PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One: Which One Is Better?

PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One: Which One Is Better?
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As the current console generation reaches a point of maturation, both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have developed significantly. There is no doubt that the Sony system gained a significant head start over the Xbox One in the early days of the two consoles. But with both units having been available for a couple of years, which one provides the most compelling system for gamers?

PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One


There is no doubt which of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 has been more successful commercially. Sony recently smashed through the 30 million sales barrier, and this is estimated to be roughly double that of the sales of the Xbox One. This certainly reflects which one of the two systems has been more popular with consumers, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the PlayStation 4 is superior in gaming terms. No doubt Microsoft made massive PR blunders from which it has yet to recover, but it has delivered an excellent gaming system in other regards.

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Backward compatibility

Undoubtedly, Microsoft offers at the superior package in terms of backward compatibility, with this having been achieved relatively effortlessly. Sony has been working on fully implementing backwards compatibility for the PlayStation 4, but it is still somewhat behind its rival in this department. Fortunately, it seems that this will not be a major issue with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two, as the inclusion of AMD chips in both devices should ensure backwards compatibility from day one.


Sony has led the way with video games streaming in this console generation, with the PlayStation Now service gaining an advantage over the Xbox One. Sony has also attempted to utilize backward compatibility via this service, and this actually works pretty niftily, even though there are complaints about gaining access to disc-based games.


The PlayStation 4 has outperformed the Xbox One in graphics terms, and this has been another area in which the Microsoft console has generated negative publicity. The PlayStation 4 graphics chips is significantly superior to the Xbox One, and this resulted in some embarrassing headlines for Microsoft early in the console generation. With the Xbox One unable to deliver 1080p gaming in some of its early titles, the PlayStation 4 had superior titles for some games, and this undoubtedly generated controversy and more bad news for Microsoft.

This must surely be one area that Microsoft addresses diligently with its next-generation console, as the company’s decision to attempt to sell a less powerful machine at a higher price point was a massive PR own goal.


Providing Xbox One access to Windows streaming has been a welcome addition to the armory of the Xbox series, and it is a feature that has been widely enjoyed by gamers. The ability to stream Xbox One games to a Windows PC over a local network is an excellent feature, and one that has saved a lot of arguments in living rooms. Sony cannot really match this functionality with the PlayStation 4, although it has provided a similar feature with the PS Vita.


There is always a personal preference regarding which particular controller is superior, so it is difficult to come to a definitive conclusion on this matter. But the release of the Xbox Elite controller, which packs a number of excellent improvements into an albeit pricey package, has won a lots of plaudits from Xbox gamers. Microsoft has also included the headphone jack in the controller now, closing the gap on a feature which PlayStation 4 owners have been experiencing for a couple of years.

In addition, the Xbox One enables controller buttons to be remapped at the system level, a nice edition which makes many games easier to play, and allows for improved customization. Although Sony has added a suspend and resume function that it promised back in 2013, it is fair to say that Microsoft has shown more effort and innovation in this department.

Exclusive games

Despite the best efforts of Microsoft, it is hard to deny the argument that Sony has maintained the edge on exclusive titles. Bloodborne was one of the best games of 2015, and a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Additionally, Xbox gamers will never get to play The Last of Us, which is considered to be one of the best titles of all-time, and certainly a masterful example of narrative and storytelling.

Dark Souls was another excellent exclusively for Sony, and although Microsoft made a great deal of fuss out of its deal for Tomb Raider, this will appear on the PlayStation 4 in due course. Although the overwhelming majority of titles ultimately appear on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the experience on the PS4 is always equal to that of the Xbox One, and sometimes even superior.

In the pure gaming sense, the PlayStation 4 retains the edge that has probably been the biggest factor in its extraordinary sales success.

Future moves

One of the most important aspects of the future manoeuvrings of the two console giants will be virtual reality technology. Sony is looking to the impending launch of PlayStation VR (previously Project Morpheus) to gain a serious advantage in the marketplace, but Microsoft has invested significantly in Hololens. It does seem that pure virtual reality will test the capabilities of both systems, so it will be interesting to see how the particularly ambitious PlayStation VR works out.


Both of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One offer credible gaming packages, and there isn’t a vast difference between the two systems. Certainly any gamers purchasing the Xbox One will not be disappointed. However, the PlayStation 4 retains a marginal, but significant, edge over its Microsoft rival. It has better exclusive games, more processing and graphics power, and a superior streaming service. Although Microsoft has attempted to innovate in numerous areas, it still has some catching up to do to close the gap on Sony.

