US Chooses Al-Qaeda Over Russia On Syrian Conflict

US Chooses Al-Qaeda Over Russia On Syrian Conflict
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Russia is now addressing the Syrian conflict, but it seems the United States chose to support or work with Al Qaeda to fight ISIL and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, according to French geopolitical scientist Alexandre del Valle.

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In an interview with Sputnik News, the del Valle emphasized that the decision of the United States to support Al Qaeda in its fight against ISIL and Al-Assad is a big mistake. According to him, Washington would face more problems in the future because of its decision.

The French geopolitical scientist pointed out that it is “dangerous” to think that the Syrian president is a bigger evil than ISIL. He added that it is a “big mistake” to tell that one can negotiate with other jihadists [al-Qaeda and so-called moderate Syrian rebels]. According to del Valle, such strategy is “insane.”

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West Cold War strategy is counterproductive

The French geopolitical scientist observed that the West is practicing a Cold War strategy, which portrays Russia as the evil empire.

According to him, the United States and its allies are supporting everyone who is against the supporters of Russia and Iran—the “present day bad guys.” The West will pay a huge price for following such strategy, which is “counterproductive, dangerous, and foolish” because it is playing into the hands of Al Qaeda and ISIL and other Islamic extremists, said del Valle.

The involvement of Russia in the Syrian crisis is critical

According to del Valle, the involvement of Russia in resolving the crisis in Syria is critical given the fact that it has been advocating for a broad coalition to the fight the Islamic militants. He noted that Moscow offered its help to the United States to catch Islamic militants in Afghanistan prior to the 9/11 attack.

He emphasized that the idea of Russia was “full of common sense and logical.” According to him, the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin is now addressing the Syrian conflict is positive.

Pres. Putin was smarter because he did not allow himself to get trapped in the Cold War style of conflict with the West. Putin is trying to destroy Islamic extremism while the United States and the NATO have been actively creating a confrontation with Russia, noted del Valle.

According to him, the West must remove its old Cold War mentality that depicts Russia as evil. He added that it is time for Europe to wake up and stop supporting the dangerous and ineffective policies of the United States, which is creating more conflict around the world.

West admits ISIL is the major threat to the Middle East

Separately, the West admitted that the major threat to the security of the Middle East was not al-Assad’s regime, but the ISIL, according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Lavrov “All of our western partners with no exception say that they clearly understand” that the main threat in the Middle East and North Africa was ISIL and not the Syrian President. However, the Russian Foreign Minister noted that many are just whispering and afraid to say it loud.

US-led coalition would welcome Russia to fight ISIL with condition

Lavrov added that the US-led coalition indicated its desire to welcome Russia and any other country to fight Islamic State under the condition that it would not strengthen the positions of the Syrian President.

The Russian Foreign Minister pointed out, “Withdrawing the Syrian Army from the fight against Islamic State is absurd.” According to him, the forces of the Syrian regime are the most effective in fighting ISIL on the ground.

“Analyzing the actions of coalition member states, one cannot but suspect they have ulterior motives beyond the stated goal of fighting the Islamic State,” said Lavrov. He also claimed that some of their colleagues in the US-led coalition knew the location of the ISIL regiments, but their command did give permission for a =n airstrike.

“If their goal is to prevent the consolidation of Iraqi and Syrian territories as the heartland of an ISIL-promoted caliphate, they should focus on helping those who are fighting these rebels on the ground – the Iraqi army, the Iraqi Kurds, the Syrian army and Syrian Kurdish militias,” added Lavrov.

According to Lavrov, the fight against ISIL would be more effective if the US-led coalition also worked with the Syrian Arab Republic not only with the Iraqi government, its sworn ally. He added that Russia will continue to provide military and technical support for the Syrian government to fight terrorism.

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  1. A very good article there. You have said it all. The U.S military power is about to fall. Just look at the CIA now, its getting weak and weaker everyday. The CIA have to lie all times to survive. Even the Russia military entered Syria without the knowledge of the CIA. It took individual reporters to alert the U.S that there’s a Russia build up in Syria. The military super power is shifting to Russia and China. I love Mr. Putin and the Russian military policies.

