Scientists In Russia Have Developed A ‘Superhero Costume’

Russians seem to prefer real-life superheroes over fantasy figures like Spiderman and Superman. Researchers at Russia’s National University of Science & Technology (MISiS) have developed a unique protective suit that has been dubbed as the “superhero costume.” It has been built for search and rescue workers. The suit protects you from harmful electromagnetic radiation, freezing temperatures, and fire, reports Sputnik News.

Russia’s new costume keeps you in good mood

Professor Vadim Tarasov of MISiS said they were working to patent the material and conduct more exhaustive tests by the end of this month. The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations is also involved in testing the costume. The suit has a special magnetic alloy coated on aramid fibers. It gives the costume the capability to withstand both fire and chilling temperatures.

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Sputnik News reports that the costume can easily withstand the heat of up to 1,200 degrees Celsius as well as extremely low temperatures of minus 120 degrees Celsius. The material is unbreakable. On top of that, claims Vadim Tarasov, it creates a protective magnetic field that stimulates your body’s vital activity and keeps you in a good mood.

Five years of hard work pays off

Researchers have been working on the suit for almost five years. Tarasov said no other country in the world has developed such a costume. It is the only protective suit that protects you from extremely high and extremely low temperatures, as well as harmful electromagnetic radiation. Earlier this year, the team was recognized by the Russian government for their innovation.

While scientists have developed superhero costumes, artists in Russia are creating a new generation of real-life superheroes. A group called Set is creating a series of Russian superhero films featuring everyday people who face challenges and despite all the odds, prove themselves to be patriots. Stirring up the patriotic fervor could give a big boost to President Vladimir Putin.