Netflix Gets Disney’s Support Against Time Warner

Netflix Gets Disney’s Support Against Time Warner
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Netflix may have succeeded in attracting viewers across the world, but other businesses, specifically Time Warner, do not feel so positively about the streaming firm. Recently, Time Warner’s CEO Jeff Bewkes discussed plans of delaying their content licensing agreements with online streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. But, fortunately for Netflix, not all big media companies are opposing it.

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Netflix gets support from Disney

Within 24 hours of Bewkes’ statements, a report from The Street said that Walt Disney CEO Robert Iger is on Netflix’s side. “It’s really important for us — I can’t speak for the whole industry — to maintain flexibility because it’s a dynamic marketplace that continues to change,” Iger said during an investor conference call.

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Iger added that when the company decided to sell shows to Netflix, it did so taking its best interests into consideration, especially in terms of “economics.” Netflix and Disney have become partners with mutual benefits and, therefore, Iger’s stance on Netflix does not come as a surprise.

Disney sold the first season of ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder to Netflix last month. The two companies already hold a licensing deal regarding Marvel-based content and characters. The impact of the Disney’s licensing deal with Netflix regarding Marvel has been significantly positive for the two companies.

Marvel vs. DC

Earlier this year, Netflix released Marvel’s Daredevil as a part of the deal. The show was an instant hit, generating raving reviews and 8.9 rating on IMDb. Netflix is scheduled to release Marvel’s Jessica Jones by the end of this month while shows like The Defenders, Luke Cage and Iron Fist are slated for the next year.

Time Warner’s conflict with Netflix is justifiable on two grounds, says a report from BFN. First, the Marvel series is a direct competitor with the DC series, and secondly, a majority of the DC series’ characters’ licensing deals lie with Time Warner.

Marvel (Disney) has been overshadowing DC (Time Warner) for the past few years, and most of the credit goes to the 2008 Iron Man movie that stars Robert Downey Jr. But, DC is slowly making a comeback thanks to hits such as the 2013 Man of Steel (Superman), Dark Knight (Batman) trilogy and the upcoming Batman vs. Superman.


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