Russia Uses Its Deadliest Weapon In Syria

Russia Uses Its Deadliest Weapon In Syria
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Joining forces with French warplanes in a brutal campaign against ISIS in Syria, Russia has just used some its most lethal weapons.

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Moscow has launched a massive air and sea campaign involving cruise missiles against ISIS targets in Syria in retaliation for the downing of a Russian plane over Egypt last month as well as the Paris terror attacks, according to The National Interest. The two terror attacks by ISIS killed at least 353 people.

Cruise missiles were launched from Russia’s Tupolev Tu-22M3 Backfire, Tu-95MS Bear and Tu-160 Blackjack strategic bombers, as reported by the news outlet citing the Russian Ministry of Defense.

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Meanwhile, the Russian navy launched a barrage of cruise missiles against Islamic State militants in Syria, according to some reports.

“In accordance to the task assigned by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Armed Forces concerning enhancing combat air operations in the Syrian Arab Republic, crews of Tu-160, Tu-95MS and Tu-22M3 long-range aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out strikes with air-based cruise missiles at the ISIS terrorist objects within the air operation,” the Russian defense ministry said in a statement.

Russia intensifies its chaotic military campaign in Syria

First, a dozen of Tu-22M3 bombers struck Daesh targets in Syria’s Raqqah and Deir-ez-Zor provinces. Then Russia ordered its highly-destructive Mach 2.0-capable Tu-160 supersonic bombers and quad-turboprop Tu-95MS Bears to hit terrorist targets in Aleppo and Idlib, launching a salvo of 34 air-launched cruise missiles.

The Kremlin then reported that 14 terrorist facilities “of special importance” were destroyed by Russian warplanes, according to The National Interest. It was the first instance in years that Russian strategic bombers have conducted combat operations.

As for Russia’s naval cruise missile operation against terrorist targets, the Russian defense ministry did not provide any details. But the news outlet presumes that Moscow followed the same tactic it used when launched a series of sea-based cruise missile strikes from the Caspian Sea in October.

The Russian aerial operation involved 25 bombers backed by eight Su-34 Fullback strike aircraft and four Su-30SM multirole fighters. The Russian defense ministry said in the statement that the Fullback strike aircraft destroyed Daesh’s fuel supply, while Su-34 aircraft destroyed two columns of fuel bowsers and about 50 vehicles.

“As a result, taking into consideration previous airstrikes aimed at oil supply transports (410 fuellers in total) and several infrastructure elements, the illegal fuel export capabilities of the terrorists have been significantly cut,” the statement reads.

Russia and France join forces to bomb Syrian targets

Russian military has joined French warplanes on Tuesday when the two nations bombed ISIS targets in retaliation for the well-organized terror attacks in Paris, which left 129 people dead.

10 French fighter jets carried out a new round of airstrikes against ISIS targets in Syria, according to Fox News citing French defense minister Jean-Yves Le Drian.

Russia supported the French airstrikes by sending on a mission 12 of its long-range bombers including supersonic Tu-22M Backfires, which made a long trip from a base in Mozdok, Russia near the border of Georgia and Azerbaijan and launched cruise missiles against ISIS targets in Raqqa, a U.S. official familiar with the mission told Fox News.

While the U.S. military is still assessing the threats and damage of such an operation, Russia’s supersonic bombers flew over the Caspian Sea, Iran, Iraq and into Syria before launching a volley of cruise missiles against ISIS targets

However, another defense official in the Middle East told the American TV channel that even though the countries share the ultimate goal of eradicating ISIS, it is “highly unlikely” the French and Russians coordinated their strikes. The official also added that he did not think France would communicate with the Kremlin in secret.

Russia starts military competition

Russia starts the final stage of the all-military competition for the Cup of the Russian Defense Ministry, according to Sputnik News.

The final stage of the competition for the all-military competition for the Cup of the Russian Defense Ministry opens in Moscow on Wednesday, as said by a spokesman for the Central Army Sports Club (CSKA).

The finalists of the previous stage of the competition – Russia’s most skillful and experienced officers of the armed forces – arrived in Moscow on Monday to participate in the Cup of the Russian Defense Ministry.