  2. You are so full of it. The Frenchman just pointing out the obvious. It’s clear as day with anyone with a brain. Our government caused this mess. Regime change is a failed foreign policy.

  3. At least he has a clear political agenda not like NATO which is f “u king up the whole gulf in the pretext of saving it. Just look at the total casualties in gulf, millions killed/moved directly indirectly in the name of saving. “If you hv Oil, US will plant democracy there”

  4. US bombed itself in 9/11 to get the gulf. It has no principles and moral, its basically a bunch of corporates to gain profit by any means.

  5. USA will never chose AL Qaeda Not After 9/11 but Liberal & Obama will. Is obviously that Liberals are founded from Rich Arabian Countries & they are Rich because sell Oil to us & then they pay with same money to Liberals to create & arm Terrorist Organization’s.

  6. All rebels are islamic fundamalist fascist. Only difference some fight under the banner of Free syria army to receive money and weapons from the west. Once ISIS win the war. They will all switch side and fight for ISIS because they have the same ideology. They never understand something like democrazy or western culture. These guys are really dangerous. Assad and his family one look and it says everything. This guy is smart and open minded. Most of syrian people love him, The main straem media is lying and portraying him like evil. He and the syrian army is the only force which can fight the terrorist. The west should stop to intervene in other countries for regime change. It s not their duty to decide which president should run which country. And to use tools like Al qaeda and ISIL or name them how you want to manage these goals is foolish. The west will pay the price heavily for supporting these extermist islamist

  7. BLA BLA BLA I have friends there and there and I know from first hand.
    Than you should know that all the so called rebels in syria are islamist fascist who are supported by the allies of the US to name saudi arabia, qatar, turkey. The rebels they have a lot of name but they are a bunch of terrorist nothing more. Most syrians support Assad and they most know why. And all minorities christians support Assad. The US created al qaeda, ISIS and all the rest of the apes who look like coming from the stone age. And soon this people will spread to the west. Your friends are coming for you that s sure. Than the west can give these people all their democratic rights like such creating a islamic caliphate in middle of europe. Give your women and your wealth it s their rights. The US should just take all the islamic refugees to their own country and teach them democrazy that would be right. The west will stop existing if they go on and support the wrong politics of the us which even does not serve their own interests

  8. Go help your brothers in Africa they are much poorer in every sense. Than start talking about politics.
    You are in no position to talk about a president like that who helped his country to become again a world power.
    From your picture you look really stupid and like a looser. Go and Change your foto first

  9. The war against ISIL will not succeed without Syrian loyal army. “A visitor in a home will not know important environment that he can use to secure his/her health/life”.When Uganda was fighting the civil war against LRA, the captured soldiers were not done away with but they were inter-grated into the fighting force where they guided the government force to trail and successfully fight the rebels which were labelled terrorist.
    At the same time the war against ISIL cannot succeed without the head of State Mr Assad, for how will the Government force fight without the commander in chief?
    What USA has done is very grave mistake. Fire cannot be put off with fire. I think they have forgotten about Usama Bin laden so soon

  10. This reminds me of Litvinenko, another naive idiot who thought he was
    running to refuge when, in fact, he was running right into the arms of his
    murderer (berezovsky, in my opinion).When are these useful idiots going to
    understand that in the eyes of an intelligence agency, if you’re willing to
    betray your country then, in the eyes foreign intelligence, you’re expendable
    human waste. This egotistical blowhard, Nemtzov, must be thinking
    that as he receives the proverbial red hot pitchfork up his ass in his new home
    (if his death wasn’t a random crime).

  11. ????????You are usual lying and deceiving, paid Washington’s shill. Your job is to deceive American public and to create negative public opinion toward Russia in their heads.????????