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  1. Of course you’d say that. You can’t prove me wrong ;) I know what you said was an excuse because a)I made a comment longer than that but you still replied to it b) A fanboy always resorts to rubbish excuses like this when they got nothing.

  2. No one cares about BC? Why did Sony bother adding over 300 last gen titles PS Now? Why did Nintendo basically make all their consoles backwards compatible? Gamers care about old games. Otherwise companies wouldn’t make them backwards compatible. Deal with it. Just because you don’t care about, doesn’t mean most gamers don’t. Stop being so ignorant.
    Why buy an X1 over a 360? Are we still in school or something? If it wasn’t obvious to you why millions of people bought ‘next-gen’ hears a few reasons: better specs, better hardware, better disc drives, more updates to new features, better graphics, newer games etc. That is like saying why buy a flat screen TV when you can have one of them old box TVs.

  3. Actually I have a PS4, X1, X360 and a PS1. Just getting that out there before you accuse me of only having MS consoles.
    And actually you do have to google it. People get just as many problems with PS +, if not more. Here what happened a few days ago? Anyway, why do you say I defend MS religiously? If you read my comment I said MS is greedy. And using Windows as proof of that greed is pretty rubbish. Windows 8 was free man. You just seem to hate on MS and judging by your comment history all you do is comment ‘Oh I can’t get my credit card cos I changed my phone number’. No need to tell everyone just so they don’t buy an Xbox. That was your experience, every company gets those problems. All you do since you made your account is talk about Microsoft and act like Sony is a godly company. Well it isn’t. Sorry to burst your bubble. I just reply to people like you cos I love seeing the reaction and pissing people off ;)
    ‘At no point have I attempted to defend Sony from anything’… sure mate, just read your comment history and tell yourself that again. They need sales? Since when was 15 million not enough?

  4. I don’t need pre-paid codes with my Sony console and can remove/edit credit card information with ease. I don’t have to google anything, I own consoles from both companies and have experience with both. We can argue all day long but you expressing your love for Microsoft isn’t going to make the Xbox sell any better otherwise I have no idea why you are even arguing. Are you simply offended that somebody thinks the company that makes your console is greedy? I figured everyone who grew up with every new version of Windows would know by now that Microsoft is extremely greedy. From the way you lash out at anybody with a Sony console I’d say you only own a MS console so of course you are going to defend them religiously. Calling someone a liar, arguing with anybody that has a negative opinion against MS, and lashing out to defend a company that could care less about you makes you look really weak though. At no point have I attempted to defend Sony from anything and simply stated my displeasure towards Microsoft from personal experience, yet here you are like you’re on MS damage control as if you are paid to defend them. They need sales, not forum fans.

  5. It was a rhetorical question dude, sorry if you misunderstood… anyway, I googled what you said to me to look up and it seems that it is a problem with your payment options. It’s not like MS wanted your account to get suspended or force you to pay to use your account on purpose. It is probably a problem with your debit/credit card. Thats why I use pre-paid codes. And if that is what happened then tough, not everyone has that problem. And don’t use it as a point for MS being greedy cos PS4 owners get that problem as well, google it ;). I know MS is greedy, everyone does, but get your head out and realise that Sony is as well. They all are.

  6. Funny how you are trying to tell me what’s happening with my Xbox 360. I said what happened through my experience and it is what it is, you trying to argue doesn’t change my account being suspended for non payment. I can look it up through google and see tons of people having the same issue yet here you are trying to counter it and making yourself look stupid by trying to argue someone else’s experience as if you would know. I also don’t understand when you ask since when do memberships get suspended if you don’t pay, then state that you buy gift cards to renew your membership between the days where your payment runs out and you have to renew it or then your account doesn’t get suspended. Isn’t that a bit of a contradiction?

