets and cellphones. You can say it’s not the same, but cheap, accessible, play anywhere apps will gut the consoles. Also, Nintendo has indicated that the U;s replacement will be portable, so again Microsoft and Sony will be competing here, too.

  120. I believe it. Playstation and Xbox both must have realized by now that they better hurry with the next version. Both systems are very under powered as seen with today’s laggy games, etc… And while 4K gaming sounds expensive.. by the time these will be on store shelves.. it will be much cheaper. I would expect an X-box update will be first (since they are being trounced with each game release that they must run at lower res and frame rate) followed shortly thereafter by the PS5 to keep Microsoft from essentially leap frogging them.

  121. While 2018 would be the earliest I can see a console arriving I still believe they’ll be out in 2020.

  122. A more powerful PS4, or even an Xbox One, would piss off a hell of a lot of people. Sure you can improve on the current gen consoles but you cannot make it more powerful. New games wouldn’t be able to run on the older versions if they’re made for the new versions.

  123. This is why I held off buying a PS4 this Black Friday. I was tempted at the $299 deals. But I still have plenty of cool PS3 games I would like to play and beat. This should keep me busy for another two years. Then when the PS5 comes out and is BC I will have plenty of cheap fun PS4 games to play on it while games slowly trickle out for the 5. The PS4 will be the very first Sony consul generation I will not own. I am not saying this is for everyone but will be ideal for me and maybe a few others who have not gotten a PS4 yet.

  124. splatoon?a little kids game.. Bayoneta 2?.. played it once and almost went insane, its an ADHD nightmare, Super Mario Maker?.. Im not sure but i think i played Super Mario back in 1985.. now I can make my own Super Mario 8 bit levels? only took 30 years, not too bad I guess… and I dont even own a ps4.. I own the Wii U. Want a Zelda game on the Wii U? sure, heres Windwaker that came out ages ago in 2002… want another? Heres Twilight Princess that soon followed in 2006… want that new Zelda game weve been promising for years??? yeah, were pushing it back again. no relese date yet, but coincidentally we will have a brand new more powerful system released BEFORE Zelda so you may never even see it on Wii U. if you do it will be a scaled down version. The better version will be on the new system… ok yeah. I love Wii U if this is the case

  125. yeah like xenoblade x, splatoon, Bayoneta 2, Super Mario Maker. You’re just a fanboy bleeding for your horrible timo calling PS4!!!!

  126. #1. WAAAAAY too early.
    #2. They’re likely to put out an updated handheld before the PS5.

  127. this just in . PS6 slated for a 2020 release… PS7 in 2022… welcome to the consumer world manipulated by an Apple business model everyone falls for

  128. be glad you dont own a Wii U… 100 times worse.. their newest games are games released back in 2004!!! but now in HD for the Wii U.

  129. its only being done to make money with no concern for consumers… Apple has done this since day one and everyone is following suite. make something underpowered, leave stuff out on purpose, sell the same thing shortly after thats tweaked and includes the thing you left out to begin with to get double the profits, then disguise it with the claim “well technology is advancing so rapidly”… youre selling a consumer the same thing TWICE!!

  130. PS4 sucks. I have only played my Ps4 a handful of times. I now have it listed on

  131. Ben Dover Kuntz | Dec 5, 2015, 4:19 pm at 4:19 pm |

    I call bullshit on the ps5. but with that said a more powerful ps4 might happen. we have already seen nintendo do it with their new 3ds.

    sony have already talked about it…
    http:// ps4daily. com/2015/10/sony-also-considering-a-new-ps4-with-more-powerful-hardware/

  132. Ben Dover Kuntz | Dec 5, 2015, 4:18 pm at 4:18 pm |


  133. Ben Dover Kuntz | Dec 5, 2015, 4:18 pm at 4:18 pm |


  134. Ben Dover Kuntz | Dec 5, 2015, 4:18 pm at 4:18 pm |

  135. I bought a PS4 at launch having faith in Sony that if I bought it, the games would come. They haven’t come. Two years later and I own just ONE PS4 game–and it’s a PS3 remake. I will not be making the same mistake with the PS5. What games will they remake for the PS5 when there aren’t even any original PS4 games?? Fool me once…

  136. Ben Dover Kuntz | Dec 5, 2015, 4:15 pm at 4:15 pm |


  137. Robert Thompson | Dec 5, 2015, 3:56 pm at 3:56 pm |

    Oh good Lord, can we at least enjoy the PS4 for a little while?

  138. Only a pc today can deliver you 4k if you get the right components. I myself, will be waiting till the prices drop for 4k monitors but my pc overall is ready for 4k gaming. The consoles we have out now only deliver 30 fps and even then games lack graphics because of the lack of power.

  139. Actually PC gaming is becoming less and less regular and normal (PC is putting more and more emphasis on “professional gaming”). PC will die out among the vast majority of gamers and consoles will still be around for a very long time. Playstation has the best exclusive games and Xbone is more for kids/teens (same for Nintendo Wii). There will always be a fanbase for consoles, but PC gamers are very selective. Plus most people don’t want to shell out 10x as much money for a PC just to play the same game with slightly better graphics :/ …. Sorry Travis, but your biased view does NOT make you correct. Plus not to mention, 1080p is NOT “Standard”.

  140. Yourmomis Myepicmount | Dec 5, 2015, 3:00 pm at 3:00 pm |

    Its funny that I can log into an mmo on my pc faster than turning on my ps4 and load into a game. So the whole “quick game experience on console” is a load of Sit…. you moron

  141. 8k is already in the works so ya 4k will probably be alot cheaper in 2018.But everyone online knows everything so don’t argue with them right?lol

  142. yep and 4k on pc is 3k cost no thanx.I will keep my consoles and gaming pc and enjoy both while you laugh at the exclusives we have that your pc gamers beg to play.Stick to your best pc game world of warcrap rofl.

  143. The hardware to produce 4k gaming at playable quality is definitely not cheap.

  144. 4k is not even that expensive anymore. By 2018 it will be even cheaper.

  145. Nonsense, lol. In 3 years, 4k will be the standard that 1080p is now. And because consoles will be using hardware of TODAY, and will be trying to price it reasonably, it will never ACTUALLY achieve 4k. And people will cry, and moan. And framerates will suffer. And PC will bypass it before it even comes out.

    The era of console gaming devices are coming to an end. They hold technology in video games back. PC upgrading is super easy nowadays. My prediction is that in 10 years time, consoles will cease to exist.

  146. Justin Shepherd | Dec 5, 2015, 2:13 pm at 2:13 pm |

    Yeah I call total bullshit.
    Delivering 4k? How much are the consoles? 1k+?

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