“During the four days of the competition, the officers will compete in five sports: shooting, swimming, lifting or snatching two weights, jogging and in the relay race,” Col. Sergei Vlasov told RIA Novosti.

Vlasov also added that each team consists of ten commanders of various categories ranging from lieutenant to general. Russia has been holding such annual competitions since 2013 after Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu had put forward such an initiative.

Russia intensifies all types of intelligence in Middle East

Russia has recently intensified all types of intelligence efforts in the Middle East, including space reconnaissance, according to ITAR-TASS citing the head of the Main Operations Directorate of the Russian Armed Forces General Staff, Col. Gen. Andrey Kartapolov.

“All strikes are delivered by Russian aircraft at previously reconnoitered targets. In order to increase the operational efficiency of terrorist organizations’ facilities’ disclosure and precision of determination of their coordinates, we have enhanced all types of reconnaissance in the Middle East region, including space reconnaissance,” Kartapolov told journalists, as reported by ITAR-TASS.

Kartapolov added that Russia is now capable of discovering new Syrian targets and hitting them in real time.

Russia has destroyed more than 2,000 terrorist facilities since the start of its military campaign in Syria late September. However, according to recent reports, Russia is not planning to send ground troops to Syria any time soon.

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Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.
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  1. Polina Tikhonova is a military “expert” ….he he, what USA did there for 14 month ? Eh, nothing.

    By the way Russian Military has been testing 45 new weapons against terrorist all of them including Ukraine fascists.

  2. you are like a dumb parrot … i bet you were molested by russians when you were little bc you seem to have issues with Russia. but do tell us about glorious american and ukrainian victories. superior american military couldnt defeat taliban which unlike muj in 80s is not supported by outside power))) nothing but a bunch pf ghay fat koksukers like you svidomit

  3. See. They took Mhin/Mheen today. So the SAA is on a roll. Steamroll to victory…. There is no winning for West this time. unlike in the 80’s it is a different ball game

  4. Truth angers ukrainians jjust as much if not more. Only I would rather be in Russia right now just like millions ukrainian refugees. Btw I am ukrainian too

  5. They have been doing it since around mid 90s under different brands. It is no difference. They all end up dead sooner or later.

  6. Why do you guys always assume St Pete’s. Novosibirsk is more like it. Cheaper to hire folks there too. St Pete’s is like Cali – it is infested with pro western libtards and useful idiots. So no way jose

  7. Retarded is a condition for employment at INTERNET RESEARCH in St. Petersburg Russia where you work dimwit. :o)
    Dasvidaniya Khuilo.

  8. And ?
    Russia says it killed 800 ISIS fighters and 500 noncombatant civilians.
    All Russia is doing is helping ISIS RECRUIT More Fighters and insure that there will be many attacks in Russia like the one in Paris.
    ISIS leadership is made up of Russian Chechens. Chechens have been fighting in east Ukraine for Russia and it is well known that they have been sending back arms, ammunition and military grade explosives to Chechnya.
    There are 10s of thousands of Muslim men from Dagestan and Chechnya working hard labor jobs, that Russians won’t do, spread all over western Russia.
    Not looking good for Russia.
    Dasvidanyia Khuilo. :o)

  9. More bluff and bullshit from a St. Petersburg Russian troll.
    Russia is inferior to the USA IN ALL MILITARY CATAGORIES.
    The true nature of Russia’s military is that Russia is that Russia is at best a 2nd rate military. :o)

  10. You really are an idiot. Even Wikipedia says they lacked the parliamentary votes to impeach him. So, using logic, if you say I am Russian, and all Russians lie, then you must be Russian because you’re lying.

  11. If stupid was against the law in Russia you would be setting on death row.
    Russia tried to copy the US technology but failed you babbling idiot.
    The body count in Iraq is 100,000. Whose estimates are you quoting ? Your numbers are pure Russian bullshit.
    Russian News tells nothing but lies Ivan.