  7. Silver membership is the default membership for an Xbox Live account no matter when you make it. Since when did memberships get suspended if you didn’t pay? If you don’t pay you end up with a silver membership (doubt you know what that means). I buy gift cards to renew my gold membership and between the days where my payment runs out (after a year) and I have to renew it then my account doesn’t get suspended. Most gamers bought their Xbox One because the 360 will be left behind and the new games are on next-gen. Seen Black Ops III on 360 yet? When is the last time an Assassin’s Creed game released on 360? They bought a PS4 because of Xbox Ones messed up launch. I didn’t buy it launch either. Waited a month or two for the problems to be fixed.
    I think you were suspended because you were trolling too much ;)

  8. I got my Xbox with my own money. My mom got me the PS4 for christmas actually. Try harder.

    When did I say everyone who has a PS4 is a fanboy. There is a differance between Sony fanboy and a PS4 owner. Most PS4 owners won’t throw trash at Xbox because they are mature adults. I hate the 12 year olds who think they have the best graphics by a mile and talk s about everything else.

  9. I guess you can throw the term fanboy around since there’s 35 million of them. Don’t lash out at everyone else because your Mom bought you the wrong console for Christmas.

  10. “Most gamers don’t care if graphics are outdated” – then why did they buy an Xbox One in the first place? Oh yeah they didn’t, they bought a PS4 instead and those numbers show people actually do care about better graphics. I don’t have a silver membership, it just says my membership is suspended until I make a payment when I try to log in, so go suck a fat one for calling me a liar. Seems silver membership is for new members, not old gold memberships. With all your posts I have yet to see a person agree with you on anything, it’s pretty funny.

  11. It is a factor. You fanboys kept talking about it before Xbox announced backwards compatibility. I should know because I was kinda hating on Xbox as well for not having it. Now it does so it’s all good. But now you lot don’t talk about is much in your PS bias comments do you ;)

  12. Urrrrrmm I think you are lying on the 360 part. You can see your friends with a silver membership (a membership without gold subscription). I have a 360 as well, don’t lie to me. And you can buy and play downloaded games without a subscription fee. And actually, 99% of gamers want backwards compatibility, why do you think MS spent so much development on it. It is hard to make games compatible with consoles they aren’t made for. Since when did Phil Spencer say it would hardly be used??? And if a game is good in 2005 then it is still good today. I would give anything to play Portal 2 on my Xbox One. Most gamers don’t care if graphics are outdated. CS GO is years old yet it is still played by as many people as it started out with.

    Just because you don’t want old games, doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t want to.

  13. I know “Backwards Compatibility” vs “PlayStation Now” is one of the few things that Microsoft can brag about but really aside from just wanting the feature, how many people really want to play old games? Phil Spencer said hardly any people would use it himself. I have a 1080p TV I purchased and PS4 that gives me great 1080p games, so why go back to playing old sub 720p games that run on 256k-512k memory when I can play 4gb 1080p games now. Besides I still have a 360 if I really wanted to but since Microsoft has locked me out from seeing my friends online and running any downloaded games until I pay them a monthly membership, I’ve had it with that company anyway and am definitely ready to move on.

  14. I didn’t buy a next gen console to play old games. Thats what my PS3 and 2 are for so its really a non factor just an option thats available

  15. You act like having AA batteries is completely bad. It isn’t. They last much much longer and you can replace them. I know Microsoft is a pain in the ass but so is Sony. Microsoft gave x1 owners backwards compatibility for free, and works better Playstation Now which you have to pay for every game individually. You need to look at Sony as well Mordarkeen.

  16. No the point is the need for batteries period. I cant remember a company ever doing something like this before and it really comes off greedy by an already multi billion dollar company. Seriously they spend 400 million on R & D yet cant figure a way to recharge their controllers for free? Sure they can but why should they when MS can come up with yet another way to make money off gamers. Then again hiding apps behind paywalls, trying to create policies that only profit themselves and hurts the consumer is the company xbots are backing.

  17. Lol its not a bill when I have a PS4 and I don’t want to pay for Xbox anymore but they keep taking money. Thanks for your worthless comments.

  18. I still don’t think you get the point. If you can afford it which you clearly can cos you have a PS4 than paying a little extra to have batteries that last longer isn’t really something to rant about. And the rechargeable batteries cost like $15 so I don’t see why you hate that so much.
    The fanboyism is real when you called the Xbox controller a toy. The Xbox controller is used by loads of pro PC gamers who need a controller. And have you forgotten the Elite controller. The reviews say it is the best controller out there, including brands like Scuff which ironically cost more. Its damn expensive I’ll give you that but you still think that is a toy?
    I didn’t say that you can use Netflix without Xbox Gold did I? Read my comment properly mate. I think you misread me as well. I said that you have to play for Netflix no matter what platform you’re on weather it’s Xbox, PS4, mobile etc.
    And I’m not ‘new to the game’. Has an Xbox 360 since launch and bought a PS3 a year later so stop assuming stuff.
    So what if the Xbox is behind in sales? It is catching up just like the Wii U is. And that’s all that matters right?

