ISIS Leader Al Mouadan Killed In Airstrike

ISIS Leader Al Mouadan Killed In Airstrike
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There has been a strong of good news in the ongoing fight against the jihadist group ISIS and global terrorism over the last few weeks, and another positive development has been reported on Tuesday.

ISIS leader Charaffe al Mouadan, who has been connected to one of the perpetrators of the massacre in Paris, has apparently been taken out in an airstrike in Syria, according to Pentagon officials.

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Col. Steven Warren, a spokesperson  for the Combined Joint Task Force, noted on Tuesday in a press conference that known terrorist leader Charaffe al Mouadan had been eliminated in allied airstrikes on December 24th.

Intelligence sources highlight that Al Mouadan was directly linked to Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the alleged leader of the November 13th coordinated Paris terror attacks that left 130 dead and wounded hundreds. Of note, Abaaoud died in a police raid at an apartment in a Paris suburb the next week.

Warren noted that ISIS commander al Mouadan was one of at least 10 people confirmed to have been killed by a series of airstrikes carried out in Syria on Christmas Eve.

More on death of Charaffe al Mouadan

Terrorism experts point out that the Paris attack mastermind Abaaoud was an accomplished jihadist well before the November 13th attacks. He was even known to have made a post on ISIS’ online magazine about his ability to regularly travel between Europe and Syria with no problems.

In the press conference Tuesday, Col.  Warren did not offer any further details on the exact nature of the relationship between Mouadan and Abaaoud, but he did note that Mouadan was believed to be “actively planning attacks against the west.”

Last but not least, on his Twitter account, Warren noted that the U.S. military planned to continue targeting ISIS leaders suspected of planning attacks on America or its allies anywhere across the globe.

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