    These are links to a couple storys about Russian trolls like you.
    Dasvidaniya Khuilo

  12. Yanukovych was not illegally ousted. The Ukrainian parliament legally kicked him out of office because he was a stooge of Putin who had stolen 100s of millions of dollars from the people of Ukraine.
    There was an overwhelming number of votes to kick Yanukovych out.
    Your idiotic lies are comical but you are a Russian. All Russians lie.

  13. Supporting the US backed replacement President of Ukraine, after Yanukovych was illegally ousted through a vote that failed to achieve the numbers of votes required by the Ukrainian constitution, and after he was omitted from the ballot in the election that put Poroshenko in power? Odd how the new president is pro NATO, while the old one was pro-Russia.

  14. You make some really rash generalizations. I said nothing about the potential effectiveness of using thermobaric weaponry in Syria. I merely pointed out that you were denying the existence of weaponry that is well known to exist.

    You are also dumb (and wrong) to try to label me as a Russian merely because I disagree with you.

    Also, what is the body count in Iraq? Several estimates put the total between 500,000-1 million. Over 26.000 civilian Afghans have been killed in the war there, and another 29,000 injured.

    This is what happens when you rely only on one side’s propaganda.

  15. Sure the video shows what was left of Russia’s forces.
    The USA had pulled its military forces out of Vietnam in 1973. Leaving 5,000 troops as advisors.
    What you saw on the news in 1975 were Vietnamese trying to escape the communists who they knew would murder them. 1 million Vietnamese disappeared in re-education camps. Never seen again.

  16. And you believe that will win a war with terrorists.
    The USA has had that technology since the early 70s. Nothing new.
    The casual destruction of civilians will be stopped. Syria is not Chechnya where Russia killed several hundred thousand civilians.
    If any of that type of weaponry is used on Americans embedded with the FSA Russia will see the destruction of all of Russia’s aircraft and missile systems in Syria.
    St. Petersburg Russian trolls are paid to post stupid bullshit. You are doing a good job. :o)

  17. Spoken like a true St. Petersburg Russian troll. :o)
    Assad is just as bad as any Muslim terrorist.
    Supporting the President of Ukraine after Russia invaded Ukraine and stole Crimea is vastly different.
    There is no problem wit demonizing Russia’s military take over of its neighbors territory.

  18. Honestly what is USA doing? They look seriously confused..Either they decide they are against ISIS and bomb them out of existence or simply say its not our war…No point putting some ceasefire in place…France and Russia are doing this ruthlessly IMO…

  19. US propaganda says that. Russian Propaganda says the opposite. The truth is somewhere in between.

    Even the US is now admitting that Russia is now striking at IS. There are no IS surrendering, nor will there ever be. They are religious whackjobs. They will be “martyrs” first. They are fleeing Raqqa to Iraq though.

    You cannot blame Russia for supporting their interests. Keeping Assad in power helps Russia, Just like The US supporting Poreshenko in Ukraine was in the US interests. Everyone is doing it, so don’t demonize one side and lionize the other.

  20. I didn’t see the words Thermobaric anywhere in this article. Unless Russia has started using those, they have not used their deadliest weapons.

  21. nope. the su-35 out performs EVERY american plane in air to air combat, that includes the f22, f35. all garbage planes way over budget

  22. ISIS is fighting to create a Muslim State based upon Sharia Law. It is an Islamic Ideology that spans countries, borders, and cultures. Sharia Law is very popular in the Middle East. ISIS is in it to establish a Caliphate (Control). It is very difficult to defeat an ideology. We see that in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria (Shia vs. Sunni). It is the radical ideology that must be changed…otherwise Radical Islamists will continue to pop-up out of the wood pile. That change must come from Islam itself.

  23. Let me tell you smth – ISIS fvked with the wrong bear this time. As they say in Russia – by the time we are going to be done killing all of these CIA trained ISIS islamofascist koksvker sukas their living will ENVY their DEAD. ???? ????? ????? ?????????? ????? ???????

  24. Yep used bombers with cruise missiles that could be fired by ships. Oh, that’s right they threw logs when a stone works just as well.

