Russia Develops Landmine That Can Distinguish Between Soldiers And Civilians

Russia Develops Landmine That Can Distinguish Between Soldiers And Civilians
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Russia has developed new anti-personnel landmines with smart electronic brains that are capable of distinguishing between soldiers and civilians. The landmine goes off only when someone armed approaches it. The all new Medalyon POM-3 rules out any unauthorized diffusing or premature explosion, reported Sputnik News. When activated, the landmine fires an explosive charge in a 360-degree horizontal arc.

You can remotely change the time of its self-destruction

The landmine’s Russian-designed nanochip is almost impossible to crack. The Scientific Research Institute of Engineering’s director Igor Smirnov said even if the enemy somehow manages to get hold of Medalyon POM-3, they just won’t be able to figure out how it works. What’s more, Russian soldiers can remotely set, change or cancel the time of its self-destruction.

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The smart landmines have already cleared field tests, and will soon enter service with the Russian armed forces. Moscow isn’t just developing advanced military technologies. It is actively using them against the Islamic State in Syria. Its little-known self-aiming bomb called the SBPE has been found in Syria. The self-guided SBPE uses infrared guidance to track and strike tanks and other military equipment with “great precision.”

Russia intensifies airstrikes in Syria

Russian forces have intensified airstrikes against the Islamic State in Syria after confirmation that a Russian plane carrying 224 people was downed by the dreaded militant group. In one instance, Russian troops destroyed 50 ISIS vehicles, and in another case they blew up 20 ISIS tanks. The SBPE smart munitions are highly effective in destroying multiple targets like military equipment.

Last year, Ukraine had accused Russia of planting anti-tank and anti-personnel landmines on its territory during Moscow’s annexation of Crimea. Ukraine claimed Russian troops had set up fields of mines between Crimea and the rest of Ukraine. The Russians had also seized 605 landmines stored at a Ukrainian military depot in Crimea. Anyway, Russia has now shifted focus from Ukraine to Syria in an attempt to protect Bashar Al-Assad regime.

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  1. Russia keeps mass-producing deadly weapons since Putin came to power. ICBMs, cruise missiles, nuclear torpedoes, unguided multiple-rocket launchers for mass destruction, nuclear missile subs, you name it. Putin is still pursuing Soviet’s long lost glory and he’s not gonna stop until the world gets rid of him one way or another. Ukraine and Syria are Putin’s playground.

  2. This landmines signal will expose itself to electronic scanning devices detecting the source of its location and if possible jam it. Any electronic device with some sort of infra-red signal or acts like a wifi can easily be tracked to its pinpoint location. Not really some great idea, doesn’t it.

  3. Oh dear! What could be (and is to a certain extent is) an interesting bit of information (available elsewhere) is spoiled by a ridiculous touched up picture of the Russian President. Why the propaganda touch? A bit like Nazi propaganda pics against Jews and Churchill, US against communists and Soviets (not the same animal as Russians – unless our “pals” in Ukraine and Georgia are included) and Soviets against NATO. So sad….