  19. Sure recharging a controller for free is alot worse than using what amounts to a battery operated toy that is the xbrick controller. You must be new to the game because without a xbox live subscription everything from google to apps like hulu and netflix were unusable besides the monthly fee for said apps. MS gave its fans less for more with a media box that also plays games only to try and reverse it so many times no one cares anymore and thats why its so far behind the only true next gen console out there the PS4.

  20. Starting to smell BS here…

    First, who cares if Sony gave it away for free, you have to pay for it now so the past doesn’t matter. The Kinect isn’t necessary anymore but you keep rambling about it like it is you hypocrite. (BTW you can get Xbox live for £20 ($30)).
    What is your problem with batteries. If you can afford a console for $350+ then why can’t you afford rechargeable batteries for the controller. I use AAs but that is because they can last like 2 weeks without replacing. DS4 can’t do more than 2-3 days which is annoying and you can’t change the batteries when they die out. News flash you have to pay for Netflix on PS4 as well Pony. I don’t use Netflix at all so it doesn’t matter to me.

    Looking at fanboy comments is fun, especially if they try as hard as you.

  21. Yep so I bought a Sony instead and no troubles. Sony must be great to be a BUSINESS that didn’t take advantage of MY mistake. Welcome to America just means you’ll run into D bags like you.

  22. I do notice the updates on the PS4 as well but it is not as frequent and time consuming as the XBOX ONE. But you are the second person who is telling me this. So it could as well be that I am doing something wrong.

  23. I have owned a PS4 for some time now and almost my entire family has the PS4. I’ve never owned or played the Xbox One so I can’t compare and say it’s better from a usage perspective. What I can tell you is that I’ve had no issues with the PSN network. It’s rarely down, I never lag during online gaming, party chat is extremely clear and responsive, and the user interface is easy to use and navigate. Games and updates download very quickly too. I don’t see any areas they can improve on PSN quality other then better defense against hackers which I think they’ve actually worked on since the hackers failed there attempts to shut down PSN on Christmas 2015. When it comes to games the Xbox is better for shooters and racing but the ps4 is better for action adventure titles, RPGs, and platformers like ratchet and clank. I am more into the game genres ps4 does better so ps4 games library is better for my purposes. Another advantage of PS4 is its popularity meaning more of my friends and family are on it then Xbox one.

  24. I agree on the refund option, that’s badly needed for online store but how are the online stores overpriced? Almost every game in the PSN store is cheaper and/or is on sale for better prices then I can get the same game/bundle for from any physical store plus it’s not taxed through online store. I’ve had ps4 since July of 2014 and yet to find a single game cheaper in a physical store.

  25. What’s wrong with the PSN online service? I never experience any sort of lag during gaming, I find multiplayer lobbies in games such as call of duty fairly quickly, download speeds are fairly rapid regardless of whether xbl is faster or not, and the user interface is so easy to use a pre schooler could do it.

  26. This is definite bias because I’ve never even heard of discs overheating and being destroyed in ps4 even by my little brother who will play a disc based game on his ps4 like 16 hours straight… Also I have a ps4 and its whisper quiet. If your ps4 is noisy then you have a defective unit bro… There’s 5 ps4s in my family and none make noise or overheat discs. As for Sony’s other products perhaps you should do some research. Sonys 4k tvs are tested to be most accurate color reproduction and deepest blacks in the business bested only by the lg oleds. Their ma900 headphones are some of the top rated and voted best bang for buck open backs you can buy. Their core series surround sound speakers are also very highly rated.

  27. The answer is to used the 12 month card you buy from just about anywhere online for just $35.
    I’m sorry YOU made a mistake and a BUSINESS took advantage of you.
    Welcome to America.

  28. I think for this generation, if you have a gaming pc you will be fine and happy. This generation consol sucks. But if I was to buy one I would buy PS4. people will moatly play multiplatform games. Why would you buy the machine that cost more and plays most multi platform games worst. As far as exclusives so far there’s like only one or two must have exclusives on each system and it’s already been 2 yrs already. I think I’ll just stick to pc this generation.