    Why 20 jets instead 5 bombers: Quicker turn around and more sorties. Oh wait that’s right The FRS only had a hand full strategic tankers (IL76 candid variants). So use medium to long range bombers (Tu-22M medium range bomber, and Tu-166 with the Long range bomber being the Tu-95 all which require more logistical support than a single squadron- but hey cruise missiles man… at the ranges the FRS cruisers and frigates are setting off the coast of Syria, makes bombers irrelevant UNLESS Russia’s cruise missile are inferior – which I highly doubt) again Russian ingenuity right there….

  25. Get off Putin’s sack. Russia has a terrible track record when it comes to fighting asymmetric warfare. They lost in Afghanistan and they lost in Chechnya. The only thing keeping the lid on Chechnya is Putin making quarterly ransom payments.

  26. I am sure that the Russian bombers the author is referring to isn’t Russia’s deadliest weapons.. this author is always writhing propaganda about how Russia will destroy or nuke the US, I’m sure she is aware of the most deadly weapons Russia has… ICBMs and the nuclear weapons that those planes may use.. if pootin dropped a turd in the toilet I’m sure she would write how deadly it was..

  27. No. Russia will support Assad. Assad has a force that can fight ISIS if it can get Russian air support and if it doesn’t not have to waste resource fighting rebels.

    US as usually caught up by some nut in pentagon going after regime change. That nut usually don’t even know why the previous regime failed, what issues it was trying to solve, etc. Just because you armed a bunch of anti-Assad farmers in the desert, doesn’t mean they can run the government, or fight a war, or fix issues that previous regime was facing.

  28. They opened a thin road into Allepo. Many of the villages taken by Assad’s forces have already been kicked out of.
    Russia hasn’t changed anything you imbecile. :o)
    Russian news channels don’t do anything but lie Boris. Jus like all of you St. Petersburg Russian trolls do.
    Goose necked loud mouth 20 something punks like you don’t scare anyone Khuilo. :o)

    Here is a link to a good story about Russian trolls like you, big mouth. :o)

  29. Russia is killing a lot of civilians. Damn few ISIS.
    If Russia is whipping ISIS where are the ISIS surrendering in droves.
    Russia won’t be killing any FSA forces anymore or there will be no Russian aircraft in Syria anymore. :o)

  30. You mean USA got kicked out of Vientam. Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan was orderly. There was no Saigon level panick and helos falling off the tarmacs of US ships… Pleaqse n I GGA learn some real histroy first and then come back to me wiith your bullshyte

    Here is the vid of Soviet withdrawal. Now tell me that looks like the runaway from Vietnam….

  31. What’s amazing about this story is that Russia has fighter planes. Islamic Republic of Pakistan captured between 56 to 76 % of Russia including Moscow from 1982 thru 1988. Pakistan military was led by brave Propfet Muhonmmed riding his majic carpet with his favorite camel. Pakistan military forces devastated Russian military and overwhelmed them on land, sea and in air.

    Today the country with the best Air Farce is Islamic Republic of Pakistan because our madrassah trained scientists get scientific assistance directly from Profet Muhommed.

    But anyway as a smart Pakistani, I still cannot believe Russia has an Air Force and planes that can fly. Allah Mashallah.

    Regardless Pakistan has the strongest military on earth. we have over 20 million kites, 124 million slings, 234 million knives and swords, 345 million plastic bots made in China, and 782 million dildos for our women because our peckers were amputated to close to the testicles, so they have no length or girth to penetrate a vajina, but Pakistani women do get tickled and amused when they see our woodies…resembling pimples on balls. Allahio Akabar.

  32. Yeah according to your dumazz media bullshyte. In reality they changed quite a bit. SAA and militias are on the offensive again and gaining territory. They just lifted a 2 years ISIS siege on Kuweires aiport and gained quite a bit of territory in South Aleppo. Smth SAA was unable to do just a a month ago. SO PLEASE STICK TO FACTS OR SHUT THE FVK UP

  33. More bullshit.
    Russia did not kill 2,000,000 Afghani’s and Russia got its butt kicked in Afghanistan and ran out of the country.