  12. Nine eleven could have been a lot worse. Can you imagine what the world would be like if Al Qaeda had access to a nuclear arsenal that was in the same league as the arsenal the Russians have possessed for decades?

  13. putin is an evil man, he is a quiet killer, putin is a terrorist, putin is very stupid,putin don’t like his people, putin let his people hungry to distroy food.putin is a thief for stealing land from other countries. like giorgia and ukraine,you don’t know what’s your talking about foolish man.

  14. I sure hope so but I doubt it. I am sure they have learned their lesson last time and watching the US in the Middle East. The bastards sure are rubbing it in our faces though. It would be crazy to think the US would now align with Al Qaeda against ISIS and the Russian/Syrian Army. Al Qaeda recently declared war against ISIS, but this is a little more difficult than “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” We need to tread lightly and see how this develops before we support anyone. We need to figure out a way to bleed Russia financially and morally without starting WW3.

  15. It seems so strange to me that the Kurdish fighters are winning most of their battles, but nobody will recognize them as such, for they are as much an enemy as ISIS. What is wrong with this picture. Are there any stories where Al Qaeda is actually fighting ISIS?

  16. No. You don’t follow most articles on this site. And it is quite imbecile, to call everyone who disagrees with you a troll.

  17. It would also be nice even though this is a pro-Putin, pro-Russian site at least could you do away with the trolls. I mean if you want the truth be known they downgrade the site.

  18. Very interesting value I am really dismayed because you don’t want to know my thought about Mr. Lavrov, and I have lost all respect for Mr. Putin. I do agree with Assad that Turkey is funding the civil war and selling out, providing support, materials, ammunition, and open travel for ISIS troops and new recruits. President Obama is well aware of Erdagon’s pracitices with ISIS. Helping or working with Turkey is wrong and I have express that to President Obama and John Kerry. As to Lavrov’s statement about the United States would rather work with Al-Qaeda is un-true. If Putin every wants to get together with the United States he must understand one thing and that that most Americans have full access to what is going on in Syria. I have Friends who are Kurd fighters and they have no reason to lie. They will tell Putin, and Lavrov to the face that the United States has nothing at all to do with Al Qaeda.
    I have friends in the UAE that will concur with the Kurds. So let us put that negative propaganda to rest shall we.

  19. Gorbachev destroyed ussr, he did not ask people if they want to leave in russia, ukraine, kazahstan, armenia, and so on… im sure 90% of people would say they all want to live in one big great country instead of shitholes countries, most of the pieces of ussr are now

  20. You “mixa” alright , all “mixa uppa”, I guess Putin put out what to write, the effng short prick…Has an ego the size of Jupiter, and heart fits through a keyhole…Lies like a rug, is smug 24 / 7, and only thinks about winning…No loyalty, the way he threw his wife aside…Raaass-putin….Fake as a three dollar bill…He loves his people, yeah the KGB…How come Russians barely have it better than 30 years ago…The only one I admired was Gorbachev , he had a “humanitarian” side….

  21. The American government working with the people who helped to pull off 9/11. Hmm. I guess it didn’t bother them to much. Even though we started two wars over it. It’s Afghanistan all over again. If the US really hates Russia that much then WW3 is just around the corner. And so is the end of mankind as we know it.

  22. Putin is the kind of man other men want as a buddy.
    ????He’s real. He has a clear mind.
    ???? He has a sense of humor.
    ????He’s not full of himself.
    ???? He knows where he’s going.
    ???? He loves his people.
    ???? He’s a standup guy.
    ????He can’t be bullied.
    ????He’s a rugged individual.
    ???? He loves animals and abhors criminals.
    ????He’s been a good father.
    ???? He’s a patriot.
    ????He’s a fast thinker.
    ????He’s a good communicator.
    ????He says what he means.
    ???? He means what he says……
    He’s generous. He’s polite. He’s responsible.
    Those attributes used to be what
    Americans cherished as ideal qualities.
    ???????? The representatives of America are anathema to me.. ????????

    ???????? I envy the Russian people !!!!!!!. ????????

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