  29. I think for this generation, if you have a gaming pc you will be fine and happy. This generation consol sucks. But if I was to buy one I would buy PS4. people will moatly play multiplatform games. Why would you buy the machine that cost more and plays most multi platform games worst. As far as exclusives so far there’s like only one or two must have exclusives on each system and it’s already been 2 yrs already. I think I’ll just stick to pc this generation.

  30. Greedy is costing more for a weaker product in the xb1 at launch, STILL needing batteries for the controller(or hoping u buy their charger which is totally lame) hiding apps like Netflix behind paywalls for years forcing you to subscribe to their service which Sony gave away for free until the PS4 and still free on Ninentdos Wii U. MS has to be the cheapest, greediest and most out of touch with what gamers want company ever in the console market.

  31. Idk man I guess It’s all opinion. Having owned all consoles myself as well as alot of my family having Xboxs, they all know not to put your credit card on an Xbox because MS doesn’t like to give it back. Sony has had better prices for better hardware the majority of the time. Shareplay is free, and they let you take your credit card off with ease. Sure their pricing on PS Now sucks as well as anything for backwards compatibility, but then again I guess I’m the few who has trouble playing last gen after playing new gen games anyway. My Xbox 360 isn’t even used anymore but maybe thats why backwards compatibility isn’t an issue with me since I have the option without it. Since I haven’t paid for Xbox Live, they locked me out from Silver so I cant do anything or even see my friends until I pay them, isn’t that BS? That’s real greedy to me trying to force me into paying monthly. I haven’t felt the greed with my Sony console. I bought DBZ Xenoverse for $16 on the PS4 and it was $22 on the Xbox One so I guess the deals depend on timing more then anything. They even had free PSN on PS3, and 17.99 for 3 months on PS4 which is great IMO. Just not feeling the greed there. I think the kinect free version was more then a few weeks but for anyone who has built PCs knows even $399 for a Jaguar with DDR3 and a 12 CU GPU wasn’t very generous.

  32. Christopher Morris needs to get off of Sony’s d . Blood born is their only true exclusive other than the order. Last of us and uncharted games are up their for me, yet the are last gen games and making them HD doesn’t change that. Sony’s exclusives suck. The are riding their success and at least MS came out swinging. Multiplayer is category the fail to mention and for good reason. Xbox exclusive Titian fall, halo, gears, and so on are multiplayer based. Sony is uncharted, lasdrt of us, blood born, and so on are all single player. Kill zone if it finds it foot could be one exception. Multiplayer xbox sing Sony that simple. I own both and trust me they have their advantages to eachother.

  33. This gap graphically has all but closed in the last year with the Xbox One and PS4. This issue people are making is null and void almost at this point.

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    Assassin’s Creed Unity

    Resident Evil Revelations 2

    Far Cry 4

    The Witcher 3

    GTA V

    …are just some of the games that run better on the Xbox One especially the frame rates.

    Also none of the games that came out this last winter were any better on PS4 than Xbox One.

  34. Sorry to hear that. But I had my problems with PSN as well. At the end both online stores are overpriced and would need a refund option in case sth doesnt work as expected.
    However, I didn’t say microsoft wouldnt be greedy but its not as greedy as sony. Hardware costs were and are similar. 500$ was incl kinect. A few weeks later they offered a kinect free bundle for 400$ – same as PS4 launch price.

  35. It’s heartbreaking to read. You put so much effort in it. Sadly you failed. Do some research kid.

    1. PSN cant be faster than XBL or Steam when you just partly downloading with maximum bandwidth. I sometimes download with rates below 1mbps (2% of my maximum bandwidth). Everyone does. Google it to find some thousands of examples. A Stopwatch is not even needed.

    2. Please dont act like you’re a professional. You’re not. Security issues on PSN & XBL are not user related. As I mentioned before you can find md5 coded password hashes via google. Users have no influence where and how Sony stores their hashes. But Sony dont care. But XBL isnt really secure as well.

    3. Yeah, they raise store prices before making sales. Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil launched two years ago on PS4 with a regular price of 40$. There is no other PS4 version. I even found the PS blog article, check out the ‘regular price’ of 70$ with its discount:
    Check out comments for more price raises before this octobre sale (e.g. natural doctrine).

