The Best Pre-Black Friday iPhone 6s And Galaxy Note 5 Deals

The Best Pre-Black Friday iPhone 6s And Galaxy Note 5 Deals

One of the biggest shopping days of the year is nearly upon us, with Black Friday approaching. And as usual, retailers are queuing up to offer deals, and consumer electronics is a particular area of focus.

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With some very attractive Apple and Samsung devices available on the market, there are a wide variety of deals available on Galaxy and iPhone products in particular. Some of the most attractive technology deals of the year have recently been announced, and there is no doubt that these offers will be taken up in large numbers by consumers.

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Sam’s Club – Black Friday Deals

The Walmart-owned Sam’s Club is offering some of the best pre-Black Friday deals, with Apple products a particular focus of its attention. Members of the retailer can purchase an iPhone 6s for just $99 on contract, a particularly attractive proposition that will surely be relished by consumers. Incredibly, Sam’s Club is also offering either the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or Galaxy S6 for just a dollar, and a mouthwatering $150 off the 64GB version of the iPad Air 2.

There is no lack of choice with regard to contracts for smartphone offers either. Sam’s Club is providing a choice of contract from Verizon, Sprint or U.S. Cellular, and larger storage configurations are also being placed on offer by the retailer.

Thus, the 16GB iPhone 6s Plus is available for $199 as part of the pre-Black Friday sale, with a contract for any of the approved carriers available. The deal being offered on the 64GB iPhone 6s is particularly attractive, with the pricing the same as the 16GB version of the Apple phablet. Elsewhere, the 64GB iPhone 6s Plus will go on sale for $299, at the same price point as the 128GB iPhone 6s. Finally, the iPhone 6s Plus 128GB model will be discounted to $399 with a two-year contract.

Additionally, customers who do not fancy the prospect of signing up for a contract can also tap into a range of different savings. Sam’s Club is offering some attractive deals for all consumers who are willing to sign up for an iPhone 6s instalment plan with any of the approved carriers. Any such individuals will automatically receive a $200 gift card with a purchase, making this an extremely attractive proposition.

Deals at Sam’s Club are not limited to iPhone devices; Android consumers also have their fair share of deals to snap up. Both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5 are on offer at the retailer, with the 32GB versions, as mentioned previously, available for less than a dollar at 96 cents to be precise. These prices are available with two-year contracts on Verizon, Sprint or U.S. Cellular, and Sam’s Club is even willing to sweeten the deal further still. Those purchasing on an instalment plan will also receive a $300 Sam’s Club gift card with their purchase.

It is notable for all of these deals that the products in question must be purchased in-store. Any online purchases will not qualify for these particular offers. It is also worth remembering that Sam’s Club is a membership-only retailer, but considering the quality of deals on offer it may even be worthwhile for non-members to pay the fee of $45 to join up. The retailer has attempted to make this even more attractive by automatically offering a $10 gift card to anyone who does so.

Finally, Sam’s Club is also offering a 64GB iPad Air 2 for a full $150 off the regular price. And the beauty of this particular deal is that it can be snapped up from the comfort of your own home, as Sam’s Club is offering this to online consumers as well, providing they have taken out a membership.

Amazon and Wal-mart

The big boys are also offering pre-Black Friday deals, with both Amazon and Walmart making offers available to consumers. The online retailer Amazon has recently opened its first physical bookshop, but the overwhelming majority of its concentration still goes into its Internet operation.

Amazon Prime members will gain early access to thousands of Lightning Deals 30 minutes before non-members, so it is worthwhile considering this frequently promoted aspect of the website if you are not already an Amazon Prime member. Hundreds of deals will be available in consumer electronics and other areas of retail on Black Friday at Amazon, so there are opportunities for customers to make big savings.

Ahead of Black Friday, the ever popular, influential and powerful retailer Walmart has released a 40-page Wonder of Christmas Toy Book with deals good until Christmas Eve. Walmart will also be discounting a wide range of consumer electronics products, but expect the usual crowds and chaos!

Among the items on sale is a 55-inch Sony 4K Ultra HD TV, available at a price of $998, which represents a 30 percent discount. Another notable offer is related to the APC Back-UPS Pro 1500VA 10-outlet unit, slashed in price by more than half to only $129.99.

Best Buy

Finally, Best Buy is offering the iPad Mini 3 for $324.99, which represents a $75 discount over the usual Apple pricing. So consumer electronics buyers hoping for some real bargains ahead of Black Friday will not be disappointed, and there should be something on offer to satisfy all appetites.

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