  34. The front-liners in all the mess the world is witnessing now are men. None of the leading women in the world is openly involved. One thing is clear. Religion has failed mankind, eventually, but not philosophy. I suggest that the wives of Barack Obama, Putin, Cameron, and the wives of the Presidents of other powerful countries, should call a meeting and call men to order. Men’s ego, religious hypocrisy and greed are destroying the planet Earth and its beings (and non-beings). It is time we started using soft power not hard power.

  35. Bla bla bla
    Russia’s attacks haven’t changed anything yet. Russia claims to be winning a war but no one has seen ISIS surrender yet.

  36. Sure the SU-35 is vastly nothing…… American planes since the 1980’s dominate any and all Rus made planes. Hundreds of Russian made planes shot down over Syria (1980’s) Iraq (1990’s) Libya (1980’s) with minimal losses. Yeah some of these where at the time Rus best – MIG-29’s

  37. Rumor has it Russia is going to test a new and very powerful thermobaric vacuum bomb on ISIS… That thing evaporates anything in a mile radius…. It is like a mini nuke

  38. Hit two thousand targets? How much land has been taking? ZERO All shock in awe with no results The once mighty Evil Empire is back using it’s 1970’s weapons off mass destruction on terrorists? LOL

  39. WTF are you on? Tu-22M3 is strategic strike bomber capable of launching cruise missiles… WTF F22 has to do with anything? The Russians are simply using an opportunity for practice on CIA trained islamofascist suka rats

  40. “What would you propose?”

    1. STOP trying to depose every secular dictator in the middle east. Vicious secular middle eastern dictators are the only deterrent to the vicious Islamist ideology.
    2. Stop dreaming of democracy in the middle east and quickly find and install a vicious secular dictator for each country we attempted to bring democracy to, i.e Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia etc. Keep hands of Assad in Syria and El Sisi in Egypt (we should have supported Mubarak)

  41. The BEAR technique is to KILL. Period…. It is how BEAR fights and wins its wars. When Soviets left Afghanistan there were 2,000,000 CIA trained jihadists dead. Not to mention the regime left in place survived Soviet Union itself by more than a year before CIA islamists including Bin Laden/Al Qaeda outfit took over

  42. This vermin believe their cause is just and they will be aided in battle by “Allah”—the West/Russia need first to capture and occupy Raqqua-the capital of this disgusting Caliphate—once that happens they will come to realize that “Allah” isn’t coming anytime soon to save them–this in itself will demoralize them such that I doubt they will be able to recruit many new members to the cause

  43. It’s all wonderful and makes Russia out to be the big gorilla that will finally get ISIS. But it wont work. Yes, they destroy a lot of infrastructure and raise a lot of smoke and get the simple minded all excited but in the end Russia will, like the US, Like Vietnam, just leave. Then what? Then ISIS or whatever they morph into will pick up the pieces and fight on. Why, simple, there are over a billion of them and for everyone killed, two more crawl out of the woodwork to join the fight. And, they do it with the hatred, memory and vengeance that warfare brings, and on it goes.

    What’s needed is a targeted response against the leadership and their money sources without general war. They need to avoid inflaming the populous as much as possible. And, political solutions MUST be pursued to change the dynamic in the Islamic world. Nothing is going to change without a change in tactics. Russia is just adding fuel to the fire. Don’t believe it, just watch!

  44. THE bear has a totally different technique, if you are near a terrorist your are a terrorist and collateral damage is zero concern. Kill terrorist is the only prescription that works and they do NOT have a bleeding heart media trying to run their war on terrorist. We should be blanket bombing anywhere that there are terrorist until all Syrians understand kill the damn terrorist or die from the bombs that are not stopping. Give them the fear of blanket bombing, use every dumb bomb possible and show the the real terror that they understand.

  45. As nice as this appears I don’t think air strikes will suffice. To a certain extent they’re punching at smoke if all they do is attack from the air. Boots on the ground…probably for a couple of generations, is the only thing that might work. A coalition of boots….you want to kill a snake? You’ve got to stomp its head into the ground….