    4. All stores are incl taxes. If you really believe PSN Store is tax free you’re just retarded. Moreover if you’re just a little bit into economics you would know it would hurt you too if it were tax free. Just in case you missed it: Its not tax free! Lol

    5. Please do not try to explain why backwards compability is unneccessary & bad. You’ll fail. 99,9% of all gamers would support backwards compability because why not. Just 0,01% are retarded fanboys like you who get angry when they just hear ‘backward compability’ just because PS does not support it.

    Don’t forget to give me some examples for your ‘enhanced’ ps2 ports.
    Sony just adds trophies, remap the controller and do some resolution adjustments in case it looks wierd. Nothing special. Same as Microsoft does with its 360 titles – except those are free if you already own them & much cheaper if you do not. Sony has merely a dozen titles while Microsoft offers more than 100 titles so far.

  36. Your bet would be off, I use xbox long enough to be in the top 5 percentile…. I was there since it first went online, and I speak objectively as a critique having used it to this day.

    Recognize differences you say, clearly you are biased, pull out a stopwatch and time their functions, boot, game boot, download, install, etc etc.. not only is psn faster than xbl (and steam ) but the ps4 is as well (yes, new ui is faster than before, but now more convoluted and still behind xmb).

    Any security issues for passwords you are finding are user level issues, poor security management on there part as stated by the FBI.

    Raising store prices? Lol, you are talking about the difference from regular release to ultimate edition, that isn’t raising prices you daft prat…. not only are they consistent, and often cheaper than even steam, they are tax free UNLIKE xbl.

    Play your ps2 games on your ps2, these are not those. These are ps2 ganes given upgrades and features and ported, PORTED to ps4. It isn’t bc, they never said it was and in fact stated it was not. Last time they offered bc out the door, for ALL prior titles on prior systems, and it didn’t sell well to an ignorant public.

    Guess what, you could always play 360 games for free, without having to buy an xb1, its called using your 360.. because unlike the ps2 to ps4 ports, these don’t have ANY enhancements, and, to top it off, the xb1 plays them worse than original hardware… no thanks… what a tool.

    Now, what about that new xmas box, oops, it wont have bc, or even play a movie unless it goes on xbl first.. so much for “always” in a nation where almost 40% of the population does not have internet, inspite of some 87% play video games….

    With not a leg to stand on, your argument has fallen.

  37. Microsoft isn’t greedy? I cant even remove my credit card from being charged because my phone number changed and have to wait 30 days ($10 charge). They make it a pain even beside that. Microsoft also sold you low end hardware for $499 in which you should be offended because that’s greedy. They didn’t change so much because they were doing things right. They F‘d up by being greedy and they know it.

  38. Lol you sound baised and like you have no first hand experience, only repeating statements from fanboy trolls. I’m shocked someone was dumb enough to like your post. I’m sure “you have both” no doubt.

  39. But y’all was cool when 360 was winning over ps3 and still lost… just look at the sales… plus Xbox so super slow when downloading games

  40. Fanboys… so butthurt Xbox sucks man just face it Xbox have more problems then y’all think I use mine for Netflix only ps4 is better… get over it

  41. I bet you own a PS4 and never used XBL before, right?
    Because if you did, you would have recognaized some differences.
    I own both consoles and I like both. But XBL is much much better than PSN.

    1. My downloadspeed is higher on XBL – PSN often drops to just 10% of available bandwidth. Luckily you can pause DL and restart to hope for a better DL server but you dont have to do that with XBL.
    2. Security is miserable on both but PSN is even worse – you’re able to find PSN password hashes via google. But XBL is not that much better…
    3. Microsoft is not as greedy as Sony. Sony often raises store prices before making a “good” offer. Best example is Diablo3 sale this summer(?): there was a 40% discount so you could buy it for “just” 40$ – sadly 40$ is the price since release 2 yrs ago. They raised the retail price to 70$ so they could add a 40% discount. How pathetic…
    4. You can play PS2 games on your PS4 but it doesnt matter if you already own them. Sony wants you to buy em again at a high price. On Xbox you can play X360 games for free if you already own them. MS even take care about their monthly gold games, they mostly or even always work on X1 as well.