  46. To hell with civilian casualties. Sane civilians have left…gone to Europe (heh). ISIS has smacked a hornet’s nest. And since they have shown their predilection for morality by sawing civilian heads off on YouTube I say turn the hornets loose; go Roman on ’em. No quarter; no mercy, no prisoners. Kill ’em all and let Allah sort it out.

  47. We never hear about civilian casualties? how many civilians perished in these strikes? If it was the Israelis and one civilian dies the world is in an uproar. Where is Ben Wederman of Cnn with his JV Squad reporting??????

  48. Vladimir Putin has the perfect opportunity in the middle east to show the nation’s of the world that the Russia of the once mighty Soviet Union is back with sophisticated military might and political shrewdness.

  49. The show clearly implies that with the likes of CHINA and RUSSIA, the world’s warmonger of the shrinking U.S. is no longer the world’s leading superpower on earth.

  50. Euro-Typhoon, AMX bombers, Tornado fighter bombers, Mirage Fighter Jets, Harrier Fighter Jets, Raphael Fighter Jets, Grippen Fighter jets, F18 hornets, f16 fighters, mig29 fulcrums are some of the airpower Europe is sending to the middle east. RMG cruise missiles, storm shadow cruise missiles, Naval strike cruise missiles will also be used! Europe is sending an aircraft carrier along with destroyers, frigates, submarines all also capable of launching missiles. France and other may also send ships such as the Mistral or Bayclass assault ship basically small carriers of tanks, artillery, attack helicopters(tiger, n90, mongoose, apache/european,etc) along with other support units. A united Europe is actually larger militarily then Russia now combine Russia and Europe then we have two military superpower about to do some voodoo along with French foreign legion ,etc., these forces are not what anyone in their right minds want to deal with so hell is coming! Saudi Arabia for one best redirect it’s action or they eventually will be targeted also. Something big is brewing, very big!!

  51. Muslim cannot live in harmony with their fellow Muslims. But when they’re accepted in a Christian place they wanted that place to become Muslim. I don’t know their Logic.

  52. This isn’t just about bombing ISIS./.its about showing what they can do…its about training…seeing what works, what doesn’t…

  53. for years we heard about the 15,000 ISIS soldiers -now suddenly is 45,000 -who was lying ? whay can’t they fing be destroyed by all the solders sryia has ?

  54. the f22 does not compare to any of the long range are nuts.
    russian su-35/37 is vastly superior to the f22 if you want to compare them

  55. All of the Russian multi-role fighters can launch cruise missiles as well.

    But they used the bombers because they can carry more cruise missiles. A jet can hold 1 to two cruise missiles.

    Why bring in 20 jets when you just need 5 bombers.

  56. Russia uses the Tu-166, Tu-95, and the Maritime Tu-22M to do what American F-15E’s and F-22’s can do by themselves, and The prior aircraft use more fuel and require far more logistical support to operate. Yup Russian ingenuity right there….

  57. Dropping $100,000 bombs on abandoned shacks hasn’t been getting the job done for Jordan, or the US, or France. I laugh when the news says we took out a “command post” – um, they moved and we blew up an old, cruddy abandoned building! Short of destroying all of Raqqa, we have to take out the dams, the major roads in and out, any airstrips (if they have them), and any ISIS held asset that can produce or transport oil for starters. Then embargo the whole town with massive troops from 10 different countries and let them starve in the dark until they straggle out to fight. That’s probably 25%-50% of ISIS right there.

  58. I am thinking that ” ISSIS ” with a small soda can bomb and about $ 1,000 in ammo and travel expenses have killed 353 people. If the ” West coalition” four years now and Russia few months, had the same rate with the BILLIONS spent on ammo fuel personnel etc. It should be no ISSIS, Al Qaida, Al Nustra and all other Al’s there is every where in the world. So what is going on? How many of these garbage is out there? who funds them and supports them?

  59. Next weeks headline, three more Russian jet liners were blown out of the sky killing all aboard.
    An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind…

  60. Is this report factual, Russia used its deadliest weapon but ISIS militants are still alive and kicking? How about if they have Jets like Russia who wins?

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