  42. Really, that is incredibly debatable.
    Since the start of xbl it has been mandatory.. so nearly a decade of revenue put into it already, and there is all this power of the clouds (azure)… but.. until holiday lastyear xbl was the least populated online service (yes, less active users online than even nintendo). Yoday it has nearly 9 times fewer users than PSN does, is not as globally distributed, and hosts fewer services to 5 fewer platforms….. (fyi, xbl gets less than 1% of those servers to operate on…)

    And in all of this, xbl today has significantly slower dl speeds, accounts are hacked on average every 7 minutes, heck it was down for xmas again….all while costing more by mandate and required to even get a vrand new unit to even function….

    No, xbl was mentioned, but the reality is xbl hasn’t been worth a crap since 2008…..
    Why is it losing soo many users?
    Why is it so slow?
    Why do even brass get their accounts hacked?

    What has all that xbl subscription been going to?

  43. Nothing important is mentioned here. Ps will charge you to play old games and as for streaming games you better have great internet. PlayStation 4 if played too long can damage the disk your using due to extreme heat levels. PlayStation thumb grips are poorly made and fall apart with alot of use. PlayStation 4 is loud enough to hear at night while your watching movies, as Xbox is silent. As for bloodborne…..its repetitive and boring, don’t buy a ps4 for that game. People need to know that ps4 isn’t all its cut out to be. Sharper graphics maybe, but crap games and lower Framerate are all evident in that console. Xbox one is for loungers and gamers alike, and it just keeps getting better. Sony is a dead company other than Ps4, its shows in the market and in demand for other Sony items. Phones, t.vs and stereo systems by Sony are not hot topics these days.

  44. Dark Souls is not a PlayStation exclusive…. & The Last of Us is a PS3 port they havent actually released a proper sequel for it on the PS4 same would go for gears of war remastered & Uncharted remastered & you mentioned Rise of The Tomb Raider the temporary exclusive but you exclude from mentioning Halo 5 the biggest xbox exclusive released this year Rare Replay 30 hit classics from Rare & Forza 6 the best racing game this gen exclusive on xbox. So i dont see how bloodborne tops 3 games kind of bias on your part tho i personally think the witcher 3 is better than all these games & that game is multi platform.

  45. Hm.. you got several things wrong, or did not know/mention them.

    Remapping buttons on controller=ps4 had for a long time

    Hololense is AR, psvr is VR.. different tech and uses. (Fyi, psvr is the name, project morpheus was dropped a while ago).

    Those are but a couple of examples of what you are missing here..

    And, not to seem one sided, but what is this vague “innovation” you keep mentioning from xbox like some magic panacea? Name a single thing the entire xbox brand has ever innovated…. there is nothing, everything it is is a poorly contrived copy, it has yet to ever succeed as pointed out by its annual cost to msft having risen to 3 billion usd. A cost all of the revenue from the xbox brand has not even put a dent into.

    And how can something be both marginal and significant?…

  46. I have ps3 and xbox one, just sold the 360 and 25 terms of backwards compatibility, I don’t understand why anyone would want to play their old games on a new system, that’s like trying to upconvert dvd to hd… loving the xbox one though and playing the updated halo library all the way through. Just enjoy your first world problems!

  47. I have been an avid video game collector and lover of all things video games dating back to the NES. I have just recently bought the Xbox One. Beautiful machine, great controls and solid library but…

    PS4 is better…end of story…on all counts. In my honest opinion the Xbox One offers nothing in terms of gameplay or value that the PS4 can’t do equally or better. I don’t really count backward compatibility as a selling point (as I prefer each system to be defined by their current library of games like it was back in the day). It’s a great feature, but not one that defines the success of a video game console. That’s just my opinion.

    It’s also my opinion that if it wasn’t for the Halo Franchise, Microsoft would probably be last in terms of console sales to date. I think the Wii U is over 10 million and the Xbox One is around 15 million (as they now won’t post their sales numbers on Wikipedia). Also keep in mind the Wii U (which is not that far behind in sales) is basically a repackaged last generation Wii on steroids with HD graphics, that is now being dropped by Nintendo for the Nintendo NX.

    I am sure there will be a day when Halo is playing on a Sony video game system. I hope Microsoft comes out with a machine that can actually separate itself from the competition. Hell, I still wish Sega would come back lol.

    (Maybe they should make a joint Microsoft/Sega system)

  48. Having both consoles I can say that they both offer good exclusive games. I rather enjoy the Xbox one controller over the PS4 however the PS4 in terms of user interface and organization, is superior to the XBOX ONE. I really can’t stand how I have to update the XBOX ONE and its games a million times a month!

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